Marriott International, a worldwide franchisor and operator of a wide portfolio of hotels and related housing installations. J. Willard Marriot founded the company and his boy, J.W. ( Bill ) Marriott is taking the company. Marriott International has about 3,150 lodging belongingss situated in the United States of America and 67 other districts and states.

Below are the five concern sections in which the Marriott ‘s operations are grouped into:

Full-service housing: 65 %

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Select-service housing: 11 %

Extended-stay housing: 5 %

Timeshare: 15 %

Man-made fuel: 4 % ( chiefly a revenue enhancement shelter )

In 1992, the Marriott Corporation split into two companies, the Host Marriott Corporation and the Marriott International.

In 2002, a major restructuring undertaking began by Marriott International by whirling off Marriott Distribution Services and many Senior Living Services Communities ( now portion of Sunrise Senior Living ) , so that Marriott could concentrate on hotel direction and ownership. In 2003, these alterations were completed.

In April 1995, in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC, a 49 % involvement was acquired by Marriott International. Ramada International Resorts & A ; Hotels were owned Marriott International until it was sold to Cendant on September 15, 2004. At all of its North American belongingss, it ‘s the first hotel concatenation that serves wholly Tran ‘s fats free nutrient.

Marriott International and Vacation Club, in 2005, consisted of 2 of the 53 entities ; these entities contributed the maximal of $ 250,000 to President George W. Bush ‘s 2nd startup.

In 2006 ( July ) , Marriott made an proclamation that get downing September 2006 all lodging edifices they operate in Canada and United States of America would go non-smoking. In this policy, all eating houses, public infinites, meeting suites, guest suites, sofas and employee work countries were included.

Today, 4 extra hotels have been announced by the Marriott International for its aggregation in India ; therefore conveying the sum in India to 29 belongingss now under building. When all the hotels are opened, before the terminal of 2013, 40 hotels will be under direction by Marriott International in the state. Currently, Marriott manages 11 hotels in India represented by 5 trade names.

In Vietnam, Marriott International will present its reasonably-priced Courtyard by Marriott trade name under a direction understanding which was announced late with CY – Ham Tan Resort Limited Company.A When the properly is opened, in 2012, it will be the first high-quality International mid-tier hotel in the country.


It is suggested by Handy ( Charles Handy ) that we can sort organisations into a wide scope of four civilizations. A whole host of factors are depended upon the formation of ‘culture ‘ ; which include company history, organisation construction, ownership, critical concern incidents, engineering and environment, etc.

The four civilizations discussed by Handy are People, Power, Task and Role. The purpose of the analysis is to measure the point to which the disdainful civilization reflects the restraints and existent demands of the organisation.

Strong Culture

“ Culture is the life-thread and glue that links our yesteryear, nowadays, and hereafter ” – J.W. Marriott, Jr.

Fair intervention of associates and to supplying advancement chances

“ Do Whatever it Takes to Take Care of the Customer ”

Actively supports community and volunteerism

Pay extraordinary attending to detail


Pride in their physical milieus

Our people are the most of import plus

Environment that supports associate growing & A ; personal development

Repute of using ethical, trusty, reliable and caring associates

Home-like ambiance

Performance-reward system

Pride in name, achievements, & A ; success

“ Courtyard is a really popular trade name in India and is spread outing quickly, ” expressed Rajeev Menon, the country frailty president for Pakistan, India, Malaysia and Maldives. “ It offers first-class value in the mid-tier market that is presently underserved. The hotels adapt good to the lifestyle demands of both its domestic and international invitees. ”


The clients reign supreme in the universe of cordial reception. If the hotelkeepers wish to stay competitory it is indispensable for them to non merely carry through consumer outlooks, but they must besides seek to transcend them. The hotel portion of the Hilton Group plc is the Hilton International ; is besides includes gambling and betting, and Living Well Fitness Centers. Hilton International realized that to present the quality service associated with the trade name ; investings had to be made in the development and preparation of staff, they play a really of import portion in guaranting that good experience is provided to invitees during their stay.


Marriott ‘s has an overall tall construction, nevertheless there are both level and tall constructions within each section. Marriott finds that its ain belongingss are frequently a beginning of advanced new patterns. As a consequence, the company has adopted formal and informal communicating channels to promote employees to portion best patterns. For illustration, through a quarterly plan called the Worldwide Business Forum, directors in Poland can larn from patterns in Peru.

Undertaking 2:

Human Resources

The Human resources section in a concern warrants that the associates have and maintain satisfactory relationship with their directors, in the intent that they are more divine in their occupations. This requires that the staff that possess professional abilities are provided with more occupations. The staffs are pushed to analyze for topics which are non work related. This means that each member of staff is support by the direction to hold a assortment of duties ; so they can do advancement in different countries. A batch of money is invested in the development and preparation undertaking because staff preparation is viewed as really of import. It attempts to animate subsidiaries to work better & A ; harder ; this so makes occupation security sufficient for that person. As a consequence, the client service provided by the staff is first-class. In order to do the staff more efficient, the Human resources section is contemplated to pass more money in supplying the best installations for staff forces development and preparation. The enlisting costs are much lower compared to the other sections like the drink and nutrient section ; this is because the section has a low staff turnover rate ( 9 % ) .

