The Role of Senior High Student in


by definition is the interaction and integration among people, companies and
governments from different nations. Globalization features international trade
or the World Trade Organization, investments from different companies, business
ventures, human interaction etc. On the other hand, It is difficult to attain
global progress without the machinery, obviously the machinery is by the means
of Technology- easier way to transact and build connection among people around the

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impact of globalization. In a country the impact of globalization is vividly
shown on different aspects such as change in environment, human culture,
political entities, productive economy, prosperous life and change on Human
Physical well-being. In other words, Globalization is wide coverage of
progress, unending progress without limits.

a days, companies exists on different business world has the high standard to
look at before hiring an applicant and give the position in the company. Some
of the qualifications required in applying for the job are skills, competency,
work experience and age qualification. These qualifications are needed in a company
to compete and gain more profit among the other business opponents around the

the qualifications required for an applicant is not met due to lack of work
experience, lack of competency and at the age of 16 years old, who is a high
school graduate. Knowing that the Philippines, along with the other Asian
countries Angola and Djibouti are the only last countries practiced the Basic
Education Curriculum that only requires a total of 10 years learning in school.
With this, the Department of Education added 2 additional years to change the
previous Basic Education Curriculum with 10 years pre-university cycle.

by the year 2013, the implementation of K to 12 Program was officially signed
and approved by former President Benigno Aquino III on the 15th day
of May, year 2013. The implementation of K to 12 or Republic Act RA 10533 aims
to provide mastery of skills of the students or learners, prepare students for
career opportunities after graduating Senior High School if ever a student is
lack of finances to pursue a college degree, prepare students to acquire skills
and allow opportunities in global job. Also, K to 12 aims to contextualize
lessons to students, probably elementary pupils, with the use of local culture
or using mother tongue language.

Senior High School are expected to graduate a bit older at the age of 18,
whereas from the usual age of 16 years old as newly high school graduate. Technically,
if a minor applies for a job in a company he or she will not be hired because
of age disqualification, plus the lack of work experience also hinders an
applicant to get the job. Moreover, a Senior High Student is prepared for
tertiary learning, readiness to join the work force, and has the global
competency to join the global job market.

Indeed, Senior High Students are
given multiple options either of the following choices: Go for employment right
after graduating, engage in business world or entrepreneurship, go for further
technical vocational training to enhance more skills or proceed to college right
after Senior High School. A Senior High Student  has a role in globalization which is to
develop learnings and has enough knowledge about the reality of life and not
stuck to what is not necessary and not productive in return.

And for me, as one of the first batch
of Senior High and hopefully the first batch to graduate under K to 12 Program,
this year. As a student I develop more my learnings and knowledge about things
I learned in school and able to apply it in a real situation cases. I can say
this that, the teaching process is highly different compared to previous way of
teaching. The fact that there is a change from traditional way of teaching to
Dynamic Learning Program that requires 70% student self learning and 30% for
the teachers to facilitate students.

The new way of learning is helping
myself to do things on my own and of course this will not be possible without
our teachers who taught us and help us to grasp learning and I wish I could
apply those what I’ve learned in practical application. I hope to learn more
and gain more knowledge not only to aim for high grades but to apply and share
my learnings to others. With this social consciousness is present being aware
to things around us.


social consciousness is always there to bother us on things that we are doing
whether bad or good. Social consciousness plays a major role in globalization in
a sense that we have to be aware on what is happening around us, what is
happening in the world. Say that, there might be changes from time to time about
things, some scientist might discover productive things or invent on purpose
machines which we don’t know because we are lack of social consciousness. In
other words, social consciousness is needed in globalization since
globalization means interaction and integration among people, companies, and
governments from different nations.





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