After three decennaries of civil war, on the 19th of May 2009, the Government of Sri Lanka declared that it had defeated the separationist group, which recognized as one of the pitiless terrorist in the universe known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE ) and peace had been established. With the stoping of belligerencies, station war Sri Lanka now faces large challenges in accomplishing sustainable peace to the state, including happen a solution to the roots of the issues faced by Sri Lanka ‘s minority Tamil and Muslim communities that led to the batch of the pro-autonomy war. Furthermore, post-conflict solutions need to include a combination of factors including jobs of demobilized battlers, struggle affected development in the war affected countries of the island, and political and societal colony.

Though the war in Sri Lanka is over, even though it would be more suited to state armed combat is over, the causes that lead to the struggle remain as it is and it may come up in different signifiers until and unless those issues wish political power sharing and a grade of ego finding within the minority parts take topographic point. After all military struggle was the attendant factor of deep rooted socio economic grudges. We may hold suppressed the military or terrorist factor, whatever you like to name it, but the implicit in causes remain profoundly entrenched. There is even a hardening of feelings within and it might be simmering merely under the surface. We besides have an international Diaspora that is profoundly hurt and angry. Leaving aside the Diaspora these countries within Sri Lanka, which were liberated from the LTTE can non be kept under military regulation indefinitely and the people have to be won over and one manner would be to better their life criterions. The current government ‘s penchant appears to be a new attack to peace edifice and to rush tracking economic development and giving a fare solution to the minority people in Sri Lanka along the lines of demanding democracy able to be seen in states like Singapore and Malaysia. The authorities strategians believe economic development as the trump card and it is the cardinal factor to turn to struggles.

However uncomplete that attack might look to some, it is important to originate difficult work that would hold a concrete impact on purpose communities in struggle affected countries. Development of the tourer industry in the North and the East in the short tally is seen as a manner to elate the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life of these people who have non even enjoyed basic demands for three decennaries. It will besides be an reply to the short term defeats of these communities, while lending to long term peace and economic prosperity. While edifice of new hotels is a more long term undertaking whose benefits of employment and related activities no uncertainty will be good to the community, there is much that can be done in the short term to demo a speedy impact in the station struggle scenario.Purpose2. The purpose of this service paper is to analyze ways of developing touristry in the North and the East and how it would impact on purpose communities in struggle affected countries, and how it would take to sustainable peace in the state.


3. Unquestionably, present development activities that are taking topographic point in the North and the East ( NEGENAHIRA UDHANA, UTHURU WASANTHAYA ) will be seen as a echt attempt by the authorities to convey about fast normality in these countries on its manner to work outing many of Sri Lanka ‘s socio-economic jobs.

But the inquiry needs to be asked whether these developmental undertakings are adequate to decide all the jobs the state is confronting today? Is it the sole, the lone Panacea for all the ailments of the North and the East? It possibly merely one facet of the job. Hence the topic of this paper is how the development of touristry can lend towards a permanent solution. However a complete and a permanent peace could be achieved merely by turn toing all the aspects of the jobs of the minorities.a. Supplying human-centered aid and support and relocation of people who were displaced.B. Contribution to the Reconstruction, rehabilitation and socio-economic development of the hapless and struggle affected people.c.

Development of wellness, instruction and societal factors of that country.d. Development of substructure installations, motivate investors to get down their Investing in order to increase the occupation chances and economic growing.



New CHALLENGES4. Recently Sri Lanka was categorized as a lower-middle income developing state and the World Bank nevertheless, stated that a one-fourth of the population is still populating below the poorness line. During the last three decennaries, the civil struggle between the Government of Sri Lanka and the separationist increased poorness, chiefly by sabotaging economic development and investing in the state and a close entire dislocation of any development in the struggle countries. Large Numberss of civilians have been displaced ; about 300,000 civilians were displaced due to the clang over the period of 2006-2009 and were accommodated in IDP cantonments in parts of the struggle affected countries in of Sri Lanka.5. The struggle besides enforced regional distribution in resources imbalance of economic growing and produced major socio-economic jobs in war affected countries particularly the North and East. In Sri Lanka more than 75 % of population still live in rural countries and based on traditional agricultural and piscaries based life styles.

6. Even though Sri Lanka ‘s wellness and instruction systems are good compared to other states in the part and the 3rd universe in general, in higher instruction and specialised accomplishments, there is a immense spread between bing preparation and the leap start the state needs to convey about rapid economic growing because the authorities is puting accent on it as the redress for all the sufferings of the state. Lack of installations and expertness, cognition, experience and services are of import issues that have to be taken serious note of. High out-migration rates due to instability and favoritism of other minority intellectuals, in the state is besides a serious issue.7. Distribution of the natural resource over the population is a serious job impacting people ‘s supports, peculiarly in the war affected countries of Sri Lanka. Increases in population and improper direction of the existing resources are the chief grounds for the poorness that is rampant all over.