Human resources advices the staff on the established things they are able to and be involved in bettering themselves farther ; it besides makes certain that just intervention is give to each member of staff. This section promises that the working environment is safe and non unsafe ; therefore it ensures the wellness and safety of the persons. This section looks for the well being of the associates in the hotel. Human resources provide developing in an effort to increase the motive and the truenesss of staff within the organisation in the attempt that they ‘ll be more efficient in their work.

Departmental Structure:

Marriott ‘s has an overall tall construction, nevertheless there are both level and tall constructions within each section. There are far fewer subsidiaries in the human resources section ( merely 6 people ) and due to this it does non hold many supervisors, helper directors and directors when compared to sections such as drink and

nutrient section. For that ground, the human resources section is said to hold a level construction. Each staff member has a specified occupation description and they know their director within the Marriott organisation construction. This construction is formal, and has clear lines of communicating.


Within an organisation, there is a line of bid ; all the manner from the top to the underside of the hierarchy. From each pull offing caput of manager the information is communicated and it is through this concatenation that any orders are passed. Within the hierarchy, the orders are passed through many different people, for illustration, an “ adjunct director ” receives information from the “ director ” ; this information is so sent on to a “ supervisor ” ; assorted messages are so sent from the “ supervisor ” to the “ worker ” in the section. That is

an illustration of how in a section in the Marriot the messages are transmitted down the concatenation of bid. This type of construction helps to give clear apprehension to the staff to whom they are responsible, therefore these types of constructions can be really effectual.


This is the figure of subsidiaries that are supervised straight by one individual individual

( director ) . A narrow span means there is less discretion, tight supervising and hence fewer possibility of doing errors. A narrow span may besides intend extra degrees in the hierarchy and so greater publicity opportunities. A broad span of control causes lessening in supervising and so consequences in greater deputation. There can be change in the span of control depending upon certain conditions ; those can be seen beneath:

The more hard the supervising tasks the smaller the span of control will be ; because look intoing work can be really clip consuming and difficult. Sometimes, the subsidiaries are non specialized at their occupations ; this could be a ground for the supervising undertakings being disputing.

If communicating with the subsidiaries is really clip devouring so a little span of control possibly necessary.

A broad span of control will be at that place if the supervisor is good, because so the supervisor can oversee more people efficaciously.

Some kind of span of control is available to each section director ; this can be seen from Marriott ‘s organisational construction. We can state that Marriott ‘s overall construction consists of both broad and narrow spans of control. An illustration is the drink and nutrient section, where there is a broad span of control because there are several eating houses and so the figure of people controlled by the workers is much more. An illustration of a much narrower control is the human resources section because there are merely 6 people in the section.


As the concatenation of bid within an organisation gets longer and longer, if gets more hard for the messages to acquire sent across. As the messages travel across the concatenation of bid they can frequently acquire distorted or even lost. The Marriott has successfully prevented this job ; they had day-to-day meetings with sections so that each staff member knew what she/he is making.

Undertaking 3

Motivational Theory:

Theory M: Motivating with money

What motivates hourly workers is being paid what they are deserving and non plans that are designed to increase their exhilaration and fidelity. Here is a motivational plan that establishes a direct nexus between productiveness and pay

Marriott recognizes and wagess trueness and public presentation over clip. Virtually all publicities are from within and transportations and particular assignments go to those who have clearly earned them with their consistent public presentation in functioning the invitee ‘s involvements. Assorted fringe benefits, benefits and compensation are awarded to those who systematically demonstrate a ‘guest compulsion ‘ . Tuition reimbursements are used to pull the best workers ; good wellness benefits are aimed at pulling and maintaining those with households ; and tonss of timely smaal fringe benefits are used to add to personal thank yous, which leaders at all degrees make a point of giving.


Goal-setting theory refers to different types of ends motivate us otherwise.

Using a monolithic, five-year database of its ain employment history, Marriott found that the cost of certain wagess was offset by lower turnover. And so it took a comprehensive expression at its full wagess plan to aline compensation and benefits with its associates ‘ demands ; better attractive force and keeping ; enhance productiveness ; and increase its return on the one million millions of dollars it invests yearly in people and accomplish its needed ends. It did this piece showing the bottom-line impact of the attendant scheme.

EMPLOYEE Committedness:

High-performance concerns actively manage their endowment, fiting the right people with the right occupations and engaging for tantrum instead than for specific accomplishments. As a consequence, these companies are rewarded with engaged, productive and originative work forces.

