The twofilms I watched by Steven Spielberg were “Saving Private Ryan” and “SchindlersList” captured interesting elements of mise en scene and uses of editing. Mise-enscene, Literally means, “to put on stage” or “placing of ascene” in French, its used to describe the visual aspects that appearwithin a single shot. Originally it was used in theatre but is now common usein cinema.

The movie Saving Private Ryan was filmed using a variety of lightingtechniques to capture the mise en scene, arrangement and design elements tocapture the visuals of the movie, and was critical to capture the mood of thefilm. Also its important not that understanding the story and setting of thiswar epic to appreciate the challenges that were presented in the lighting andediting of the film scenes.                  I’mgoing to start with the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, in this film I want tofocus on the mise en scene. The movie was set in world war 2 and the main plotfocused on the search for the lost brother of 4. Capturing the mood and outdoorscenes was made possible by using natural lighting and flat lighting to softentextures and colors positioning of the actors and props positioned to thecamera angles and lens sections capture the scenes of combat.

Use of lightingand camera angles help. Resignation to the groups fate in pursuing the feudalorder that wouldn’t change the likely reality of the situation. Indoor lightingconsisted of traditional three-point lighting that captured the mood as well asflat lighting at the lens to keep the shots subtle and muted while allowing theshadows and actor positioning to take full advantage of the three-pointArrangements. A good example of mise en scene would be in the final scenes inthe cemetery is shot in both natural lighting and traditional three-pointlighting. The scene is very vivid with the flags in the background behind thefinal resting place of so many American dead. The viewer is supposed to see thereality of the sacrifices that were made to save private Ryan.

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