The company in focal point in this study is Pakistan International Airlines normally known as PIA. Pakistan International Airlines Corporation is chiefly engaged in the proviso of air conveyance services. Other activities of the Company include proviso of technology and other allied services. The Company operates in two concern sections: air hoses operation and hotel operation. The air hoses operation section provides air conveyance and other allied services.

The intent of this study is to hold a deep penetration to the human resource patterns of Pakistan International Airlines. The survey includes the organisation as a whole and specifically the human resource section. Bing a populace sector organisation with a ample human resource the survey would wish to include all the major constructs of our class of human resource direction at Iqra University.

The intent of choosing PIA was besides to understand the major patterns adopted by human resource section and the jobs faced by them in the current fiscal crises. Our study besides includes the survey of HR section function in different activities like Recruitment, Selection and arrangement, Training and development, Performance direction and in Compensation and benefits given to PIA employees.

Purpose of this survey is besides to convey a true image of PIAC in forepart of the readers apart from the critics and propaganda adopted by national and international media. This includes the accomplishments mentioned in different parts of our study and at the terminal of this study. I hope the readers will be benefited from this study and will hold a clear image in forepart of them.

Introduction to PIAC

Air conveyance has likely ne’er been more of import to the development of a new state than in the instance of Pakistan. In June 1946, when Pakistan was still in the offing, Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of the approaching state, instructed Mr. M.A. Ispahani, a prima industrialist, to put up a national air hose, on a precedence footing.

PIA was born on January 10 ; 1955. Bing national flag bearer, PIA ‘s focal point was, and continues to be, to function the Pakistani community at big. The proviso of transit to exiles has remained one of the first precedences of the national air hose. Furthermore, PIA earned significant foreign exchange through international services, which it invested in the purchase of aircraft and trim parts, as swift enlargement was a sedate necessity for the air hose.

Today it maintains a ample international path web, in add-on to its services closer to place, with a modern and spread outing fleet.

Its chief hubs are Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, the Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore and the Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

It besides serves regional airdromes, including Peshawar International Airport, Peshawar, Faisalabad International Airport, Faisalabad and Multan International Airport, Multan that connect to the chief hubs and have flights to the Middle East.


PIA ‘s vision is to be a universe category air hose transcending client outlooks through dedicated employees, committed to excellence.


“ As a Symbol of National Pride, We Aspire to be a Choice Airline, Operating Productively on Modern Commercial constructs and Capable of Competing with the Best in the International every bit good as Domestic markets. ”

Core Valuess

Customer Expectations

Convenience, Caring, and Competitive Duty


Personalized and Courteous


Care foring New Ideas, Translated Into Action


Respect for Persons, Teamwork, and Effective Communication


Business Ethical motives, Accountability, and Transparency


Loyalty and Consistency


Passengers, Employees, Environment, and Health



Pakistan International Airlines Corporation is the flag bearer air hose of Pakistan, based in Karachi. It is the 31st largest air hose in Asia, runing scheduled services to 40 finishs throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America, every bit good as a domestic web associating 23 finishs. PIA is involved in transporting rider throughout its web for normal transition and hadj & A ; umrah operation. PIA besides gives particular hired flights to its clients over its web. PIA is besides responsible for province functionary transit throughout the universe.

PIA Cargo

PIA Cargo has the alone differentiation of presenting Pakistan ‘s fruits to international markets and pioneered the exports of fresh fruits and veggies to planetary finishs. PIA Cargo earns valuable gross for Pakistan International Airlines and provides a monolithic encouragement to Pakistan ‘s broad spectrum of exports. The aggressive growing of PIA Cargo coupled with PIA ‘s quickly expanding rider operations empowers clients with a scope of cutting-edge lading merchandises and services. In add-on to offering lading services, PIA Cargo besides arranges charter flights to raise meat, farm animal and alleviation goods within and outside Pakistan.


In the 1970s, Pakistan International Airlines pioneered the express bringing of cargos across Pakistan.In 2003, PIA expanded the range of Air Express and launched a fully fledged messenger service named PIA Speedex. Initially functioning Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, PIA Speedex grew quickly and another 12 major metropoliss were added to the web. Today, PIA Speedex offers premium messenger services in 70 metropoliss across Pakistan, and cargos are collected from and delivered to the doorsills of our clients.

Limited and Midway House ( Private ) Limited.

