For this assignment, we have conducted a thorough research on the people direction in ifeel magazine. ifeel owns by a media organisation, Astro Media Holding Bhd. This org-anization integrates all the media amusement in our state and sou’-east Asia which includes Pay-TV, Radio, Publications and Digital Media. On 2002, they become one of the top publishing houses in Malaysia, which is known as Astro Publication Sdn Bhd. Bing a good known organisation in media industry, they took the chance to print magazines in Malay, Engli-sh and Chinese. For case, Fourfourtwo ( football magazine ) , FHM ( ultimate work forces ‘s lifestyle magazine ) , ifeel ( immature adult females ‘s magazine ) , inTrend ( adult females manner and lifestyle magazine ) , Men ‘s IMO ( adult male ‘s manner magazine ) , and Style ( top notch manner magazine ) . ( “ ifeel ” , n.d. )

About ifeel magazine

The first ifeel magazine was published in 2004. It talks about manner, relationship, beauty, famous persons, music, and so on. Basically, it is an all in one A5 size magazine which sells at the monetary value of RM 6.50. Their mark market is Chinese immature adult females with attitude, vibrant, cheerful, merriment and trendy ( “ ifeel ” , n.d. ) . The organisational chart is shown below:

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We are lucky for holding a opportunity to interview the friendly pull offing editor of ifeel magazine, Jeen Lee. She has been working in this company for about 9 old ages. She was one time a small miss who loves manner and wish to be an editor when she grows up. With the passion in her, she is now the pull offing manager of ifeel.

** for the item of organisational chart please mention to Appendix APeople Management

Flow of communicating

Harmonizing to the pull offing editor, ifeel magazines is utilizing downward communicating. The employees ever need to mention to their caput of section in order to finish their undertaking. This is because the company is excessively large and there are a batch of different section that is difficult for one individual to manage it all.

In downward communicating, directors need to make a vision for employees with which they can place. The employee needs to cognize what they are suppose to make. Most occupations have a occupation description. Typically the occupation direction is given by the caput on get downing the occupation and so in training and support along the undertaking. Other signifiers of downward communicating occur when a client gives orders to a provider, and when stockholders instruct direction to take specific action. ( “ Boundless ” , n.d. )

Harmonizing to Katz and Kahn ( 1978 ) , benefits of an effectual downward communicating are:

Better coordination

Improved single public presentation through the development of intelligent engagement

Improved morale

Improved consumer dealingss

Improved industrial dealingss

In order for downward communicating to be effectual, the director should stay respectful and concise when giving orders. This is to do certain the subsidiary clearly understands instructions, and give acknowledgment for admirable public presentation.

The downward communicating attack is besides referred to as the top-down attack. This attack is used by top degree direction to pass on to lower degrees. In this type of organisational communicating, deformation of the message may happen. ( “ Boundless ” , n.d. )


Motivation is a power that drives people to accomplish their undertaking, hence it is of import for an organisation to supply good motive to their employees. Harmonizing to the pull offing editor, ifeel magazines supply a good working environment that motivated a batch to the employees to work. ifeel provide the public toilet which provide Astro, couch and air-conditioner. The public toilet is available for all the employees anytime. But there are besides some footings and status to follow to avoid some of the employee to take advantages from that. ifeel besides provide larder that the employees can acquire imbibe and nutrient, like java and biscuits for free. She experience really comfy and loosen uping to work in this environment and this motivate her to remain for ifeel ( as mentioned she had worked for ifeel for coming 9 old ages ) .

Besides that, the pull offing editor besides mentioned that the salary and bonus given by the company besides one of the ground that motivated them to work. Harmonizing to Kendra Cherry ( n.d. ) in the survey of psychologist Abraham Maslow hierarchy of demands, suggests that people are motivated to carry through basic demands before traveling on to other. One of the hierarchy needs is “ physiological demands ” . Physiological need include the most basic demands that are need to survival, such as the demand for H2O, air, nutrient, and slumber. Maslow believed that these demands are the most basic and natural demands in the hierarchy because all needs become secondary until these physiological demands are met. ( Kendra Cherry, n.d. )

In order to carry through the physiological demands, people need money. At ifeel magazines, the employee salary rate is around RM 2500 to RM 4500, it depends on the employee place and how long they have been work for the company. Besides of the wage, the company will give fillip to the employee when Chinese New Year and some others festival. The pull offing editor besides mentioned that the employees besides frequently acquire the free dainties or sample battalion from the client. For illustration examiner of make-up merchandise, free verifier, and others.


