Abigail Williams is frequently viewed as conniving and immorality ; nevertheless. she was an single.

stripling. orphan life in an oppressive Puritan society that left her exploited. Abigail is an orphan and a individual miss.

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John was the lone 1 who showed her love and compassion. Abigail was a immature adolescent holding an matter with a adult adult male. John Proctor. He influenced her to be rebellious. She had no 1 else to set cognition in her bosom. Abigail was besides populating in an oppressive Puritan society.

She felt weak due to her gender and age. The tribunal instances allowed her to experience power and strength for the first clip in her life. But while none of these grounds justify her actions. they do do them more consistent and allow readers to grok Abigail’s concluding for perpetrating such ruinous Acts of the Apostless.Early on on in the drama. readers rapidly learn that Native Americans murdered Abigail’s parents. Which Abigail had to witness first manus.

Such a bizarre and awful event leaves Abigail scarred. and strips her from her childhood artlessness. She is so adopted by Reverend Parris. After the acceptance. Abigail must bear the rubric of an single. orphan teenage miss. This rubric puts her at a low rank in Salem society.

The lone people that would be below her were slaves or apprenticed retainers ( Tituba ) . But so when she met John Proctor. he gave her a sense of love and compassion. Abigail before ne’er experienced this fondness. She did non desire to free it. And even though it is apparent that the relationship is over in John’s eyes’ .

it is non in Abigail’s’ . In fact. in Abigail’s’ head.

the lone individual that stands in the manner between her and John being together is Elizabeth Proctor. John Proctor’s married woman. So to extinguish Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail starts a mass craze that will.

ironically plenty. extinguish her true love alternatively. John Proctor.“I expression for John Proctor that took me from my slumber and set cognition in my bosom! ” ( Miller 24 ) .

After Abigail states these words to John in Act I. the audience rapidly learns of their past relationship. Adding to the heap. the audience besides already knows that Abigail is an single orphan. Puting the two together would merely do mayhem. Abigail basically had no other beginning of influence in her life. John was all she knew. John teaches her to be rebellious.

However. Abigail takes the rebellion to a whole new degree and finally leads to about 20 guiltless deceases. But this was non her mistake. Abigail was a naive adolescent being stabbed by the cold sticker of love. She wanted to delight John in anyhow she could. If he taught to be rebellious. so she would go rebellious.

Anything that would maintain her from being at the underside of the category once more: entirely. single. and orphaned.In Salem.

Massachusetts and Puritan society. it is nature that decided that adult females are low-level to work forces. Abigail was a adult female who was greatly affected by the rigorous Puritan society and theocratic based authorities. She was an stripling.

orphaned. and single miss life in a universe that strips her of her rights. The tribunal instances allow Abigail to hold an overpowering feeling of power. She knows that merely with the alteration of one word will order person to populate or decease. The power that she was granted was overbearing. and evidently used tyrannically.

Even when the populace found out about the matter she had with John. she remained apathetic towards the subject. She knew that if anyone approached her about it. she would impeach him or her of discoursing with Lucifer. And in Salem. that is the worst possible sin/crime any human can perpetrate.Abigail Williams is frequently viewed as conniving and immorality ; nevertheless. she was an single.

stripling. orphan life in an oppressive Puritan society that left her victimized. By nature. she had no pick but to arise against the common belief. Her parents were murdered right by her bedside. she was non allowed to talk unless spoken to.

and she was brought into a society in which she did non take. When all of these elements are added together. they create a power hungry and lubricious naive miss. She merely wanted to be with the 1 who made her feel like she affairs. But ironically ends up taking him to the gallows alternatively.

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