The novel entitled. The Count of Monte Cristo was written by Alexander Dumas. The narrative begins during the 18th century and takes topographic point in the state of France. The environment is within the going escapades of work forces shiping on a ship called the Pharoan. The supporter is introduced by the writer as being.

Edmond Dantes. This character is apparently described as being an highly trusty and really naif immature adult male. He is a vernal crewman from Marseilles and is more or less favourably destined to go the following captain of the ship. While sailing abroad the ship named the Pharaon. the presiding Captain LeClure dies of what was so known as encephalon febrility. Dantes assumes the acting place of commanding officer and leads the ship back to Marseilles. The ship-owner. Monsieur Morrel.

is overpoweringly charmed to happen that such a immature adult male had the acute ability and accomplishment to hold mastered such a undertaking. Monsieur Morrel makes programs to confer Edmond Dantes as the official captain of the Pharaon. However. unbeknownst to Dantes this has gained himself four scheming and conniving cut pharynx enemies.

These four characters within the narrative were noted as Danglers. Ferdinand Cadarouse and at his ain history Villefort. Henceforth. each of the four work forces jointly betrayed Edmond Dantes for their ain selfish grounds. However. Gerard de Villefort the prosecuting officer finally betrayed Edmond Dantes the most. As an illustration.

treachery is a witting act of disloyalty and fraudulence on another individual. In kernel. the dualism the writer shows they undertook unfaithful pretences to work an guiltless party. These characters fundamentally implemented false information to misdirect and discredit Dantes character. Through delusory agencies they destroyed the promising life of a immature adult male. They disregarded Dantes as an person and displayed no love.

trust or compassion. Overall. unwraping false information and misdirecting disingenuousness they were able to derive self-fulfillment and the devastation of a person’s life. These factors contributed to the emotional conflict of struggles in which deeply cicatrix Edmond Dantes. ”Dantes passed through all the assorted phases of wretchedness that affect a forgotten and forsaken captive in his cell.

First there was Pride born of hope and a consciousness of artlessness ; he was so decreased he began to doubt artlessness ; eventually his pride gave manner to entreaty. yet it was non God he prayed to. for that is the last resource.

but adult male. ” ( 78 ) He later lost the adult female he loved to his friend Ferdinand and prestigiousness of going captain on the ship and his overall self-esteem and human self-respect had demolished. The writer conveyed many Acts of the Apostless of saving.

green-eyed monster. hatred and treachery Towards the character. Edmond Dantes. Danglers place as a shipmate.

he himself sought the place of captain nevertheless the youthful and new crewman Edmond Dantes was more admired. Danglers became perilously covetous of Dantes. Danglers was referenced in the book as “ a adult male of 20 five or twenty six. of unpresentable visage. bootlicking to his higher-ups. insolent to his subsidiaries ; and besides the fact that he was the purser—and pursers are ever unpopular on board—he was personally every bit much disliked by the crew as Edmond Dantes was beloved by them. ”Such attitudes angered Danglers peculiarly because Dantes had earned high congratulationss from the ship proprietor. Monsieur Morel.

Morel had stated “It seems to me that the crewman needs non to be so old to understand his concern ; our friend Edmond seems to understand it exhaustively. and necessitate no direction from anyone. ” Danglers were oblique and are non fond of the ship owner’s point of view but he agrees in fiery. His presence.

and underhandedly begins to speak strongly against his shipmate. happening mistakes to disclaim his place as a good captain. Despite the cold hearted features in Danglers he however is non the ultimate backstabber. Danglers had made his place apparent throughout the narrative.

his covetousness was no surprise. Ferdinand the carbon monoxide -conspirator conscious of the state of affairs that was on a rise. enjoyed the Pre nuptials jubilation with the mentality of holding Edmond captive. Ferdinand indicated one twenty-four hours Mercedes will be his married woman. “They had hardly gone a 100 paces when they perceived the little espousal party approaching…Ferdinand walked behind.

have oning an evil smiling. Neither Edmond nor Mercedes noticed this smiling.They were so happy that they had eyes merely for each other.

and for the beautiful bluish sky whence they hoped for the approval of their brotherhood. ” ( 33 ) With this in head. Danglers and Ferdinand so conspired to hold Dantes wrongfully imprisoned for being a Bonapartist. In other words.

Dante alighieris was accused of being a individual that aimed to reconstruct the Gallic Empire by helping Napoleon Bonaparte the former King of France. Although the latter. Caderousse was non guilty of really take parting in the command strategy he was cognizant of the ugly confederacy and he merely remained quiet.

“So far everything is wining wondrous. Danglers said to him. I am already impermanent captain. and if that sap Caderousse can be persuaded to keep his lingua. I shall shortly hold the occupation for good and all. ” ( 39 ) Often betrayal consequences in struggle within relationships. In the narrative while the supporter was accused of lese majesty a atrocious act towards one’s state. It was a state of affairs whereby one will normally stop in life imprisonment or decease.

The determination was left to the prosecuting officer Villefort to find his innocence’s. “I believe you told me the truth. was Ville garrisons reply.

and if you have been guilty it is through imprudence an. imprudence justified by your captains orders. Hand me the missive that was given to you at Elba. give me your word of award that you will look … . you may rejoin your friends.

” ( 51 ) The prosecuting officer has a responsibility to measure the findings in the instance and warrant his finding of fact. Villefort found the instance against Edmond Dantes to hold been unsound. “Perhaps you have no enemies. but you may hold aroused feelings of jealousy” ( 48 ) Gerard de Villefort. ab initio was known as a blunt prosecuting officer nevertheless turns on Dante alighieris to protect his family’s repute. He had the ability to subvert these false acquisitions but due to the findings in the instance he allowed Edmond to be falsely imprisoned.

“Wait a minute. the deputy said as Dantes was taking his chapeau and baseball mitts. To whom was it addressed? To Monsieur Noirtier.

Rue Coq Heron. Paris. ” ( 50 ) This was the most ugly act of each of the characters.In contrast.

lese majesty is one of the most boisterous human happenings. It is non merely let downing but besides marking. Consequently.

in the novel there were infinite Acts of the Apostless of lie. and treachery towards Edmond Dantes. Nevertheless. seeing as though Villefort had cognition of the fake deductions that had been brought upon Dantes. it was his responsibility to put him free. Despite the information sing his male parent the Bonopartist. It was clear by Edmond Dantes place he was incognizant of Monsieur Noirtier dealingss to Villefort and would non hold been of any menace.

Villefort was the ultimate informer.Plants CitedDumas. Alexander. The Count of Monte Christo.

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