Harmonizing to the pull offing editor, the demands to be portion of ifeel which who must hold a degree holder of mass communicating, but unmarried man of news media will be foremost considered or three old ages related experience. The ground why ifeel will be see news media grade holder foremost is merely because most of the materials they making are composing for print, interviewing, describing towards the creative person and public. In other manus, they need to hold involvement in current tendencies and sensitiveness of manner. Between must hold the ability to compose books, thought Jockey shortss and proposals, other than that good web with of import contacts of medium.

Quality Management

Basically the preparation is provided by Astro, because ifeel magazine is under Astro Company. The preparation classs have included nucleus direction accomplishment developing which is companies can utilize nucleus ability to restrict the waste of economic resources. This aid the company built a better cost place in the economic market and offer good services to consumers. It helps the company increase net incomes and long-run sustainability. Because it can be avoid staff do wrongly such as print wrongly, cite the incorrect monetary values to the advertizers. Besides, they have developing on originative authorship, as a journalist originative authorship is of import to them. Besides, developing on redacting based on the Photoshop, illustrator accomplishment and picture taking accomplishment, due to they need to better and updating their redaction accomplishment on the design.

ifeel ever have town hall subdivision to actuate employees. Town hall is informal public meeting. Everybody in town community is invited to go to, voice out their sentiments, and hear the responses from public figures and elected functionaries about shared topics of involvement. In this instance, ifeel Company besides giving their staffs a town hall subdivision, carry oning a democracy method to allow the staffs ‘ voice out. Due to Astro is a large company and they are utilizing upward communicating, possibly the staffs have suggested some issue to the upper direction, it have filtered by the director. Therefore, this town hall meeting is good to pass on with all of the staffs. Besides, there are no specific regulations on this town hall meeting. If the turnout is big, and in a peculiar instance the aim is to give as many people as possible an chance to talk, so the group can be broken down into smaller treatment groups. Each group, in that instance, the leader of the group summarizes the treatment. Many companies besides have such meetings.

Problem on manus

The job of people direction that ever occurs when bring forthing the magazine is there is argument happen between authors and interior decorators or gross revenues and selling section. Sometimes, the authors will believe that the interior decorator are n’t detail oriented do n’t appreciate how critical a word is to the significance of a piece while the interior decorator will believe that authors are ever deadening and wo n’t cut a twosome of unneeded word merely to do the pages fit good. For the struggle that occurs between gross revenues and selling are marketing section ever concentrate on the stairss that will take to the chance. While gross revenues section have to straight confront the purchaser and planned the scheme upon the people that whom they are seeking to sell. These are the point of that the struggle between gross revenues and selling section developed. Gross saless section felt they must obey and pattern the selling ‘s theoretical while the selling section believe that gross revenues section did n’t follow the measure of placement.

The difference sentiment from different section will make spread and struggle between the employees. Every section has their ain demand and undertaking that they wish to finish. Employee direction is needed in work outing all these sort of struggle in order to carry through ends at work. Effective employee direction will take to capitalise on the strengths of employees and their ability to lend to the achievement of work goals.A

The 2nd job of ifeel magazine company is excessively much of footings and ordinances. Everything that done by the employees must ever acquire approve from the direction degree. It Caused the employees could n’t be independent while making their work.


For the struggle that occurs between author and interior decorators or gross revenues and selling section, our group recommend that reader must be the first precedence to be considered when work outing the struggle.

Regardless from which section, all of the employees must ever set theirselves in the places of reader and ever view the whole state of affairs from the point of position of the reader. This is because readers are the chief audience of the magazines.

In order to work out the job of excessively much of regulations of ordinance, our group urge direction manner can be changed by ifeel Magazine from autocratic direction manner to democratic manner. This direction manner is grounded by a set of regulations and ordinance about employee ‘s behavior and attitudes. Douglas McGregor, the professor from concern school encompassed this set of regulations and ordinance with the entitled of “ theory Ten ” . Theory X takes a instead misanthropic position towards the lowly employee, its premises being: the employee does n’t wish to work, is a feckless follower, acts strictly for the benefits of oneself, narrow-mindedness and shows foolish naivete. From this footing, it is expected that the employees are to obey their director unconditionally ; the employee ‘s positions on how the company can be improved are seen as worthless.

ifeel magazine should get down to utilize democratic direction. The democratic manner of direction is a many-sided attack that involves the director authorising his/her employees to portion determinations with the director listening to all positions and happening the best overall determination from the merger of the positions he/ she deems utile for the company after much deliberation and clip. It may assist hike up the temper and creativeness of the employees when bring forthing the content of magazine. Therefore, the opportunity of struggle occurs besides will diminish due to the employee engagement, squads, and employee authorization enable people to do determinations about their work. This employee engagement, teambuilding attack, and employee authorization increases trueness and Fosters ownership. Team edifice can efficaciously affect people.

Appendix A: Organization Chart ( place )

Pull offing Editor ( Jeen Lee )

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