Organization Structure

In PIA organisation construction is centralized, no complexness in hierarchal places, broad span of control, extremely formalized regulations and ordinances as it is shown in the organisation chart of PIA.

The standard for the preparation of PIA construction are “ to split organisation in different sections and each section is subdivided in different divisions and subdivisions for the smooth assignment of responsibilities and duties ” .

The responsibilities and duties are specified and if any difference arises it is rooted out in coordination meeting of different sections, which held one time in a month.

Board of Directors

Pakistan International Airlines Corporation ( PIAC ) is bulk owned by the Government of Pakistan ( 87 % ) while the balance ( 13 % ) by private stockholders. The air hose falls under the way of the Ministry of Defence chaired by its current president. The air hose is managed by pull offing manager, every bit good as the Board of Directors. The Board consists of nine independent non-executive members and has four sub-committees, being an Audit Committee, Brand and Advertising Committee, Finance Committee and Human Resource Committee each with its ain charter and president.

Air Chief Marshal ( Retd ) Rao Qamar Suleman Chairman – PIA, Ms. Nargis Sethi Federal Secretary Defence, A

Mr. Husain Lawai, Mr. Abdul Wajid Rana Federal Secretary Finance, Makhdum Syed Ahmad Mahmud, A

Malik Nazir Ahmed, Mr. Javed Akhtar, Syed Omar Sharif Bokhari, Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi, Mr Yousaf Waqar


Organizational construction of PIA comprises of assorted sections headed severally by a Director. As per specifications, each Director shall be responsible to the Managing Director / Chairman. The Pull offing Director/Chairman shall be responsible to the Chairman / PIA Board of Directors. Any alterations in the Organization considered necessary from the functional and operational point of position shall be in the signifier of Organization Orders issued from clip to clip.

PIAC is led by the Chairman who is besides the Chief Executive of the Corporation. PIAC is organized into 12 sections named:

Finance, Corporate planning, HR Admin & A ; Coordination, Precision Engineering Complex, Marketing, Engineering & A ; Maintenance, Flight Operations, Flight Services, Information Technology, Airport Services, Procurement & A ; logistics, Training & A ; Develpment and Standards & A ; Particular Undertakings.

Each section is headed by a Director and assisted by a squad of professional staff. The top direction with departmental caput includes ;


Air Chief Marshal ( Retd ) Rao Qamar Suleman

Deputy Managing Director

Capt. Muhammad Junaid Yunus

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Nayyar Hayat

Director – Customer Servicess

Mr. Shahnawaz Rehman

Director – Corporate Services

Mr. Irshad Ghani

Director – Human Resource, Administration & A ; Coordination

Ms Ghazala Rashid

Director – Technology and Care

Mr. Babar Kamal

Director – Flight Operationss

Capt. Anwar Adil Shaikh

Director – Preciseness Engineering Complex

AVM Amin Ullah Khan

HRA & A ; C Department

The duty of HR is on the Human Resource Admin and Coordination section headed by manager HRA & A ; C ( Ms Ghazala Rashid ) , who is assisted by General Managers who oversees the peculiar division of the HR section.

Since 18000+ employees are presently functioning PIA and these employees are considered to be the greatest plus for the organisation so the direction of these employees is a large challenge for HR directors. The hierarchy of the HR section shows the construction of the HR section ;

The duties of HR section include, but are non limited to ;

Align and HR schemes to accomplish concern vision and ends.

Development and execution of effectual calling patterned advance.

Cultivating and keeping a civilization that is good regarded and respected.

Pro-act, place, develop and retain future leaders through coaching, leading

Development plans and sequence planning.

Recruitment and re-sourcing at all degrees, grudges managing, development of forces policies and processs.

To be cognizant of all safety and service quality demand and tobe to be responsible for the results and findings of all internal & A ; external safety/quality audits.

To guarantee that disciplinary and preventative actions are taken at the root-cause degrees on all audit non-conformities and audit findings in an acceptable mode and within sensible clip frame.

To guarantee rigorous conformity to their department/division operational safety and security maps and besides guaranting operation are provided with necessary resources

Ensure that all the corporate applicable regulations and criterions will be maintained and adhered by the employees of concerned department/division.

Advise top direction on all affairs refering the employment, development and disposal of human resources and formulate forces policies for blessing.

