Recently it has been observed that there is a invigorated and renewed involvement on the part of entrepreneurship internationally. Even, Mauritius, although it is little in size, has acknowledged the significance of entrepreneurship to its state. To show is involvement the authorities, other determination shapers and establishments are promoting a greater sum of people, including childs of the new coevals to get down up their ain concern for their calling and to acquire more involved in entrepreneurial activities. Some of the steps taken to advance and heighten the entrepreneurial civilization in the Mauritanian economic system has been the authorities is offering support to enterprisers and is besides easing the processs to promote more people, particularly the immature people to ship on entrepreneurial ventures. Adequate preparation installations and advices are being given to new enterprisers and even bing one to better the efficiency and to be more competitory. Furthermore to relieve the job of deficiency of finance, and the degree of hazard associated with having a concern, deficiency of equal support by relevant establishments such as Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority ( SMEDA ) , Small and Medium Enterprise Partnership Fund, Mauritius Business Growth Scheme Office ( MBGS ) , Enterprise Mauritius National Empowerment Foundation ( NEF ) and Development Bank of Mauritius ( DBM ) .

Definition of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be defines as procedure undertaken by an enterpriser to increase his concern involvement. It is an exercising affecting invention and creativeness that leads towards set uping his endeavor ( Brown and Upton ) . Entrepreneurship creates wealth for the individual and for the state. It is the most powerful force of the economic system.

Entrepreneurship is concerned with procedure of seeking for new chances without paying attending to the scarce resources soon available.

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Entrepreneurship lies more in the ability to minimise the usage of resources and to set them to maximal advantage. Entrepreneurship can besides be defined as the procedure of forming the scarce resources in the best manner possible so as to minimise costs, maximise net income and to bask in the long term more benefits.

It is to be noted that an enterpriser is person who organises and pull off a concern endeavor and that takes all the hazards of puting capital in the industry of his pick in the pursuit of acquiring high degree of net incomes. So entrepreneurship is concerned with taking the enterprise required from the enterpriser to convey invention, trade with finance and make any necessary concern activity ‘s attempt to transform inventions into economic goods.

Furthermore, entrepreneurship involves the procedure of making equal market research so as to observe the available new chances to convey new merchandises and services or to convey betterment in bing merchandise and services through invention. Entrepreneurship means to set up the scarce resources in the best manner possible so as to profit from any chances for long term addition

Ultimately, good entrepreneurship may be differentiated from the effectivity in taking hazards independently so as to do maximal gross in the economic system on which the concern is runing. For this to be done, the entrepreneurial procedure should be in the most originative and advanced manner possible which frequently require a broad scope of accomplishments and the ability to believe creatively to reply for the demand of the market.

Definition of Small and Medium Business Enterprise

As per the SMEDA Act, the SME definition includes endeavors in all economic sectors. In order to avoid elaborate sector-specific standards, turnover standards is used across sectors i.e. no distinction between services and fabricating sectors has been made for little endeavors, and the thresholds for little fabrication houses besides reflect little service houses.

Medium-sized endeavors demands are defined individually from small-sized endeavors as those endeavors require different support steps and have other aims. The former are by and large more sophisticated by nature and degree of engineering, while little endeavors are normally characterized by their more ‘developmental ‘ degree of operations.

In Mauritius, a little endeavor is said to hold yearly a turnover non transcending 10 million MUR and for a medium endeavor it is between 10 million MUR and 50 million MUR.

Procedures to Get down a Business in Mauritius.

The Business Facilitation Act has been established to accommodate to the modern concern environment of Mauritius. It gives a legal construction that enables any concern administration to run on the land of self- attachment to apprehensible and simple guidelines. It besides helps foreign investors and actuate foreign workers to come and convey their accomplishments, ability and cognize how in the economic system.

This model encourages little endeavor to originate in the concern universe in the shortest clip possible as the legal model and ordinance. These stairss are non large restraints to them as they has been simplified and made accessible to anyone who wishes to star concern.

To get down up a concern endeavor in Mauritius the enterpriser should foremost make up one’s mind what will be his concern construction. The Companies Act 2001 provides for different types of companies viz. : Domestic Companies, Limited Companies, Private Companies, Small Private Companies, One individual Companies ( Which consist of a exclusive shareholder/Director who is responsible to put up a secretary to pull off the company in instance of his incapacity or decease ) , and Dormant Companies.

