The constant increasing applications of computers in
technological development demand more efficient networking. Coming from a
background of Computer Science Engineering, I have developed a fascination to
probe into the arena of Data Analysis in general and Machine
Learning/Artificial Intelligence in particular which possess a challenging
task. This cultivated my interest to take Computer Engineering as my major in
my graduate studies.


I always put my endeavors and all out efforts to
excel in every walk of my life. A good career in computer science and
engineering can only be built above the firm foundation of a good education.
Apart from the impressive infrastructure and research facilities offered at
University of Texas-Arlington, the courses like Database systems, Data Mining,
Software Engineering and Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence really
interested me. Above all, it would be a blessing to be able to learn under the
guidance of the professors at University of Texas. I am excited about entering
into this next phase of my life and it is my hope and belief that I would be
able to make a positive contribution to the University.

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There is a saying, which says, “The only thing
Permanent in life is Change”. This perfectly holds true to the world of Computer
Science Engineering where novel ideas are not a novelty. It is this novelty
that entices me to this field and gives me a deep sense of professional pride.
In this context, I would like to pursue my graduation in Computer Science
Engineering, which not only supplements the knowledge that I possess but also
provides a strong platform for my future career aspirations and goals.


I have always believed that one should never give up
the habit of asking questions and this habit has been an important facet of my
creativity. I seek to invent new ideas by applying the basic principles of an
existing theory in uncommon ways.


However, I found that I have no uncertainty in
proceeding along a path that I have been planning over the last 5 years. I have
originated from a family where the highest priority was always given to good
education. Blessed with schooling from one of the prestigious institute of the
state, Shri J. P. Thakkar High School and D Z Patel High School in Anand, I was
strongly motivated to pass my X class exams with over 82% marks and XII class
exam with over 75% marks.


After successful completion of my school studies, I
got admitted to Charusat University , which is a top class University in India
in general and my native state Gujarat in particular, to which State I belong
.I obtained over 86.2 % marks in the Intermediate ( plus Two ) exams. I took
Computer Engineering as my major in the undergraduate program. During the
course of the study I was exposed to various subjects like ‘C’, C++, Computer
Networks, Java, PHP, Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Systems,
Operating Systems, Theory of Computation, Software Engineering, Embedded
Systems, Artificial Intelligence and gained a lot of expertise in them. My
Cumulative Grade Point Average for VIII Semester is 7.82 out of 10.


From 2nd year of my college academic
phase we had semester based group projects as credit subject. In 3rd
Semester we a group of three did a C++ based project named as “Diabetes Report
Generator”. Here the project was basically for diabetic patient where they
could be able to review their details and previous readings and able to
generate graph of their readings (values). Then later in 4th
Semester we group of two did again a C++ based project named as “Diary
Management System” which basically focused on those users who have habit of
writing diaries. So we decided to create a password protected e-Diary console
application for diary writing lovers. Later then in following semester i.e in 5th
Semester I decided to go on a different track. So in group of two we decided to
develop a project in an embedded systems area. We came up with a project
related to survey, security and photography. We tried to develop a drone using
an arduino development board as our base which we decided to operate it using
mobile using Wi-Fi module for connectivity. It continued in next semester also
due to its complexity and some materialistic defects. In 7th
Semester we the team of two developed an embedded project named as “Automated
Parking System” where we developed an automated parking lot based on available
car slots. 


In 8th Semester I had to compulsorily undergo
through a professional training at an IT based company. I went to a company
named Tatvasoft where I was been placed during my campus placements. In that
company I developed two projects based on .Net technology and SQL Server. One
project was based on e-shopping cart similar like Amazon and other was Urology
System was basically an web based application to record the urinary events of
patients suffering from prostate cancer as per rehabilitation process and can
refer to healthcare professional. Healthcare Professional can assess the
records of the patient who approach them with this application and supplied the
information. Since then I am working in this company as a Software Engineer.


My prodigious appetite for knowledge started from
the moment, I was trained to write the series of English alphabets on the sands
of the grounds of my kindergarten school. This thrust spurred me to work
assiduously till this part of my career and this will perpetually continue to
stir me in achieving greater goals. I am fully aware of the fact that I have
miles to go in this long distance race for acquiring higher knowledge. Although
I believe that there is no substitute for hard work and strong working
knowledge. Training in a reputed university like yours will give a big boost to
my aspirations and Academic Pursuits


In addition to my regular studies at various levels
from Primary till now; I am taking regular classes in Garba (type of dance
form) and bhangra (type of dance form), one of the fastest and most traditional
forms of dancing in my Country. Especially during my School days at Shri J.P.
Thakkar High School, I actively associated myself with various Community
Service activities aimed at the amelioration of the oppressed, suppressed,
depressed and the under – privileged sections of people and also to activities
for keeping the nature safe like “rally for rivers, GoGreen Anand Marathon”. During
my Under Graduate studies, I allocated good time for the same purpose. I am
also an active sportsman and have interest in many sports. I was part of Anand
District cricket team and college national team. I was also part of our college
national basketball team. During my school academic years I was part of kabaddi
team, badminton team and volleyball team. I had also attended NCC (National
Cadet Corps) as an army branch for two years and during that tenure I attended
one outing camp for military type practices and its work ethics.


Coming from a family where everyone has excelled in
academic achievements, I have developed a keen desire to pursue my graduate
studies and research in Computer Science Engineering in a University of
Excellence, which will provide me an opportunity to work with most modern and
sophisticated equipment and intellectual environment by which I would be able
to realize my dreams of exploring and contributing new vistas in the chosen
field. Your institute, which is reputed to possess the above, besides having a
host of eminent professors on its faculty, gives me wonderful opportunity to hone
my skills and acquire knowledge.


I believe that “Accomplishments lie within the reach
of those who reach beyond themselves”. I am confident of making my own humble
contribution in enhancing the image and reputation of your Esteemed University
in the years to come. I eagerly look forward to be a part of your Academic

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