The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot produces many different subjects. Many of which continue to play a large function in today’s society. Throughout the novel. the writer reveals the narrative of a adult female who shook the scientific universe with merely her cells. Even today. her cells’ influence is still felt in medical research.

However utile these cells are. obtaining them was really controversial. After reading the book. the chief subjects that stuck out in my head are racism and moralss in medical specialty.Henrietta Lacks was born into a hapless baccy farming household in 1920. She lived a modest life up until around 1950.

She so went to Johns Hopkins Hospital where she was diagnosed with malignant neoplastic disease. Unwittingly. Henrietta had a sample of her tumour and other cells taken from her during her stay at Johns Hopkins. She repeatedly returned for radiation intervention but her status merely worsened. The malignant neoplastic disease spread throughout her organic structure and she died merely 10 months after her first visit.

She was buried in an unmarked grave and the deficiencies household resumed their lives believing that Henrietta was dead. However. in a lab at Johns Hopkins her cells lived on and were turning at a rapid rate.The fact the Henrietta was forced to travel to Johns Hopkins to have intervention in the first topographic point shows how segregation played a prevailing function in her life.

She was forced to drive all the manner to the infirmary because it was the lone 1 in the country who treated black patients. The infirmary sometimes felt that because they were non having any compensation for their work. that they would merely take samples from patients without their written consent.

Henrietta’s instance was one of these happenings. The Lacks household was non even made aware of the cells until 20 old ages after her decease and while others were doing 1000000s off them. the household saw none of the net incomes. They were denied entree to information about the cells because of their race and because the infirmary knew that what they were making was incorrect.Henrietta’s cells.

aka HeLa. were the foundation for legion vaccinums and research undertakings covering with viruses and disease. They were besides the basis for many tribunal instances affecting rights for patients and consent Torahs. The infirmaries now have to advise all patients of anything affecting their organic structures. After Henrietta.

people started recognizing they could do money off of their cells if they could do them reproduce expeditiously. This was a cardinal feature of the HeLa cell line. However. no 1 truly found the same success that the HeLa strain had experienced. Even today the cells have been estimated to weigh over 20 dozenss worldwide.Henrietta Lacks gave the universe a great tool for medical experimentation along with rights and justness for many more. Her cells have become a world-wide phenomenon and Rebecca Skloot’s novel gives the Lacks household what they truly deserve.

It is a truly inspirational narrative that sheds visible radiation on a instead dark topic. Even though Henrietta Lacks will ne’er cognize about her gift to the universe. HeLa will go on to turn. To those who knew her and for the Millions she has unwittingly given to. she will ne’er be forgotten.

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