The Rise of Entrepreneurship in Mauritius.

In developed or developing states entrepreneurship plays a cardinal function as it is said to hold a positive impact on economic growing. Entrepreneurship is said to advance the formation capital and the creative activity of wealth in an economic system. It increases the degree of employment, decreases the sum poorness, increasing the degree of criterion of life and it is the route to prosperity. Entrepreneurship is said to replies for the demands and wants of its stakeholders in a originative and advanced manner.

In Mauritius, even it is a little state, entrepreneurship has greatly contributed in occupation and wealth creative activity in the economic system this means that periods of economic growing tended to hold a positive correlativity with an addition in the figure of new concerns started ( Gavron et al. , 1998 ) .

To give rise to entrepreneurship in Mauritius, the authorities has decided to be more entrepreneurial. Therefore, the policy shapers are giving much attending to assist greater sum of single to ship on entrepreneurial ventures chiefly to undertake the job of unemployment and to bring forth wealth in the state. It is said that whichever be the size of an administration in an economic system it can be more entrepreneurial we would better our productiveness and vie more efficaciously in the universe market places ” And Mauritius has been seeking to go more entrepreneurial so as to be more competitory on the market places even at international degree.

It is to be acknowledged that entrepreneurial activities in Mauritius, which comprise chiefly of the little concern sector, lend tremendously in employment creative activity and the state ‘s overall wealth ( Gungaphul and Boolaky, 2009 ) . In 2009, there were approximately 75,000 to 100,000 little and average endeavors ( SMEs ) and they generated 43 % of entire employment ( Parliamentary Argument, 2009 ) . In other word it helps to cut down the degree of unemployment therefore contribute to raise the criterion of life of the state as it help to increase the sum of Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) .

SMEs produce 37 per centum of our GDP, that is, some 120 billion rupees worth of end product. They give employment and supply a life to 250,000 work forces and adult females. And it is at that place that the civilization of entrepreneurship takes root grows and democratises the economic system.

The fact that the authorities is giving inducements to individual to get down their ain concerns is lending to a big extent in cut downing the rate of unemployment in Mauritius.

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The vision of the Prime Minister of Mauritius is to do the economic system a state of enterpriser ( Budget Speech 2008/2009 ) , and besides to do SMEs the figure one occupation supplier by 2015 ( Budget Speech, 2010 ) . To do this vision accomplishable, the authorities has developed a port pagination of schemes, for case it has make finance, enrollment, instruction and developing more easy accessible amongst other enterprises.

It is to be noted that the authorities of Mauritius is non entirely in this conflict as there are besides many establishments which are giving support to single to get down up their ain concern and to be independent. For case, there has been entrepreneurship specific instruction which has been modestly started in the mid 1990 ‘s in the signifier of clang classs in the countries of direction, selling and finance which were provided by support establishments such as the Small and Medium Industries Development Organisation ( SMIDO ) .

Subsequently on the younger coevals are besides introduced in the programmes. This Programme aimed at helping immature people aged 18-30 and who were interested to get down their ain concerns in the hereafter to compose their concern programs and supply other support in the field ( SMIDO, 2006 ) .

Another factor that has contributed to the rise of entrepreneurship in Mauritius is the increasing sum of entrepreneurship instruction and concern formation. It has been noted that there are up to now about 60 Tertiary establishments which are established in Mauritius and most of them are giving entrepreneurship classs with the purpose of presenting a more entrepreneurial work force in the economic system. Some surveies acknowledge the importance of such instruction as a agency to hike get down up purposes, survival rates and growing ( Katz, 2007 ; Lans et al. , 2005 ) and in general, surveies have concluded that entrepreneurial preparation positively influences an person ‘s perceptual experience to get down a concern ( Dickson et al. , 2008 ) .

Furthermore, the fact that more adult females are going powerful enterpriser besides contributes for the rise of entrepreneurship in Mauritius. Nowadays, a greater sum of adult females are set abouting entrepreneurial instruction and preparation in order to establish their ain concern endeavor. Harmonizing to Central Statistics Office there are some utile statistics about enterprisers in Mauritius through the figures on self employed individuals which proves that adult females are progressively turning towards entrepreneurship and are besides bring forthing employment for others it is a comparative analysis over a 10-year clip span ( 1990 to 2000 ) . The consequence provides some interesting differences between male and female enterprisers.

