As an person. raising one’s consciousness on the causes of poorness and its manifestations is the first measure in the attempt to assist cut down poorness. The cognition that alteration can non be effected through single attempts but through corporate enterprises will actuate one to fall in organisations and enterprises that aim to extenuate specific poorness issues ( World Wide Web. marininstitute. org. 2006 ) . However. we should non be chauvinistic plenty to handle the hapless as if they do non hold the capacity to recognize alteration for themselves.

Our function should be as a accelerator for alteration and with a religion in the unconditioned ability of the hapless to work together to relieve their economic and political conditions. We should in bend build the consciousness of the hapless about their state of affairs. educate them in the cognition. accomplishments and attitudes required for them to take and work for themselves. form them around common ends. mobilise them for concrete actions and assist them measure their experiences and learn from them. On the other manus. society can eliminate poorness by measuring the economic. political and cultural systems that perpetuate it and implementing necessary reforms.

Social category plays a function in marginalising people while others get so much more so they can pass or utilize. The political power associated with economic position is another facet. Equally long as the wealthy hold the major decision-making places in authorities and except the sector of the poort. state of affairss of poorness will go on. A civilization that accepts poorness as the position quo is another country for alteration. Educational establishments. the church and the media should work to expose societal worlds from the positions of the hapless. Inequality and unfairness should non be made to be tolerated as the norm.

At the same clip. society should non merely look at the predicament of its citizens but besides on how its foreign policies affect other states. Trade relationships should be based on common benefit and common consent on the regulations regulating the relationship. Imposition of trade policies for the benefit of developed states merely will non make any good in equalising the first-world and third-world spread ( Irogbe. 2005 ) . Last. more powerful states should acknowledge the right of other states to chart their ain fates alternatively of step ining through covert ways or through engaging war against those states.

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