reason I am interested in Turkey is mainly because Turkey is one of my favorite
tourist destination and it includes two of the ancient world’s 7 wonders, and
Turkey is a country which I am always keen to know more about because of the
country’s efforts to make Turkey a developed nation, and they have a fast
growing economy, they have the best infrastructure facilities for example, one
of the Europe’s best airlines is Turkish airlines. Another reason is their
culture and tradition, I love Turkish paintings and really interested to watch
their festivals especially dance festivals, and there is more than 1000 festivals
going on in Turkey each year.

a.       Geography

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is a Eurasian transcontinental country, where Asian turkey comprises of 97
percent and European Turkey includes 3 percent of the country. The territory is
about 1600 km long and 800 km wide, where it stays between of the latitude 35
degree and 43 degree N, and the longitudes 25 degree and 45 degree E, where
Turkey has a land area of7833,562 km which made it the 37th largest
country in the world. Turkey has seas on its 3 sides, the Aegean Sea (west),
the Black sea (north), the Mediterranean (south). Greece and Bulgaria forms the
borders of Turkey in the European side and Asian side consists the peninsula of
Anatolia. Turkey comprised of 7 geographical regions namely, Aegean, Marmara,
Mediterranean, Black sea, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, and Southeastern


b.      Cultures

is a diverse culture in Turkey consisting elements from Anatolian, Ottoman,
Turkic and western culture and traditions. The visual arts of turkey includes
Turkish painting, Turkish illumination, Turkish carpet, and Turkish miniature.
The literature of Turkey is a mix of Arabic and Persian literature. The music
of Turkey includes the Turkish classical, folk music and is influenced by
Arabic, Greek, Ottoman, Persian and Balkan music and their dance culture is
folkloric. The cuisine of turkey is mainly the Ottoman cuisine and their
popular sports is football and other sports includes volleyball and basketball.


c.       Government
and legal Systems

political system of Turkey is a secular parliamentary representative and
democratic republic and includes the separation of powers, where the head of
the government is the prime minister and President is the head of the state and
is elected every 5 years. As the Turkey’s political system has separation of
power, the council of minister has the executive power, Grand National Assembly
has the legislative power, and the legislative members are elected for a term
of 4 years, where the judiciary is not dependent on the executive and
legislative power. Turkey has a highly centralized political system. Kermalism,
secularism, modernization are the political principles of Turkey. The
Conservative parties dominate the parliamentary politics.


d.      GDP,
GNP, Exports, and Imports of Turkey

is one of the world’s developed and newly industrialized countries and has an
emerging market economy. Turkey occupies the 17th largest nominal
GDP in the world. Turkey is one of the leading producers of textiles,
agricultural products , motor vehicles, electronics, construction materials,  and home appliances in the world. In December
2016, Turkey’s GNP was 854.71 USD bn which marked an increase from 850.15 USD
bn in December 2015. In case of exports, Turkey occupies the 25th
largest economy in the world. It was reported $139B was Turkey’s exports and $
188B was Turkeys imports and the GDP was $857B in December 2016. The main
exports of Turkey are gold, jewelry, vehicle parts, and delivery trucks,
whereas the main imports are car, gold, refined petroleum, and vehicle parts.
The export destinations are Germany, Italy, UK, Iraq and the import destinations
are Germany, Russia, China, Italy and the United States.

e.       Business

following are the top business trading partners of Turkey in terms of exports
in 2016 Germany (9.8%), UK (8.2%), Iraq (5.5%), Italy (5.3%), US (4.6), France (4.2%),
UAE(5.4%), Spain (3.5%)Iran(3.5%), Netherlands(2.5%). Turkey shipped products
worth 142.6 billion USD in 2016. It was reported in 2016 that the Turkey’s 54.8
% of exports were shipped to the European trade partners, Asian importers
bought 28.8% of the products and 8% were to African countries and a small
percent (5.5%) were gone to importers from North America. The main notable
business firms in Turkey are BHDR (largest construction company in Turkey), BMC
(Automotive), Borusan Holding (conglomerate), BOTAS (Oil and gas).


f.       Others

is a rapid growth in the tourism of Turkey in the past 20 years and it
constitutes a major part of the country’s economy. Turkey is the world’s sixth
most famous tourist destination and attracted more than 42 million foreign
tourists in 2014 and has declined to 26 million in 2017 due to political issues
with Russia and because of other problems like terrorists attacks. There are 17
UNESCO world heritage sites in Turkey. Two of the seven wonders of the ancient
world are situated in Turkey, they are the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus and the
Mausoleum in Halicarnassus. Considering the infrastructure of Turkey, there
were 98 airports including 22 international airports in 2013. Turkish airlines
were selected as Europe’s best airlines for five consecutive years from 2011 to
2015. In 2014, Turkey developed a 65623 kilometers of road network and the rail
network was 10991 kilometers long. Sanitation and water supply was all defined by
achievements and drinking water access become universal and sanitation access
also increased rapidly.

1.      Positive
and negative affects of globalization in Turkey.

Turkey is a country
which is mostly influenced and gone through globalization and the 

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