The demanding task of data mining is the
availability of enormous amount of database information in the web 1. By
discovering and analyzing the web data, time is saved and more useful information
can be extracted. Web mining is a combinational fit of the data mining and web
technology. Web mining includes mining of web content, web structure and web
usage 2.                                          Web
usage mining is an significant task of web mining, which mines web logs to
extract user access patterns of web pages. Web log consists of noisy and uncertain
data, but there remains a potential for discovering useful structure in the
interactions between a Web site and its Web-user behavior 3.  Depending on the user’s query which is




requested from the web server, web log data
is stored in the web. Log file consists of several information of data for each
user; it includes the IP address of the system used by user, starting time and closing
time along with data, image or precise information which are requested by web
user, and so on 4.  Both web designers
and web users are benefitted from web usage mining, by analyzing the traversal
patterns in web server’s log. The web site designers acquire knowledge from web
user’s browsing behaviors, i.e., the most popular pages on a site are visited
frequently.  The complicated task of web
log is Session identification and discovering patterns, since each user uses
multiple sessions for the specific duration. To solve this problem automatic
session identification is performed based on the timeout method, in which the
session is differentiated based on the time interval with predefined threshold
value.  Difficulty lies in setting the
time threshold for each session identification process 7.There are several
other difficulties on information search and security 6 during Web log
examination. Prediction is proposed based on the transferred queries from the
user and replacement of cache.

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