TheCoral Divers Resort began its operations 11 years ago and is solely managed by JonathonGreywell and his wife, Margaret. The Coral Divers is situated on the southwest shorelineof the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. It is built on three-acre landand has access to beach and six cottages, each of them having amenities for thevisitors. Out of six, four units has been newly renovated for the tourists atwhere they are enjoying facilities such as their own kitchen, a colortelevision, microwave, their own bedroom with two full-sized beds and bathroom. Greywell concentrates on giving recentlyremodeled houses to families.

TheCoral Divers Resort is little in measure at the same time, well trustworthyresort because of its offices and beachfront area. Besides, the resort likewise incorporates six-unit motel composestructure at where travelers are getting a charge out of different offices, forexample, family-run restaurant and bar accessibility. Greywell had 3 boats thatcould each convey from 8 to 20 travelers.

The Coral Divers Resort is certifiedby Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and NationalAssociation of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). There are total 11 experienced personsworking at the Coral Divers Resort including four scuba diving educators, twoboat captains, two mates, a housekeeper, a maintenance man, and one individualwho is overseeing both office and resort. Owner and Operator, JonathonGreywell is working full time at the resort while, his wife is just overseeingaccounts and payroll activities. The prime reason of worry for Mr. Greywell is the less number ofbookings and thus income was generally influenced in the previous three years.

Here,the fundamental issue for Coral Divers is how to separate itself from the otherresorts in the New Providence area. At this point, Mr. Greywell requiresconsulting specialist to prepare a strategy for the Coral Divers so thatrevenues will be improved, and the business became profitable again.

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