Consult with and rede the Managing Director and PIA top direction in the development of major programs and long term scheme peculiarly in countries where the deployment of human resources is a critical or confining factor.

Establish statistical studies for the reappraisal of human resources strengths, mix, turnover, etc. , and proctor outgos against programs and budgets.

Direct & A ; steer on public presentation Management, HR Business support & A ; Succession Planning.

Direct of legal and institutional subject.

Guide & A ; control outsourcing of maps wherever necessary

Ensure Internship Management, Rewards Recognition Management, Quality certification/Audit and employees ‘ wellness & A ; Safety

Guide and control public assistance and Cafeteria / Canteen Services together with administrative services for PIA employees.

HRM Division

The HRM division is one of the 8 divisions of the HRA & A ; C section. HRM division is headed by General Manager HRM, presently Mr. Abid Ali Sheikh. GM HRM is assisted by Deputy General Managers including Servicess, Records, Recruitment & A ; Placement, and Compensation & A ; Benefits.

As the PIA web spans the whole state and work force in required in major coverage metropoliss, hence in PIA there are aggregately 10 HR directors at each metropolis including Lahore, Quetta, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad etc. These directors report straight to GM HRM.

The following table gives a item penetration of the hierarchy of HRM division ;


Pay Scale


Experience ( Old ages )

Reporting Military officer

Director HRA & A ; C

Business/HR Degree


GM ( HRM )






Ass. Manager


DGM/ Manager

Senior HR Officer



DGM/ Manager

HR Officer




DGM/ Manager

Staff Officer





Admin Supervisors





Admin Assistant




Ass. Manager/ Manager

Office Attendant




DGM/ Manager/ Ass. Manager

HRM Process

In PIA everything is centralized. For the public presentation assessment studies and for the poster of employees to foreign Stationss, the information is being collected from HR RECORDS section. Since it is a authorities organisation so it ‘s compulsory for PIA to hold a cheque and balance and record of all the employees as they are being questioned by the govt. in the assembly sing the figure of employees inducted and posted at foreign Stationss per twelvemonth.

The stairss involved in Human Resource Management Process are as follows:

Human Resource Planning


Selection & A ; Placement


Training and development

Performance Appraisals

Compensations and Benefits

Career Development

Job Analysis

“ A occupation analysis is the procedure used to roll up information about the responsibilities, duties, necessary accomplishments, results, and work environment of a peculiar occupation. ”

The occupation description and occupation specification are extracted from occupation analysis.PIA is a member of IATA ( international air transit association ) which requires PIA to hold an IOSA ( IATA operational safety audit ) after every two old ages. This IOSA audit is required to be done by an IATA approved organisation and it is valid for 2 old ages. It is the demand of IOSA that PIA should hold a manual incorporating all the regulations ordinance and policies, the occupation description, duties and responsibilities of each occupation must be documented and PIA fulfills all these demands. A separate manual with the name of corporate occupation description manual is available online which comprises the occupation specification and occupation description of adult male power working in different sections of PIA. The image is given below ;


“ The map of enlisting is really to carry through the adult male power demand of PIA Organization ”

The company regards employees as its greatest plus. Therefore, it is of peculiar importance that the right applier is employed for the occupation. The company will enroll, train and promote staff on the footing of their ability, harmonizing to relevant statute law and company policies and demands. Corporate Forces ( CP ) , guidelines issued from clip to clip go on to organize the footing for enlisting and choice procedure within PIA.

Vacancies are first prioritized to be filled up by internal publicities. If place ca n’t be filled internally so external beginnings are used.

As the HR records subdivision has all the informations base of the bing employees it can easy calculate the figure of employees who will be retiring in the close hereafter.

Internal Recruitment

Internal Recruitment is done by Promoting or upgrading the rank of any current employee by look intoing its capablenesss & A ; public presentation, for this the HR directors take aid from the public presentation assessments of the employees which has a record of their public presentations and so the sequence planning is done consequently. The policies sing the internal enlisting is besides in documented from which gives a elaborate guideline sing the process.

External Recruitment

To pull capable campaigners externally PIA takes aid from the taking newspapers ( Dawn and Jang ) and the official web site of PIA ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . These are the lone mediums used by PIA.