Due to the lifting importance of entrepreneurship to the economic system and the authorities ‘s policy to further an entrepreneurial civilization, there is decidedly a lifting involvement for single to travel towards the supporting bureaus, such as Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority ( SMEDA ) , Small and Medium Enterprise Partnership Fund, Mauritius Business Growth Scheme Office ( MBGS ) , Enterprise Mauritius National Empowerment Foundation ( NEF ) and Development Bank of Mauritius ( DBM ) , to take portion in the entrepreneurial activities.

Furthermore, the authorities is paying more attending in assisting a sound environment for the little and average endeavors ( SME ‘s ) that is an environment which is wellness and conducive. This is because it is undeniable that SME ‘s are cardinal drivers for the Mauritanian economic system and they are assisting in get the better ofing the job of socio-economic disparity. Another ground why, the province and other determination shaper are promoting enterprisers to set about more economic activities, is that they know that the among the members of the Mauritanian citizens there are many people who have the necessary cognition and rational capital which will assist Mauritius to stand in instance of crisis on national and planetary degree.

Furthermore, the authorities and other policy shapers have established a strategic planning in order to advance the rise of entrepreneurship in Mauritius in order to confront the planetary fiscal crises. This program consist of giving the enterpriser the equal support in footings of fiscal bundles and for the new little companies their corporate revenue enhancements are comparatively low, and in add-on they receive many signifiers of grants and subsidies. For illustration, the authorities and other establishments like the Agricultural Research and Extension Unit ( AREU ) , and the Leasing Equipment Modernisation Schemes ( LEMS ) , which help the SME ‘s in footings of advices and the purchase or rental of machines and equipment.

Ultimately, it can be added that the rise of entrepreneurship is due to the rise of globalization and international trade, which is the fact that there are less barriers to international ; trade presents, this force the Mauritanian enterpriser to be more competitory and efficient in order to last on the planetary market. For illustration, it is a fact that one of the pillars of Mauritius is its Sugar industry, but till late we were utilizing traditional method for the working in the field. But as we are in terrible competition with Cuba and Brazil among other which big manufacturers of sugar cane, the Mauritian enterpriser which involve the proprietors of sugar cane field are forced to import more sophisticated equipment and machines to be more efficient, productive and competitory on the planetary market. And it is the instance in all the operating sectors in Mauritius, be it in at Secondary or Tertiary degree of concern activity.

Fall of Entrepreneurship in Mauritius

On the other manus there are many factors that hinder the rise of entrepreneurship in Mauritius. These factors are known to be the barriers to entrepreneurship.

One of the chief grounds why entrepreneurship degree is non lifting is that the best pupils which are expected to be possible enterprisers and good leaders prefer to travel in foreign states to work and utilize their accomplishments overseas as the feel they are better rewarded over at that place. This is known as encephalon drain. These possible enterprisers know that they are valuable but will non be rewarded for the money and clip invested in their surveies. They think that the sum of net income they will gain in Mauritius will non be to their outlook and they believe that the grass is greener in foreign European states.

Lack of industrial infinite is another major hinderance to the development of the SME sector. It is besides an environment jeopardy as many micro enterprisers use residential and other non-industrial infinite for their operations. To rectify that state of affairs Government is building an extra 175 units in industrial estates at five sites. They will be available to a broad array of SMEs, including mechanics, carpenters, metal workers, makers and furniture shapers.

Another ground why entrepreneurship is non sing a rise in Mauritius is that many of the possible enterpriser which has been having the appropriate academic and even professional preparation are non willing to get down their new concern as they believe that it is non worthless to put their nest eggs in footings of capital in an industry which is found in an economic system which comparatively instable or where there is a cut through competition. And due to the fact that they lack experience as they will be new in the labor market, they will be out of the market due to these ferocious international competitions that the Mauritanian enterpriser has to face.

In add-on many of the possible enterprisers prefer to utilize their nest eggs in a bank and delay to gain involvement instead than seting their money at hazard a concern administration which they are non certain to acquire his money back or even gain a net income. Therefore, they prefer to salvage their money and seek for a occupation where they are certain to gain a fixed sum of money in footings of wage by the terminal of each month. In such school of idea, it is believed that childs undertake entrepreneurial instruction with the purposes of fixing themselves to come in the labor market instead than being motivated to originate in their ain entrepreneurial concern activities. They believe that these classs will better their teamwork accomplishments, and do them more advanced in the manner they think.