8. The above mentioned factors apart, the firing issue is of war victims in the North and E of the state. In the last three decennaries they have been non merely under great force per unit area and the ignored subdivision of the state. Due to the war state of affairs they did n’t acquire that basic demand of life viz. instruction, wellness and freedom. They were controlled by the LTTE and they were forced to fall in the breakaway motion ensuing in uneducated young person armed with arms. Therefore, the authorities should understand the old state of affairs and turn to the job.

Tourism IN SRI LANKA9. Cordial reception industry investors, both in Sri Lanka and abroad, see great possible with the stoping of the struggle and are acute to put in Sri Lanka ensuing in the addition in the figure of occupation chances in the state. The authorities has planned to develop the substructure installations in the state in order to entice the investors. Particular accent has been laid on the touristry sector and the authorities has geared up a strategic program for the following 15 old ages. The great advantage Sri Lanka has being our state ‘s sole and rich natural resources, geological location and the truth that the state is already holding a good base from which to spring into rapid development. Sri Lanka has been known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean.Experts besides consider that there should be a modify in our trade name name projection.Currently the war is over and we have an chance to make employment quickly by developing touristry to guarantee employment for young person particularly in war affected countries and other parts of Sri Lanka.

Tourism is a cardinal industry for the rapid economic development in Sri Lanka. Due to the struggle even available adjustment was to a great extent under-utilized. Tourism was dining in Sri Lanka when the unfortunate first shootings of the struggle were being fired. In the 30 old ages that followed the tourer industry in other parts of the state grew and the industry acquired many 1000s of skilled people in the industry. These resources were greatly underutilized and there were times that skilled people were, made redundant. These resources are available to travel into the North and the East and take up place in new ventures with renewed energy. While doing usage of available installations to its upper limit the authorities is shiping on a rapid addition in the figure of hotel suites and is giving inducements to the private sector to develop new people to take up places in the industry.

Another great advantage Sri Lanka had which could be stated was a silver liner in the dark war clouds that blew over Sri Lanka is that the war state of affairs did non let the tourer industry to out monetary value itself like the Maldives and Hawaii. We had to maintain our room rates down to counterbalance for the slippery security state of affairs to pull visitants to Sri Lanka. Now we are in a universe state of affairs of economic recession but since Sri Lanka did non out monetary value itself, more and more tourers are coming to Sri Lanka as it ‘s cheaper and low-cost.10.

Harmonizing to statistics made available by the tourer board the highest recorded reachings for any twelvemonth was before the war in 1982 and stood at five hundred 1000. Sadly it decreased due to the war in the state in the resulting old ages. Soon after the war it quickly increased and last twelvemonth it recorded that it had reached up to six hundred 1000, and the tourer board is anticipating nine hundred thousand this twelvemonth and they are anticipating 2.5 million tourer reachings by 2015, necessitating the enlargement of at least 15,000 new hotel suites and major investing in really unafraid. Large-scale resorts at new locations. The Jaffna peninsula and the Eastern seashore have the likely to pull many new investings with the right mix of touristry merchandises and development planning.

Presently the authorities has planned the E seashore as one country for touristry enlargement as it has some of the island ‘s finest beaches like Nillaweli and Passikuda.11. Sri Lanka is the most peaceable state in this part and this is the right clip to advance our touristry all over the universe, concentrating on events such as surfing competitions in Arugam Bay, Beach volley ball and Beach Rugby. Arranging those types of events enhance touristry and can acquire a new trade name name for the state excessively.

Arugambay beach is celebrated for surfing on the East seashore, and is the 2nd best surfing beach in the universe second merely to Australia. They should besides concentrate on the development of little and average investors in the Tourism sector as that would give employment and income enhancing chances for people in affected country.12. The publicity of touristry internationally is one of the most of import factors, because if we are traveling to turn to the up- market sector, we should advance our merchandise all over the universe and we should make a good image excessively. This construct makes sense, as we should market our beaches, wild life, beautiful waterfalls, rich civilization, heritage and glorious history. It is a fact that the inbound tourer to Sri Lanka is provoked by the consciousness of beautiful virgin scenery, chances for sing the attractive forces, and stress-free gait of life. It is indispensable hence to take history of the cosmopolitan tendencies in touristry, which may direct impact on the sector in Sri Lanka.

Besides there will be stronger insist for more custom-made merchandises and services, every bit good as superior weight on value for money, personal fulfilment, dependableness and travel expedience. The Government should, hence make certain that there is closer linkage in Sri Lankan touristry as a multipart and different sector of economic activities which would make many occupation chances in assorted capacities. Therefore, for as a state endeavoring to hold rapid development in touristry we should hold a common purpose and mark, so that all the interest holders can work towards accomplishing that common end without concentrating on single marks.HOW BOOSTING TOURISM COULD AFFECT THE ECONOMY OF THE COUNTRY IN ORDER TO ESTABLISHED SUSTAINABLE PEACE13. Recorded history proved that the geographically alone place of Sri Lanka has an added advantage to pull tourer.