“ Decruitment is the procedure of cut downing excess of employees forecasted by HRP ”

The decruitment scheme is followed to cut down excess of employees but at PIA in relation with HRB there is excess employees in may classs of non proficient staff, but the classs including land applied scientists, technicians, pilots, cabin crew and MTO`s are more rational. PIA direction in conformity with the Govt. of Pakistan is affirm to enroll maximal possible work force in order to counterbalance the unemployment ratio and is presently non interested in any rightsizing or derecruitment policy.

Recruitment Procedure

PIA is an equal chances employer and aims to guarantee that no occupation applier or employee receives unfavourable intervention on the evidences of gender, race, colour, cultural beginning, faith, or disablement. All assignments are made on the footing of virtue and regional distribution of seats as restricted by the Government of Pakistan.

Application Form

Application signifier is the first measure to find the initial public presentation harmonizing to which merit list is made and it is followed by the above trials and in instance of different classs these trials may besides include simulation trials and background confirmation and so the employee is eventually hired harmonizing to the regional distribution of seats.

Applications are invited on the prescribed Form available ( free of cost ) in PIA Recruitment & A ; Placement Office at Karachi and in PIA Offices at other Stationss and besides on PIA web site. Vacancies are announced on all the local intelligence paper and the PIA functionary web site.

Application signifiers is must for a campaigner to make full, if he/she is using for well-thought-of place or place

Application signifier is filled so that information sing Background is known such as topographic point of birth, current reference, legal residence and e.t.c.

Physical information such as tallness, weight, eyes, disablement nature, and other info sing physical visual aspect and organic structure is taken

Marital position, nationality & A ; faith is asked

Education background is besides asked to gauge the public presentation of a campaigner

Candidate is asked if he/she has applied in PIA before or non.

Candidate is asked about any present occupation wage & A ; beginning of income

Candidate is even asked about figure of kids ‘s if married

Candidate experience is asked if he/she has worked before in any other company or organisation

Eligibility Criteria


The making that is mandatory for using in PIA is started from matriculation grade and terminal to get the hang grade and this really from occupation to occupation. Similarly for few occupation vacancies like cleaners and assistants, the minimal making is in-between and matric.

Age Requirement

Requirement for the age is besides vary from station to post and its most likely depend upon the experience required for a specific occupation. But by and large the age demand for PIA is runing from 19 to 24. “ The age barrier has besides upwards, intending that a campaigner must be a lower limit of 19 old ages old and a upper limit of 24 ” . Age relaxation is besides given on certain instances.

Regional Distribution of Seats

Bing a populace sector organisation the enlisting is done on quota footing. Regional Distribution is a criterion through which selected Numberss of people are hired by PIA depending on their part type, because every part has its specific quota as we can see in the chart below:


The result of the enlisting procedure is the choice of a individual for a peculiar place. To engage the competent employees for the occupation at PIA, the choice procedure varies from one class to another. Like for each section there are different choice processs and methods. For the choice of air hostess the choice process includes preparing trial, height trial, and the medical trial ( including the cheque up of their tegument ) . For the choice of cockpit crew, PIA takes the simulation trials every bit good. All of these trials are taken before interviews. By and large 2 methods are used by PIA for all classs including written trials and interviews. These written trials are intentionally made tough and the content in it is besides really hard. So this manner the incompetent employees get eliminated finally and the choice procedure becomes easier for PIA.

After the entry of application signifier, those campaigners who meet the eligibility standard so travel thru the undermentioned trials:

1-Physical Trial

Physical trial is considered the first choice trial in which the interviewer determines that either campaigner is full make fulling the physical demand for the occupation or non.

2-Grooming Trial

If campaigner selected in the first interview, he is so taken for a grooming trial. Here, work forces and adult females present themselves in a mode, both physical and behavioural, suiting the occupation while adult females ‘s make-up accomplishments are besides checked. The physical and grooming trial are demand for cabin crew but is exempted for other sections.

3-General Trial

Once the training trial is cleared, the campaigners ‘ general cognition is tested in written and unwritten trials. These trials are sometimes based on brainstorming. Harmonizing to different occupation places, these trials are prepared by the internal scrutiny unit or external units. Now yearss this choice trials are administered by NTS.


After the initiation of employees a formal orientation plan is arranged at PIA developing centre to give the employees an initial and basic cognize how about the organisation. Departmental caputs play a critical function in the orientation procedure.

