THE EDUCATION SYSTEM Essay, Research PaperTHE EDUCATION SYSTEMThe instruction system in my state is different from U.S instruction ; largely it is similar to France instruction system. The instruction system in my state is really restricted and it is non easy to graduate from high school.

I have been go toing US colleges for about four old ages now. I finished high school in my state and ne’er acquire a opportunity to go to college in at that place. In this essay I would wish to compare and contrast the differences between my high school instruction system and US instruction system. Even though,I ne’er attend high school in US but I have some friends who told me about high school system.

One of the differences is that in my state all high school pupils had to consume school uniform, but in here the high school pupil they can have on what of all time they want. Second, there was no pick for us to take those categories that we want we had to take what was offered, in contrast in US high schools pupils can take a lest those categories that they like. Third, the test in my state was reasonably the same as US system.

First of all, in my county all high pupils we had to have on unvarying. We had to have on black skirts, white tops, black places and black leotardss. The good thing about uniform was that it wasn & # 8217 ; t expensive for parents to acquire unvarying for their kids each twelvemonth, 2nd, it was good for pupils to concentrate merely on there categories and 3rd it was really organized. For case, in my household three individual went to high school and parents bought us uniforms merely one time a twelvemonth which was non really expensive, 2nd every twenty-four hours when we waked up we didn & # 8217 ; T had to worry about what to have on and worrying that we don & # 8217 ; Ts have adequate apparels. Therefor, have oning uniform was really good so most of our concentration was on our categories non on vesture.

Finally, have oning uniform was really organize when we passed the rode everyone know that we were high school pupils. In contrast, in America high school pupils can have on any thing they want and there is no limitation. In my sentiment, it is really expensive for parents to fix different apparels for their kids everyday.

May be it is no job for some parents, but in most of the instances like individual working parent that has to work full clip and have other disbursals it is non easy to purchase apparels for Thursdayeir kids every twenty-four hours. For illustration, one of my friend’s girl goes to high school and her female parent works full clip she is non doing adequate money to purchase new apparels for her girl every twenty-four hours. Therefor, the good thing about uniform is that it is non expensive for parents to acquire unvarying for their kids and beside that it is more organize excessively for the pupils.Second, in my instruction system we didn & # 8217 ; T had a opportunity to take those categories that we liked. For illustration there was 14 topics such as History, Geography, Biology, Physic, Chemistry, Political scientific discipline,Cooking, English and etc. We had to take all of these categories every twelvemonth and it was non easy to go through all these categories. Sometime I didn & # 8217 ; t want to analyze all these math categories since I had no pick I had to go through that category there for had kill myself and larn them. In contrast, in US instruction system it is reasonably much up to single to pick their interested categories and learn those categories.

Therefor, I truly like this system because every one can concentrate on their interested topic and they learn that capable truly good.Third, the test between my instruction system and US system were non really different. Except, we had merely two tests during a semester or every six-month. But in hear instructors ever get quizzes that counts for the concluding scaling which is truly good, but in my state we merely had two tests that were comprehensive and the added all these points together to acquire the concluding grad. The US scaling system is much better than our system because they give you more opportunities to go through a category by giving you quizzes and midterms. At the terminal the instructors add all these points up and a pupil can complete a category with a good grad.

Beside that by giving these midterms and quizzes it divide the book in to subdivisions which is really helpful for the pupil to retrieve the stuffs otherwise it is difficult to retrieve the whole book for concluding.Finally, there are many differences between instruction system in the universe and there are many similarities between them excessively. My state instruction system is really different than American instruction. The uniform, the categories and the scaling system I hope one twenty-four hours each system could look at the each others system and happen out what is good and what is better for pupils and alter their old system to a better and new system.

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