1. What was your reaction to John Proctor’s concluding pick? At first I was shocked until I realized his logical thinking. He likely felt that he found God. and he even confessed to Elizabeth about his cheating. 2. At the terminal of the drama. Elizabeth Proctor says that her hubby has “his goodness. ” What do you believe she means? She means that there is no usage in seeking to convert John because now that he found his God/point in life.

she can’t take it off from him or convert him. 3. Explain. in your ain words.

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why Reverend Hale urges the captives to squeal to a prevarication. What does this suggest to you about the manner he has changed? He changed because now he is slightly like a life contradiction because he shouldn’t be making plants of the Devil like seeking to do people lie. when he is a holy adult male of God. He urges the captives to squeal to a prevarication to seek to maintain John alive. 4. Who do you believe is the most brave character in the drama.

and why? I think John Proctor is the most brave in the drama because of one brave act where he admitted to Rev. Hale the true ground why he is hardly in attending at church. 5. The word crucible means “a terrible trial or test. ”Why do you believe Miller take to give his drama this rubric? I think Miller gave his drama this rubric because in the courtroom. the inquirings are seting the people under “heat” or force per unit area like a hard trial. 6.

How would you depict the evil forces that Miller presents in this drama? I would depict them as something similar to a modern twenty-four hours terrorist. The evil forces in the drama are as chilling to the people of Salem like a terrorist is chilling to the mean American today. 7.

In what ways do you believe The Crucible is a unfavorable judgment of McCarthy and his ways? It is a unfavorable judgment because during McCarthy’s congressional probes. he suspected Communists out of people who would hold ne’er been thought to be Communists like work forces of the State Department. and this ties into The Crucible because you wouldn’t anticipate any “witches” or any immoralities of any kinds from a town of Puritans. 8. Think of a twentieth century individual who suffered or died for his or her beliefs. and compare this individual to John Proctor. I choose John F.

Kennedy because I believe he died from confederacy due to his beliefs. Although the confederacy portion is irrelevant. he died for his beliefs to convey justness amongst Americans. broad rights. and to stop the war in Vietnam.

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