Management Training Unit of measurement

The direction preparation unit provides orientation classs for freshly inducted preparation officers and supervisory accomplishments for applied scientists. Besides the orientation classs, this unit besides offers short classs and seminars on leading, squad work, motives, stress direction etc.


To do the employees learn the civilization of the organisation sing how the regulations, ordinances and the policies are practically implemented in the organisation, socialisation is really of import. There is no formal and informal platform for employee`s socialisation, after initiation employees get along with their co-workers and sub ordinates really good and this manner they learn the civilization of the organisation B Y themselves.

Training and Development

PIA is prosecuting a scheme of recruiting and retaining gifted resources and developing them to accomplish operational excellence. It is indispensable to beef up the manpower resources as operational staff has the duty to minimise hazards related to technology and operations. Training signifiers an built-in portion of the direction system to update and better the degree of cognition and productiveness in the company.

A Training must be directed towards the company objectives and towards run intoing divisional, BU, departmental and single ends. This will be achieved by staff go toing internal or external preparation plans.

The preparation and development plans for the employees are in relation with the industry patterns. The preparation classs are predefined and SOPS are developed, Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP ) are prepared for each critical public-service corporation or piece of equipment to supply all forces working with the equipment information and instructions on what is required in order to keep, run, and clean the public-service corporation or piece of equipment.

An initial preparation is given to all the freshly inducted employees to construct the basic cognition, accomplishments and abilities required to execute their occupations expeditiously and with the transition of clip as the new engineering introduces or other alterations in the market state of affairss, preparations are given to the bing employees.

Training and development of bing and new employees is the duty of preparation and development section which is headed by manager preparation and development.

PIA Training Center

The PIA preparation centre ( PTC ) at Karachi is the lone airline-training constitution in Pakistan where comprehensive direction in about all major Fieldss of commercial air power including Flight Operations, Engineering and Maintenance, Flight Services, Airport Services, Marketing ( Reservation and fining ) , Information Technology and Management ( Soft accomplishments ) . There are around 75 extremely qualified and experient professional teachers at PTC specialized in different Fieldss of air hose operation.

Training Facilities:

Training installations available include

Flight simulators

Cabin mockup mini airdrome

Language lab

Electronic labs


CBT ( computing machine based preparation )

Classrooms equipped with modern instruction and preparation AIDSs.

These installations and equipments are maintained by extremely skilled and experient support staff.

Foreign Training Programs

At the foreign preparation plans largely the teacher of technology dept. and cockpit crew is sent abroad, sometimes a group of employees go at that place with the senior teacher and sometimes merely the teacher goes for foreign developing entirely. These teachers and employees are trained from aircraft maker, sellers, IATA and other Organizations. Each twelvemonth the preparation members of different unit receive IATA/IATF scholarships awards. The teachers of regulative classs are qualified and approved by CAA.

Problems in Training and Development

Apart from the focal point of direction towards preparation and development and their planning there are still few jobs in this country ;

There is a deficit of skilled and experient teachers

Due to miss of inducements and salary bundle many senior teachers left the preparation in near yesteryear

Training and development of freshly inducted junior teachers is still is progress despite being inducted 3 old ages back

Availability of category suites is ever an issue

Annual preparation plan is made but is non wholly followed

Employees at center to higher direction degree do non take preparations earnestly or up to the grade.

Performance Management

Performance assessment is an on-going procedure of communicating between the supervisor, who is trained and assisted by human resources staff, and the employee. It ‘s excessively much hard to mensurate the employee existent public presentation. Compare the public presentation of the employee being appraised with the public presentation of all persons who have performed the same occupation, maintaining in head the demands of the occupation. Supervisors assess employee ‘s public presentation by seeking clip, state of affairs and behaviour of employee by executing their undertaking: like Graphs evaluation graduated table and Paired comparing methods. They do non concentrate merely one method because one method ca n’t be so appropriate for rating. When an employee is executing good, they do appreciate him/her to actuate and to better their public presentation.

For the rating of public presentation of the occupation holder, public presentation assessments are being prepared for each employee on annual footing. At PIA the immediate supervisor of each worker is responsible for rating of each employee under him and so he submits this rating study further to the director.

Till group 6 staff and officers, the rating done by immediate supervisor is considered to be the concluding rating whereas in instance of helper places, the rating done by the immediate foreman is farther reviewed by the General Manager and he has got the veto to turn over, natural or rectify the defects ( if any ) in the rating done by immediate supervisor.

