In this chapter the research worker summarizes the major findings in this survey, present some recommendations on the function of ICT heightening the touristry SME ‘s operation, and eventually decisions on some of the major issues discussed in the old chapters were drawn.


2 Summary of the major research findings

The sum-up of this research is based on findings on common challenges and chance that face the ICT in touristry operation, the extent of ICT use in touristry SME ‘s sectors.From the happening ICT in touristry operation makes a important part to the economic system of Zanzibar, estimasted about 21 % of GDP.Also earned some $ 116 million from the disbursement of international tourers in 2012.An chance of the ICT in touristry operation is the contibution to employment.

It is estimated that presently some 5,800 individuals are straight employed by the touristry industry in Zanzibar, of whom about 4,400 individuals ( 76 % ) are employed in the hotel/guest houses sub-sector. The balance is employed in tourer eating houses, tourer stores, land circuit operators, air hoses ( state-owned and private ) , the Commission for Tourism and other tourism-related authorities sections or as tour ushers.Tourism sector makes a significant part to authorities grosss through the broad scope of fees, licences and revenue enhancements levied on the touristry sector, it estimated that the part could increase to 21billion by 2012.

Through ICT in touristry operation, $ 57million has been invested in hotel and touristry undertakings. Besides $ 6.6 1000000s in 214 smaller touristry undertakings facilitated by the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism.From the findings of ICT in touristry SME ‘s operation some challenges that occur include hapless infastructure which includes conveyance and public-service corporations. The impairment of rock town, Unique edifices of cultural values re-maining unchanged and without proper care, increasing usage of drugs among the young persons in Stone Town and beaches which has become a security menace to tourers.Based on the issues of banking every bit good as fiscal services, in ICT touristry operation in Zanzibar there ledge lacking international banking installations to do available in support of turning touristry activities, including insurance services and a fiscal aid programme for both domestic and foreign investors.On the extent of ICT use in touristry SME ‘s operation, for the intents of step the capacity of the ICT activities in touristry industry 63.

6 % responses reduced the operational cost in the scope of 1-5 % these means that in order the concern to last the cost should be at minimal degree for the intent of net income coevals, otherwise the operation disbursals can be high, as the consequences take downing the net net income and eventually the concern will be fall down.Finally electrical energy in the most jobs that hinder ICT touristry operation in Zanzibar ( 80 % ) argues undependable power supply as a consequence no income consumes when the power off, and reasonable electrical energy effect, the utilize of ICT maps which result casing behind the whole actions of touristry in Zanzibar.

5.3 Decisions

Harmonizing to the information analysis made the function of ICT in touristry SME ‘s operation at that place was no effectual execution of ICT in their touristry operations. The consciousness and prioritization of ICT usage in touristry operation is tremendously high, the low velocity of cyberspace connectivity, unpredictability power supply, and unskilled labour in touristry operation.

ICT public presentation in touristry SME ‘s operation could be intelligent to offer concerns a broad scope of possibilities for bettering their fight advantages such as productiveness and public presentations that will offer mechanisms for having entree to new market place chances.Finally the issue of ICT in authorities supports is dubious, most of the selected hotels ( 80 % ) argued that the authorities has no part in work outing the ICT jobs in touristry operation. But through interview the survey found the authoritiess ‘ supports was their but in the degree of unsatisfactory.

5.4 Recommendations

In order to better its public presentation the Government should see and do more attending on the issue of banking operation by bettering the networking procedure and there services.The Government should do certain that its policies and ordinances are well-matched with the development of Tourism SMEs. The Government and Non-Government Parastatal should be recognized fiscal AIDSs to back up and ease Tourism SMEs to the usage of ICTs.

Finally there is a demand to develop the touristry SMEs to be cognizant of protection of ICTs installations in order for them to work decently for a long clip. The touristry operation advised to use qualified forces, for the intent of improves the working public presentation in touristry SME ‘s operation, if making that will let to up-date different touristry information on the latest ICT developments which will be really utile in running their touristry operation.

5.5 Suggestions for farther research

ICT and Tourism challenges and chance heightening Small and Medium Enterprises ( SME ) operation.The function of ICT in SME ‘s heightening bettering concern public presentationThe function of ICT heightening in developing economic systems.

5.6 Summary of the chapter

This chapter the research worker summarizes the major findings in this survey, present some recommendations and decision on the function of ICT heightening the touristry SME ‘s operation, and decisions on some of the major issues discussed in the old chapters were drawn.There was general decision which concluded that the usage of ICT efficaciously contributes and bettering in touristry services of quality every bit good as tourer satisfaction. Unfortunately the function of ICT in touristry SME ‘s operations in this survey were non efficaciously in execution of ICT in their operations.

The consciousness and prioritization of ICT usage in touristry operation is tremendously high, the low velocity of cyberspace connectivity, unpredictability power supply, and unskilled labour in touristry operation.The other things was discussed in this chapter, was to happen out the solutions on how to get the better of the defect of the ICT use in touristry SMEs in Zanzibar in order to better the touristry public presentation. In this analysis found that for the effectual usage of ICT the Revelutionary Gevernment of Zanzibar should do its policies and ordinances are well-matched with the development of touristry SMEs. The Government and Non-Government Parastatal should be recognized fiscal AIDSs to back up and ease touristry SMEs to the usage of ICTs and do more attending on the issues of banking operation and there services.Last the decisions and recommendations from findings analysis, observation and suggestions for farther research have been drawn.

Chapter SIX


6.1 Introduction

This chapter provides the critical rating of the survey ; furthermore the chapter discusses methodological analysiss used, work flow of the research and hazard direction adopted during the research so as to guarantee the success of the research by supplying all activities from get downing of the undertaking until completion and entry of this piece of work, besides restriction and overcoming of this drawbacks was faced by research worker have been addressed.

