As human beings we have all had set goals for ourselves which we try to accomplish with effort and responsibility. However, there are sometimes obstacles that challenge us and we try to overcome. All types of challenges in life can eventually make us stronger as a person and helps us keep moving through our lives. Sometimes the environment that surrounds us tries to belittle us by making us feel useless and by making us believe we won’t be able to accomplish our goals.

In Gym class Heroes song “The fighter”, the American band encourages people to not give up n life and always keep fighting, as they describe the Journey of a boxer. The song explains the struggles he has to face every day; like his fears and a confused society. The opening lines of the song describe the boxer waking up to a strange world, and how society makes us struggle in life. They sing “Half of the population Just waiting/ to see me fail” making us think about the negativity of people that we have to overcome.

As I reflect at these words, I try to question why people try to predict our future, by telling us we won’t make it through our lives, or we will never be able to accomplish certain goals. Throughout my life I have always had that one person who thought I couldn’t make it. Even though I still have not accomplished all my goals, I have accomplished most of them like graduating with honors and attending college. As I think back, I remember how hard it is when we do not have support from our loved ones.

However, the song does not describe having moral support while facing obstacles; it is an inspiring song about how we should be positive and not give up during times of tribulation. Gym class Heroes encourages the listener by singing “Every time you fail it’s only making your chin strong”. This particular quote portrays that mistakes or failures in life, makes us strong and powerful individuals and we should learn from them and turn them into positivist. As a teenager I have made many mistakes throughout my life; one of them, was lying to my parent’s about going to a certain place when instead I went to another one.

Everything went wrong that night, my parent’s eventually found out I had lied to them. I got in trouble and got rounded for a month. First I was mad, but then I realized I had done something wrong, and I had to lean my lesson. Sometimes we complain about our mistakes and failures, but we don’t realize they help us in life and to become a better person. We as a society should not take criticism from those who do not want to see us succeed. We should avoid negativity and hate, overcoming these will be the key of success.

The American Band sings “There is no reason you should ever have your head down” encouraging the audience to not let others belittle us. This particular quote reminds me of an incident I had back in third grade. One of my classmates was always bullying me, but I never said anything because I was afraid of her, she was bigger than me and I was intimidated by her; she was always calling me rude names in front of other people and making me feel bad. One day I decided I was done with her abusiveness. I told my mom and talked to my teacher privately; they understood the situation and congratulated me for being brave.

I felt relieved afterwards and proud of myself for finally speaking up. Human beings are weak, and can be easily outdated by others it we do not snow up who we really are. Even though it can be hard for us to show our real characters to others, it is important and necessary, that way they won’t take advantage of us. Gym Class Heroes continue by describing the boxer as he finally opens up and stands for himself. It explains how he will show society he can make it and he will succeed one day. They eagerly sing “Give them Hell/ Turn their heads” referring to the boxer for finally fighting back against society, ND building up character.

The Boxer has become himself and finally shows to those who thought he could not make it, the person who he is and “The Fighter”. This makes me think about those difficult moments in our lives while fighting for a specific thing we want. When I was seven years old I told myself I wanted to be first place of my second grade class. I started working harder, and I accomplished it. Whether being a goal or a challenge, it’s important to take little steps until we overcome these different types of obstacles and achieve our goals.

The American band finalizes the song with the chorus “There goes the Fighter/ Here comes the Fighter/ this one is a Fighter” emphasizing how society now sees the boxer as a “Fighter”. He has gained society respect as he overcame his struggles in life. He fought for what he wanted, and nobody is ever bringing him down anymore. I have personally had this moment of happiness in my life, after moving from another country, I fought my way thru until I accomplished to learn English and to have a better education. The song “The

Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes makes me realize the importance of being able to face obstacles in life and being able to overcome them. The message of the song is to encourage people to not give up because at the end we all get the fulfilling moment of accomplishment and the confidence that we were lacking as individuals. We know if we want something, we can work for it, until we get it. It will take effort but with perseverance and responsibility nothing is impossible. It is never good to underestimate ourselves. We never know what can be done until we try to do it and achieve it.

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