Performance Evaluation Forms ;

The public presentation rating is really based on the one-year signifiers called public presentation rating signifiers that are to be filled by the judge and it contains all the information sing any particular undertaking or hard undertaking performed by an employee and the best or hapless public presentation of an employee. Performance of employee is checked on footing of different classs in which they are graded from point 1 to 5 depending on their accomplishments. All points given to candidate or employee is totaled, the entire soap points are 40 points out of which candidate/employee acquiring 35+ points has high opportunities of being hired or promoted to higher place, while 25 – 35 are kept in merit list and 15 below are rejected.

Definitions/Shades of Qualities

Performance assessment study which consists of all the necessary personal and occupation accomplishments required by the employee and their scaling in signifier of 5 degrees ; Outstanding, above norm, mean, below norm and inferior holding mark from 5-1 i.e. outstanding gets 5 points.

Performance Appraisal Form

Another papers is the public presentation assessment signifier which besides must be filled by the supervisor and it contains the information of the employee and the continuance for which he was assessed. It besides contains the instructions and standards of declaring an employee as being outstanding, above norm and so on. The standards mentioned in the public presentation assessment signifier are given below ;







Above Average









At the terminal of this study is the calling option for employees which is signed by the concerned departmental caput. A specified country for employee remarks and for PARD ( Performance Appraisal Review Board ) in instance if employee entreaties to the board against his public presentation rating.

Uses of Performance Appraisal


Feedback is considered really of import and after the rating process if an employee has done great or worst so it is the duty of immediate supervisor to praise him or do him understand his occupation demand or publish him any warning missive e.t.c

Sequence Planing

Thru public presentation rating it is determined that either the public presentation of an employee is above norm, mean, below norm or hapless and so determinations for the publicities are made consequently. For being a director, the public presentation assessment of last 2 old ages must be above norm. For being an helper director from an officer its required that the public presentation assessment of 2 old ages must be mean and above norm severally. These criterions vary from one place to another.

Compensations and Benefits:

At PIA ab initio public presentation based wagess were given to the employees for their best public presentation but now nil like this happens. The compensation and benefits given to the employees at different hierarchy degree are pre defined, PIA has categorized its employee benefits into two places one is ground staff and the other is for winging staff. The benefits are provided harmonizing to appellation and this is how the employees are retained and motivated at PIA.

Following are some of the allowances and benefits that are given to the employees at PIA.


Death or lasting disablement

Complete insurance of every employee

Loss of luggage of cabin crew/ flight applied scientist

War hazard coverage

Employment of dependants of serving/ retired/ deceased

Foreign Allowance

Rental ceiling ( furnished: area/station caput ) ( un-furnished: -sectional caputs )

Company auto & A ; fuel ceiling area/station head/station director

Education allowance up to 3 kids @ USD 275/month

Social security

Mobile/telephone ceiling

Advance against adjustments allowance

Domestic Stations Allowance

Car/fuel allowance

Subsidized repast installations

Over clip

Washing/uniform/kit care.

Preparing allowance for females

Rental ceiling

Fuel ceiling


Air fining

Free medical

Loan benefits

Retirement benefits



Hajj bundle

Adoption benefits

In short PIA offers a batch of inducements and a batch of allowances for their employee.

Career Development

In PIA there is a subdivision named Staff development under division of organisational development, which is responsible for the calling development of employees. Throughout the employee ‘s calling with PIA, all the employees are provided with chances for professional, proficient and personal development. In return, PIA expects them to work with dedication, unity, and committedness as PIA strives to go a universe category air hose. But being a authorities organisation PIA does non really follow any patterns sing the calling development of its employees and this section is merely a section for the interest of section.

Accomplishments by Hr Department

There are many accomplishments by HR section mentioned at different subdivisions at this study. Apart from them these are besides the accomplishments by HR section ;

PIA is the first air hose to acquire certified ( initial enfranchisement ) on Safety Management System ( SMS ) by Civil Aviation Authority CAA – Pakistan. CAA Air Navigation Order ( ANO 91.0032 issued in September 2008 ) binds all air hoses runing in Pakistan to hold SMS. Well before the issue of this ANO, PIA initiated SMS consciousness and execution in July 2008. PIA awarded initial enfranchisement on SMS in 27th February 2009 by CAA.

