The famous authors like Catherine ward, Laurel Dumont and Maxwell Smyth has already reached the professional plateau to reach their aspires. “… he is the highest rating black government at preferred automobiles. However the fee for such development has been excessive: Smyth has given up his racial identity” (A Modern Inferno184). Maxwell Smyth, an executive who has so regulated and neutralized his being that his “….. Doesn’t stink,”(102) to borrow a phrase from American vernacular, Gloria Naylor demonstrates the most unnatural conditions that result from cultural, gender and non-secular discontinuation. “Maxwell has discovered long ago that he doubled the odds of finishing first if he didn’t carry the weight of that milligram of pigment in his skin” (102). This society closer to neutrality starts with his name and the conclusion that his call upsets assumptions about him:

 He remembered the slate-blue eyes of his first grade teacher flying  back to his small dark face when she handed him a name tag reading Maxwell Smyth and he told her – S-M-Y-T-H and this time the eyes actually focused him into existence. Whether it was impatience, embarrass mentor faint amusement, it was still recognition. For that moment, he counted  because he had upset an assumption. And Maxwell Smyth learned to drag that moment out by means of no longer the clumsy attempts of receptionists, clerks, and arrogant booking agent as they grappled with reordering their grained expectancies of his name and his being. He relished the feelings of power and control as his blackness momentarily diminished in the front of their faces-an normal name had turned the extra ordinary and taken its owner with it in the transformation. (A Modern Inferno 103)

Using his name as a release pad, Maxwell is going a long way beyond his name to make himself disinterested, thereby slicing himself off from the normal drift of humanity. On this manner, as a neutral character having no allegiance to someone in the society, she is the last threat by way of seeming to be a risk to no one. Besides his refusal to carry the burden of his skin shade, Maxwell additionally finds his overall performance as a male to be cumber stone. He is neither fascinated nor able to lead a girl to orgasm neither is he able to reap exaction showing in image at the least, that he isn’t without a doubt a person.

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