Therefore, in the pre war state of affairs, touristry ‘s part to the economic system ranged between 20 to 30 per cent, and created occupation chances was greater than 25 % . Sing the above factors during war state of affairs except north and east other parts have continued touristry. Today most visitants like to see beautiful beaches like Nillaveli and Passikuda in the E. Government should give more precedence to those countries and develop touristry in those countries and work its newness. It will increase the income of host people at that place. They get more occupation chances and they will be exposed to the new tendency.

It straight impacts their political orientations excessively. Due to the peaceable state of affairs and the attractive forces Sri Lanka is acquiring more chances in the part, Sri Lanka was ranked among the top 10 turning economic systems in the universe, being the eighth in the universe harmonizing to the Economic Intelligence unit if the USA. The universe Economists analysis stated that due to economic recession in the universe all other states ‘ economic systems had a below 5 % growing rate but Sri Lanka was able to bring forth 6.3 % which is merely 2nd to China.

Currently Sri Lanka ‘s stock market is ranked 2nd in the universe, with these positive facts and the political stableness leads state ‘s economic system in a good place. These facts shows Sri Lanka trade name its market in the universe in a great place. Therefore foreign financess fluxing to the state will increase and per capita income of the people will go on to travel higher.14. The gap of the North and the East has helped Sri Lanka go a popular twelvemonth unit of ammunition travel finish universe over. Tourism is the lone industry which can quickly acquire befits for the county, and it has proved so particularly for the people who were enduring as a consequence of the 30 twelvemonth long struggle.

With the demining of these beautiful beaches in the East and the flocking of tourers to bask these hitherto unfamiliar attractive force these countries are seeing a roar clip in the East which will do people happy. The mean adult male on the street wants to acquire on his pess and touristry penetrates deep as there are more secondary industries that jumping up with touristry, like the industry of keepsakes and handcrafts. After all what the people in the North and the East want most is non so much political power but the constitution of peace after being battered by war from both sides so that they can get down a new life. With the gap of the North and the East all the people who live in the country will be able to harvest the direct benefits and indirect benefits that touristry has to offer ensuing in their life criterions bettering twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Economic emancipation and more chances that these long agony people will see around them will travel them off from terrorist act and segregation and give the authorities and the politicians an chance to concentrate on dialogues for a long term political colony which does a slow and hard procedure need the lesions of war to mend.


15. Analyzing the current scheme of touristry in the state, foremost there should be a market goaded touristry scheme imposed on the state and development of cardinal tourer attractive forces.

Such a scheme may connote considerable authorities investing towards constructing substructure to do touristry countries more attractive and more accessible. Planning should be wider scope of likely tourer attractive forces. Always planning, in conformity with market demands so that- a important scope of invitees could be concerned and rewarded. The accessible attack should be driven and should be given due acknowledgment to demand tendencies, market demand and of assorted market chances. Such a mark market moves toward is chiefly relevant in position of recent cosmopolitan events that have led to a hold in planetary travel and amplified competition among tourer finishs. Following are cardinal identifying factors:a. First of all analysing the advancement made in the development of the sector by the authorities should increase the adjustment installations particularly in the North and East as the authorities is anticipating 2.5 million in twelvemonth 2015.

Therefore it is necessary to turn to that demand instantly.B. Development should travel to grass-root degree and qualitatively it should increase.

Human factors should be trained in a professional manner and develop their accomplishments. Material developed to increase the criterions.c. Promote the state all over the universe and turn to the upper category universe traveller.d.

Identify the right market and alteration old policies. ( Sri Lanka ever addresses the European market ) , and should seek entree to the East Asiatic market excessively.e. Create a new image in the universe. Promotion should be given to declarations in the US which A declared Sri Lanka as the safest and ‘must visit finish ‘ in the universe.

f. Address the right investors in right manner.g. Government should place the possible tourer attractive forces and countries and develop consequently.h.

Identify and separate tourer attractive forces and raise the cultural sets particularly like Hikkaduwa, in order to increase the tourer reaching.I. Establish domestic air line installations and develop the available airdromes.j. Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons viz.

North East and South West. Since the Europe market opens from November to April and at that clip Sri Lanka is in the North East monsoon the South and West seashore of the state should be promoted to acquire more chances, but during the South West monsoon season we have to expose the North East country for touristry.16. Forward for your perusing please.I have the honor to be Sir, Yours ObedientlyK M C S WEERASINGHE Major Student Officer

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