The rubric of my book is called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This book is about a sixteen-year-old miss named Katniss Everdeen who takes her sister’s topographic point in order to take part in the one-year Hunger Games. where she fights to the decease in an sphere on unrecorded telecasting. The lone manner to win is to be the last one life in the sphere which brings celebrity and luck. whereas losing brings certain decease. What I liked the most about this book is the author’s manner of composing that lures the readers in.

The ground I chose this literary component is because Collins has the ability to bring forth changeless suspense that keeps us reading. An illustration of a cliff-hanging quotation mark is. “When Thresh commotion around me. the stone raised. I know it’s no good to run. My bow is empty.

the last pointer holding gone in Clove’s way. I’m trapped in the blaze of his unusual aureate brown eyes” ( 287 ) . There was no flight for her and it did non look at that place was a possible opportunity for her to last. yet she manages to. Another illustration is.

“The Careers stop in the glade about 10 paces from my tree. They have torchs. torches. I can see an arm here. a boot at that place. through the interruptions in the subdivisions. I turn to lapidate. non even make bolding to breathe” ( 160 ) .

The tenseness built here is indefinable ; the Careers holding stopped right under her tree. a bantam breath could hold killed her. Suzanne Collin’s composing accomplishments are highly capturing to the readers. The manner she concludes each chapter with an expecting cliffhanger makes readers continue reading without no desire to halt.In decision. I truly enjoyed this book non merely because of the author’s cliff-hanging manner.

but besides the dynamic characters. Collins creates astonishing characters that the readers build close relationships with. If subsequently on in the narrative one of them happens to be killed. it brings a sense of loss.

I would decidedly urge this book to those who enjoy scientific discipline fiction. action. escapade. and even a spot of love affair.

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