6.2 Project direction reappraisal

The procedure of set abouting research looks like a discouraging undertaking, but this is merely the opposite as it is disputing and provides cognition, practical experience of how to pull off undertakings.At get downing of this survey, the range was merely in North East Coast zones which includes Kiwengwa small towns, Matemwe small towns, and Nungwi small towns due to this countries are more effectives in touristry activities in Zanzibar.

But through treatment of Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, it was found that there was demand to take a part of North East Coast zones and rock town countries.Undertaking was good planned and arranges the agenda and activities, nevertheless the clip direction is important trouble particularly in the informations aggregation period, this means that the research worker could non for several times run into the respondents due to clip frame for roll uping informations have elapsed.Harmonizing to the undertaking direction any undertaking involves the undermentioned phases such as induction, planning, put to deathing, monitoring, commanding and in conclusion shutting.

6.3 Project continuance ( Project life rhythms )

The agenda shows all activities which take topographic point during this survey at the initial phase until the digest of this work annex 1.

6.4 Initial phase of the undertaking: ( Research Initiation )

At this phase the research worker was make certain to choose the good and appropriate subject and composing the undertaking proposal signifier, this activity usually started at July 2012.

During this stage the research subject has been identified followed by the finding either the research to be based on literature merely or should be instance survey based. The proposal for the survey was so prepared followed by the reappraisal and blessing with the allotment of the supervisor at the same clip.

6.5 Second phase of the undertaking: ( Project planning )

Making a undertaking program is the first thing you should make when set abouting any sort of undertaking. Therefore in this stage the research base has been built, and analysis of the topic carried out, followed by the schemes of how to get down with the research including agreement of the chapters.Not merely that but besides the research worker plans what methodological analysis will be used and its relevancy to the survey, so the designation of the several qualitative or quantitative research methodological analysis has been taken into consideration together with their benefits to this research. Therefore the research makes usage of the assorted methods and techniques that includes, reappraisal of the topic, placing assorted beginnings to understand the alteration procedure, fix interview and questionnaires and usually it take a one monthly.

6.6 Third phase of the undertaking: ( Execution of the survey )

During this phase the undertaking has started by roll uping informations from different beginnings by utilizing different techniques such as questionnaires, carry oning face to confront interviews, books, one-year studies and other paperss, observations of the organisation activities on line literature reappraisal so as to guarantee right informations are collected.Not merely that but besides the research worker put in topographic point the determination obtained from informations aggregations of the questionnaires and interview, observation and analysis of the informations can take topographic points.


7 Fourth phase of the undertaking: ( Project closing )

Harmonizing to the nature of this survey every stage or a combination of two stages was significantly reviewed by the supervisor to detect if the undertaking is traveling good, before its concluding blessing for entry.Therefore this phases was the concluding phase, where by the development of the research thesis, the undertaking reappraisal was done and eventually decision, recommendation, country for the farther survey for this research and critical rating of the survey have been prepared.

6.8 Undertaking hazard direction

During this survey the research worker managed to place some of the hazard which include some of the managers/supervisors of the selected hotels were non willing to collaborate with the research worker, others were non realistic, due to their low capacity and instruction degree in the research subject provided so many of them believe that the research worker know everything, assurance in replying and fright to state something and hold in returning the questionnaire or non to make full the questionnaire.

Significantly, apart from those identified risks the research worker makes certain was collected informations without any job by pull offing them in term of minimising those hazards through an apprehension of the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism environment. Besides avoid any statement and challenges that gives the negative impact, in this survey when completed therefore the research worker used experience and increased clip graduated table for the questionnaires to be filled in, and imposed a proper follow up.Last the research worker earnestly considers the issues of hazard direction and appraisal during the survey, so as to be able to place all hazard environing the research and to minimise it.


9 Restriction of the survey

During composing the thesis certain trouble were come into sight such as follows:

Time devouring exercising

Respondents who were supposed to make full the questionnaires were really slow, this means that most of the Managers/Supervisors of the selected hotel were unqualified forces in the cognition of ICT in touristry operation so that several times required the presence of research worker to giver up the trainning and awereness refering the rating of this survey. On other manus most of international touristry were non decently make full the questionnaires as demand needed so that the reseachers consume alot of clip to analyze that sort of informations and some clip follow up to necessitate more elucidation.

Small sample size

The Numberss of respondents who were willing to make full the questionnaire was merely 53 out of 55 respondents even throw 2 respondents were administered for interview. Among this respondents 11 were the Manager/Supervisor of the selected hotels, and staying 39 were the International touristry that was willing to take that piece of work, but besides 2 members of ZCT were besides concerned in this survey for interview. This was non a right image for touristry operation due to in the higher season it was expected above one 1000000s of tourer to come. Besides on Zanzibar Commission for Tourism there were a batch of staff ‘s more than 90 members of staff.

Fiscal restraints

This factor contributed to decelerate aggregation of informations, because it involved going to detect some of the inquirers even throw some of the respondents did non return the questionnaires

6.10 Get the better ofing the restriction

Throughout the interview was the lone manner to get the better of the job of little sample size, even throw the interview were at that place but its demands to increase the figure of interviewer for the intent to obtain the quicker respondents and easier to make speedy determination shaper.However the job of clip devouring exercising, this job was get the better ofing by the research worker itself to run into in indiscriminately times the countries or those respondents that giver up the questionnaires and seek to steer them how to make full the questionnaire so that can make full the questionnaire and carry through the undertaking at a specific clip.

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