PIA Horticulture, set up in 1996, provides flowers for show in PIA ‘s offices and for a scope of events, winning several awards and awards at flower exhibitions across the state.

Introduction of bell curved appraisal methodological analysis in yesteryear. Which sustains a high-performance, high-talent civilization.

Keeping female work force of 10 % and is taking to heighten more female work force. Due to this ground that PIA is the first air hose in Pakistan to run a flight with an all female crew at bid and in the cabin.

Provision of equal employment chances for disable individuals in proficient and non proficient countries.

Hajj ticket to 10 employees per twelvemonth on lucky draw footing.

Introduction of counter system in PIA canteen on discounted rates.

Keeping a positive grant of salary before the beginning or at the first twenty-four hours of each month.

Care of cleanliness throught out the country including the production ( hangers, stores, shops ) and offices.

Areas of Improvement

PIA is a immense organisation and even now it has the monopoly in the market because it is the lone air hose in our state that flies to 37 international finishs and 23 domestic finishs. From the size of this organisation we assumed that PIA should be gaining immense net incomes on its operations but in fact it is non like that. Unfortunately for the past several old ages PIA is confronting immense Losingss.

There are certain grounds and countries of betterments which are non limited to ;

Inefficient direction of the work force. It is perceived that the organisation takes best attention of its employees and follows all the HR regulations, ordinances and policies, but this does n’t go on practically.

PIA direction is non serious in right size of the organisation as the authorities and present direction want the things to travel in the same mode due to political grounds. Under the HR policy, the authorities program no decrease of work force to take topographic point in operational countries of pilots, aircraft applied scientists, technicians and specialised professionals. However, there could be decrease in non-operational countries through normal abrasion,

PIA has skilled manpower and it can be expeditiously utilized by buying more aircrafts so that the ratio of work force to figure of aircrafts could be balanced out. Presently PIA has 450+ employees per aircraft versus 150 employees per aircraft is the criterion.

There is a demand to do understandings with foreign air hoses for commission of skilled work force abroad to derive excess gross.

Undue political influences will hold to be discouraged as it ‘s the responsibility of Govt. to ease its establishments. .

There are more than 5 employee brotherhoods. Employee brotherhoods are making hinderances in betterment of Corporate public presentation. Unions should be given limited governments and their activities should be minimized go forthing no room for idling of staff.

Development of market based salary construction & A ; forceful cultural alteration is required via higher, in-between & A ; lower degree directors.

Presently occupation rotary motion is non implied in PIA due to strength of trade brotherhoods. Job rotary motion is necessary in certain countries to deter employee ‘s grouping.

Equally far as proficient preparation is concerned, PIA has come across 4 major incidents because of the proficient mistakes in its aeroplanes. This organisation must better the proficient preparation plans and get down them as the new employee is inducted.

Rather than lasting occupations, employees must be offered contract based occupations in order to cut down the disbursals as the contract based employees wo n’t be given the benefits like the lasting employees.

The Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERR ) : The PIA presently does non hold such a system and preliminary work has been initiated to carry on a survey and fix a route map for execution of an ERP.

PIA should deconcentrate is its construction that would take to the easy direction, increased motive, easy entree to information and declaration of the struggles ( as they would be resolved by the immediate trough clip span would so cut down ) . Since employees issues sing their behaviour would decrease, so it would finally take to more satisfied employees that would ensue in enhanced productiveness of the organisation.

PIA should do attempts towards authorising the employees that is traveling to take to more employee engagement in the determination devising procedure and besides consequence in more employee satisfaction and enhanced motive. However, with empowerment comes answerability, so it is suggested that while they empower their employees, there should besides be a “ controlled cheque ” on them to result the right use of power delegated to every employees within their limited bounds.


After run intoing with General Manager ( HRM ) and assorted people working in HR section, we concluded that all the people have serious concern about the public presentation of PIA. Employees are disquieted and are demoing more commitment towards the organisational development but due to the political influence and political force per unit areas the system is non running swimmingly.

There is a room for betterment in many countries at HR section but there is nil which could non be achieved. If the direction becomes more responsible and serious about work outing the jobs face by the company, PIA can achieve its profitableness. Through consistence in policies the grosss in one million millions could be converted in to net incomes which are traveling in losingss now.

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