The Graduate Essay, Research PaperVeronica CombsThis paper will be both a review every bit good as an analysis of the relationships between both my coevals and the clip period in which the film took topographic point. In the review, I which to look at the film mark and the dependence that I felt Ben and Katherine had for each other. There were several issues that I felt my coevals had in common with Ben & # 8217 ; s coevals.

These issues were the demand to arise and the withdrawal we feel from our parents.There were several facets of the film, which I think should hold been removed. The first facet is the film mark, which was sung by Paul Simon and composed by Simon and Garfunckel. In my sentiment, the music was really cracker-barrel. Folksy in the manner that it should be something that people meditate to non listen to on a film screen. I besides felt the film mark did non suit in with the film, because the music was excessively everyday for the fast gait of the film.

The following facet is the dependence that Ben and Katherine had for the other. I do believe that they truly loved each other, but that each individual represented something that the other did non see in themselves. I felt that Katherine saw in Ben his rebellious behaviour which she wish she had and Ben wished that he had Katherine & # 8217 ; s quiet and peaceable spirit.I truly felt this film related to my coevals because it touched on a few of import issues that are still common now. These issues are the demand to arise from society, and the withdrawal from the parents. Thyminehe foremost issue was Ben Braddock’s need to arise.

His rebellion was his matter with Ms. Robinson. I think his rebellion stemmed from the fact that he felt he had to conform to what society expected from him after graduation. I feel that when he started his relationship with Ms. Robinson, he was believing that he had eventually done something that wasn’t his parents’ thought and it felt good. We see this attitude now in college pupils, who feel the demand to interrupt away from the outlooks, set by our parents.

Many times I feel the demand to be in a calling precisely the antonym from what my female parent wants me to make even if that calling is the same calling I truly want to make.The following issue that I thought was revelant to my coevals is detachment from our parents that we create for ourselves. I saw the withdrawal that Ben created for himself in the first few scenes where he sits in the room and tells his male parent that he doesn & # 8217 ; t want to travel to the party right off. I feel that the withdrawal he created for himself because he felt that his parents truly didn & # 8217 ; t understand him or what he wanted to make and besides that his parents wanted him to turn up yet they wanted to handle him like a kid. Ben & # 8217 ; s parents wanted him to acquire a occupation, but alternatively they let him pass the full summer non making anything but relaxing by the pool. I see this withdrawal in myself sometimes, because I want to be treated as an grownup, yet my female parent wants to maintain up this image that I am merely a child. I have to acknowledge to myself that I like being babied because it makes me experience protected.

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