As said before the planetary concern environment has a great impact on the entrepreneurship degree in Mauritius. For case, due to the fact that there is a ferocious competition on planetary degree some enterprisers will non likely to take the hazards of exposing their money in the economic system as they may be out of the market at any minute. This due to fact, that sometimes it is better for the economic system to import some goods instead than bring forthing it. This is known as the comparative advantage. For illustration if enterprisers decide to fabricate places in his mill and that the cost of bring forthing one brace of places is Rs 125 including its natural stuffs, labor costs and other associated cost such as rent and electricity whereas another enterpriser import places made in China at Rs 90 a brace, it is a fact that the former will be forced to go forth the market.

However, infant concern administrations are normally protected by the province as authorities encourage the citizens to bring forth and purchase more local goods buy subsidizing the domestic manufacturers and by enforcing lower rates of revenue enhancement on their net incomes. Furthermore, the province assists the local enterpriser by enforcing higher degree of imposts responsibilities on imported goods. Another illustration where Mauritius encourages the production of local merchandises is the undertaking of rice plantation in our state. This has been a recent undertaking which has creates a few extra occupation chances.

However, sometimes it is better to accept that we need to get by with the planetary concern environment to the hurt of the Mauritian degree of entrepreneurship because it is of import to take advantage of the competitory advantage of other states over Mauritius, if non our economic system will fall.

In add-on the degree of entrepreneurship is non lifting because people believe that there are many of import issues that hinder them to set about their ain entrepreneurial concern activity viz. : deficiency of initial capital, inordinate hazards, deficiency of experience in pull offing a concern, current economic state of affairs, deficiency of formal aid to get down a concern.

Some other barriers to entrepreneurship is the fuss for acquiring licenses, deficiency of market as large multinational and other type of big companies has already establishes their market portion and most of their clients believe in their trade name and repute as there are good establishes and known bring forthing high quality of goods and services. Therefore, it is hard for the local enterpriser to perforate or even remain in the market for a long period. It has been observed in Mauritius that many store, supermarkets and other types of concern administrations are shuting down after being in operation in the market for a few old ages merely a recent illustration is Phoenix Les Halles which comprises of many retail merchants which had left the market, some are in the procedure of settlement and other are fighting to last.

In add-on, there is autumn in entrepreneurship because many enterprisers do non hold the ability to raise capital and do non hold the capacity even though they have the willingness. Furthermore, it is hard for entrepreneurship to raise as sometime the enterpriser themselves lack assurance and assertiveness in their capacity, they have hapless doggedness and non adequate determiner in accomplishing their dream or vision. Another obstruction to entrepreneurship, is the fact the enterpriser who want to get down up their ain concern sometimes are doodly-squat of all trade and this deficiency of specialization really frequently lead to clip direction job and managerial and proficient accomplishments jobs or they merely frighten to take hazards.

As said before major restraints to the rise of entrepreneurship is globalization. The development of entrepreneurship mostly depends on the globalization of markets. In order to last and turn in these competitory markets it would be better for the enterpriser to better their selling accomplishments so as to be able to sell their thoughts locally and internationally. This will merely be possible when the enterpriser in Mauritius will be able to heighten their strategic orientation accomplishments. This means that the Mauritanian enterpriser should hold to switch from their traditional selling attack to the modern 1. This aid the enterpriser to hold on the chances and challenges provided are globalization.


To reason it can be said that entrepreneurship in Mauritius has experience growing due to the fact that authorities and other policy shapers are supplying their support to the enterprisers in footings of advice, loans, low revenue enhancement rates, and preparation. This aid has been utile in cut downing the degree of unemployment and on the other manus lending to increase the criterion of life as the enterpriser are transforming the resources available in Mauritius be it Land, Labour or Capital into utile end products for the national and planetary markets. This rise is besides due to the fact that adult females are going today more willing to set about entrepreneurial concern activities. However, the conditions of entrepreneurship are besides confronting many barriers which prevents from being successful and to lift. As discussed in this assignment some of these obstructions are the planetary crises, the fact that we need to work harmonizing to the construct of comparative advantage which is non of great usage to infant houses. Sometimes, the barriers to the rise of entrepreneurship are due to the deficiency of capital from the enterpriser for investing, or the fact the enterpriser is non confident, and non self-asserting. Furthermore the obstructions come from the enterpriser deficiency of managerial or proficient accomplishments to set about the entrepreneurial activities.

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