The television show MASH described the suffering and conflict of the Korean war(1950-1953) with humor. However, the Korean war involved a lot of pain and loss of life which created a lasting scar separating Korea into two separate governments: North Korea and South Korea. North Korea established a Communist government with the help of the Russians and South Korea leaned towards a Democracy established by the United States. After the conflict of the Korean War,  the North Korean and South Korean governments agreed upon a compromise to moving their troops back from the front lines and creating the demilitarized zone, a neutral zone where conflict is not tolerated. Unfortunately, the DMZ is still the sight of a active and intense conflict.The Korean war started when the North Korean Communist army crossed the 38th parallel on June, 25 1950. They quickly invaded Seoul, the capital of South Korea and occupied it because it was poorly defended by South Korean troops alone. A New York Times’ article reported that a month after the first North Korean tanks crossed the border and started their invasion, the US realize what was happening. Prior to the invasion, the UN held an election across the whole Korean peninsula which the Soviets did not like. The election went through in the South, but the North refused to take part in it. The North then established their own government and prepared for a invasion that was supported by the Soviets. The Korean War was the first time US troops went into battle since World War II which meant some troops did not have the necessary training. The troops of the United Nations and United States were nearby but poorly supplied and trained. The fact that these troops were poorly equipped allowed the North Korean forces to push past them quickly and effectively. North Korean troops killed civilians and burned cities which caused many deaths and a want to end the war.Several Nations all helped defeat the North Koreans. Later in the war, America sent reinforcements to South Korea to push the North Koreans back to the 38th parallel.The North Koreans could have never progressed without the help of allies. The Chinese were allies with the North Koreans. They supplied them with troops, guns and transportation.The Soviet Union also helped the North Koreans by sending medics to support the North Korean troops but Soviet troops never saw combat during the Korean War.  Several conflicts that started during the Korean War were lack of food, destruction of industry, death and capture of soldiers. The conflict over the lack of food began when the North Koreans did not want to accept the aid from foreign countries. The destruction of industry meant there were no people to run the factories to make equipment for the farmers and army. Soldiers being captured and put in labor camps behind enemy lines also created a conflict during the war. This meant there were fewer people to run the farms and factories which created a lack of food, which killed more people. The war ended with the signing of the Korean Armistice in July 27, 1953. it also created a massive amount of mystery and questions about what all it did. The Armistice was signed in Panmunjom which is on the border between North and South korea. People who signed the Armistice included a United States general signing for the United Nations, a North Korean military commander, and a Chinese military leader. The document was signed on July 27, 1953 in a group on tents in Panmunjom. Leaders from both sides agreed to no open hostilities which mean no firing or acts of aggression towards the other side. The release of POWs was arranged during the meeting so the captured soldiers could be returned.  However, the North Koreans say they still have the remains of two hundred and eight American service men on their land. The Military Armistice Commission “MAC” was a agency to discuss violations and avoid another war that could be caused by one side going past their boundaries. Both nations conduct covert operations behind enemy lines to gather information and sabotage their defences.After the Korean War North Koreas and South Korea’s governments agreed to make a two point five mile wide demilitarized zone. A demilitarized zone is a area separating two territories in the space there can be no military installations. Some attempts at lowering the intensity of the conflict included, moving troops back on both sides, a cease fire then having peace talks. The North and South Koreans agreed to ban assault rifles such as the ak 47, m16 and rpk. During a solder disbanding ak 47 fire was received which means the North was violating the compromise which has risen the tension. Some more compromises made are the banning of loudspeakers on the DMZ that would broadcast propaganda. The release of balloons contain pro South Korea and pro religion propaganda is also banned to lower the amount of conflict. If one side catches the enemy’s troops attempting to sabotage they can fire upon them or take them prisoner and wait till they negotiate there release. They agreed on the compromise of the South Koreans give the North Koreans one of their prisoners of war back if they gave the South one in return. An ongoing conflict created by the Korean War is the tension between the two governments and the strain it creates. Massive loss of life makes it hard for the two nations to regain trust in each other.Infringements such as the axe incident in 1976 happened at the joint security area when the United States went to trim a poplar tree created more conflict. The North Korean ROK army felt threatened and attacked three US servicemen with axes killing two and wounding one. This act of violence put the US on DEFCON three temporarily. Over the years the North Koreas have violated the Armistice 221 times sometimes major and sometimes minor. The conflict was eventually de-escalated when operation Paul Bunyan was launched to get the North Koreans to back down. Operation Paul Bunyan was armed conflict caused all because a poplar tree blocking the view of UN officials into the North Korea’s command post. When the tree was eventually cut down, hundreds of each sides troops were dispatched on both sides and ready to engage, but it never happened because they agreed to let the UN troops cut the tree. This incident got both countries on the brink of war and created a major conflict.The Korean war had a major impact in where the cities in Korea are located and the political views of the people. South Korea’s capital Seoul was taken over in a matter of days after the start of the Korean war. It was taken so fast because immense artillery fire, untrained troops and it was close to the border.Thousands of people died when Seoul fell and this creates tension from the threat of the North Koreans attempting to invade it again. Some compromises to ease this tension are peace talks and deterring the North from war and attempted invasion. The blue building is on the DMZ with one half in South Korea and the other half in North korea this is where meetings between the two governments happen. After the Korean war and the signing of the Armistice there were hundreds of meeting discussing peace and compromises to prevent further wars. Some compromises that were made after the war were that all hostilities must cease until peace is achieved between the two nations.Although compromises were made, one Major conflict remains; the fact that both North and South Koreans recognize their nation as a legitimate sovereign nations. The South Korean government is ran like a democracy because new elections are held every year. The North korea’s government is Democratic People’s Republic of Korea they have elections but there is only once choice on the balet. There governments were hastily formed after the signing of the Armistice to prevent the fall of there country or being absorbed by a larger nation. The North Koreans have wanted reunification under communist rule since the formation of both their governments. A highly important thing both sides hold against each other is the killing of civilians without reason. Once incident happened in 1950 when American soldiers killed a large amount of unarmed civilians hiding under a bridge which was a major act of violence.The Korean war destroyed over 8,500 factories 600,000 home and 5,000 schools which created a major strain on the economy. Somethings that were done to help relieve the devastation were UN aid missions. Aid missions were caravans of supplies such as food, medicine and clothes going to help rebuild the two Koreas. The North Koreans were at first reluctant to help because they didn’t trust the people they had been fighting for three years. Eventually they accepted help from the UN and Soviets there economy began to rebound but by the 1990s it came crashing down and most infrastructure was closed and used for scrap. This lack of resources created a crisis for the people living there and a massive lack of work, power and food which killed many. Disease was running rampid after the war because they had to use human waste as fertiliser and this gave people parasites and other related illnesses. All the suffering, death and sickness was for nothing because the two Koreas were separated and the war stopped back at the 38th parallel.Many releases of POWs were The discussed at Panmunjom. North Koreans captured about 900 some were released at the signing of the Armistice but many are still imprisoned or in working camps. US, UN and South Korean soldiers

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