Among many proportions there is one holding alone belongingss.

If the ratio of the amount of the measures to the larger measure is equal to the ratio of the larger measure to the smaller 1. so the two measures are in aureate proportion. denoted by the Grecian missive phi ( ? ) . And this proportion can be called in different footings such as the aureate mean. aureate subdivision or the aureate proportion which is an irrational mathematical invariable holding a value of about equal to 1. 6180339887…As a definition.

the aureate rectangle can be described as a rectangle which has a tallness to establish proportion of 1: 1. 6180339 ( about ) . This particular rectangle is found in many topographic points. It is found in art.

architecture. and nature every bit good. In Leonardo district attorney Vinci’s Mona Lisa. you can see that the topics face is bordered by a aureate rectangle. The Parthenon.

built in ancient Greece. has several aureate rectangles. Besides in nature. the logarithmic growing of nautilus shells is at a rate of phi ( ? ) .As the aureate proportion is found in the design and beauty of nature. it can besides be used to achieved beauty and balance in the design of art. This is merely a tool.

and non a regulation. for composing. The aureate proportion has been used for centuries particularly in paper sizes and designs for a important ground of making a design that is aesthetic and delighting to the eyes of most people. The aureate proportion is being applied in different paper size such as in exposure. scrapbook and notebooks.

page layout in web and even in pictures.In building a aureate rectangle. foremost. build a simple square and pull a line from the center of one side of the square to an opposite corner. Then.

utilize that line as the radius to pull an discharge that defines the tallness of the rectangle. Last complete the aureate rectangle. In general. this paper tends to demo the short definition of aureate ratio and aureate rectangle and that these two rules have important impact on the betterment of art and designs and may hold more in page lay-outing and paper sizes.

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