From enlisting to preparation and support to retaining employees, Marriott stands out because it focuses on the full endowment development concatenation. Hiring by intestine inherent aptitude is frowned upon ; alternatively, engaging directors use a quantitative, prognostic theoretical account that combines an appraisal of campaigners ‘ occupation accomplishments with an rating of their attitudes and values-attributes that Marriott considers more of import than specific accomplishments or experience.

Marriott ‘s success with employees at all degrees makes for great imperativeness. The company on a regular basis appears on lists of best companies to work for-for illustration, in the top 100 rankings for both Fortune ( eight consecutive old ages ) and Working Mother ( 15 old ages ) . And the company ‘s voluntary turnover rates are among the lowest in the industry.

Part of the ground can be found in Marriott ‘s benefits and compensation bundles. “ Our largest group of employees is housekeepers-largely adult females with households, ” explains Keegan. “ We ‘ve found that medical benefits are a critical driver of retention-it supports our turnover depression. ” But that ‘s merely portion of the narrative. Training, calling chances and the cultivation of emotional ties all play of import functions in assisting Marriott retain employees in an industry marked by high turnover.

Once it makes a hiring determination, Marriott devotes considerable resources to preparation and developing its people at every degree. Senior directors attend a four-week, in-house executive development plan designed to assist them cultivate a wide, externally focused point of position. For hourly workers, the accent is on structured, task-driven, on-the-job acquisition. The company even incorporates a preparation budget demand into its contracts with franchisees and managed-property proprietors. Career-growth chances are another key to high keeping rates. About half of the company ‘s directors were promoted from within the ranks of hourly workers.

Marriott keeps its directors engaged by supplying many chances for development and promotion. Senior executives have spent an norm of 22 old ages with the company, while their direct studies have an mean term of office of 15 old ages. The company prefers to advance from within and provides cross-functional chances for cardinal senior directors as a manner to cultivate its hereafter leaders.

Another ground for employee loyalty-and another of import intangible-is the emotional connexion workers have to the company. Marriott conducted research that showed that this connexion was based mostly on employees ‘ belief that Marriott treats them reasonably. Marriott found that its study consequences surpassed industry benchmarks, taking company executives to believe that their employees trust the organisation ‘s leading to look out for their best involvements. HR Chief Keegan: Hiring directors use a quantitative, prognostic theoretical account that combines an appraisal of campaigners ‘ occupation accomplishments with an rating of their attitudes and values-attributes that Marriott considers more of import than specific accomplishments or experience.

Undertaking 4: Understanding TEAMS & A ; TEAM BEHAVIOUR:

Teamwork for Nursing in a General Practice:

An effectual squad can be defined as one where:

Functions and relationships are accepted and understood by squad members

There is common support and trust between members

Undertaking outlooks and achievements are high with members taking inaugural and energy being channeled into effectual work.

There is regard for single differences in values, personalities and accomplishments.

The demands of persons are met.

Effective squads normally contain a mix of experience and expertness and seldom depend on position or rank. This introduces a specific challenge for patterns as little organisations like GPs need to be both, the employer, strategic leader and determination shaper and a professional equal to pattern nurses in their employment. Inescapably, it is difficult to filtrate out these functions, therefore taking to nurses experiencing excluded as a full members of the squad. Practice nurses conveying a great scope of professional, clinical and leading accomplishments on to the squad, many times from an extended calling in nursing.

Simply seting a different group of professionals together will bring forth an effectual squad.

For this squad to work efficaciously:

The squad must hold a motivation for working together.

Members have to be dependent on each other, i.e. they need each others expertise.

Members must be committed to the thought more effectual determinations can be made by working together as a squad instead than working in isolation.

The squad has to be accountable as a functioning unit.

All the nurses should work co-operatively within squads and have regard for the accomplishments, expertness and parts of co-workers

All co-workers need to be treated with equity and without favoritism.

All nurses should pass on efficaciously and portion cognition, accomplishment and expertness with other members of the squad as required for the benefit of patients and clients.

Nurses should be involved in the determination devising procedures

Features of an uneffective squad:

Group aims are ill-defined: no grounds that the group either understands or accepts a common committedness

Communicationss: A few people dominate treatment ; information is withheld and flows chiefly down.

Decision-making: Forced or bulk vote.

Criticism: It is abashing and tenseness bring forthing.

Task-achievement: Individual functions tend to be ill-defined and public presentation is seldom reviewed.

Leadership: Single-leader dominated, leader may compromise.

Use of Information Technology: Information Technology is an of import characteristic of most work environments. Practice nurses make important usage of pattern IT systems. The tendency towards paperless record systems and the demand to guarantee accurate and timely recording of cardinal clinical informations to underpin the new GMS contract are driving the move towards progressively intensive and extended usage of IT systems.

They besides use IT in sing the patient records to day of the month, adding inside informations of the audience and the can besides garner accurate and timely clinical informations.

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