The question I always get when asked
about my career aspiration is, “What does someone in public relations do?” While
explaining the job of a public relations professional is still difficult after
four years of studying communication, it has become the fastest growing and
most vital profession in communication. In a world where traditional media and
social media plays a role in influencing public opinion, public relations is
essential for the creation and maintenance of positive brand reputation. It is
the responsibility for the PR professional to build a distinctive brand image
in a strategic way that will connect with audiences, especially for clients in
the fashion industry.  In the world of
fashion, the role of the public relations professional is critical in promoting
a brand creatively to attract the press, celebrities and influencers to the

Originally interested in pursuing
a career in fashion journalism, my academic milestone occurred while taking my
first public relations course. Wanting to fulfill my last core credits I registered
for public relations writing, a course that focused on writing in the practice
of public relations while analyzing target audiences and tailoring messages to
them. While I always had an interest in this type of media relations, it wasn’t
until taking this course I discovered my passion for public relations. The rest
of my undergraduate career was dedicated to learning and honing in skills to
work as public relations professional. My undergraduate experiences paired with
my love for fashion have fueled my desire to pursue a career in public
relations as a fashion publicist.           

My interest in fashion began while
taking classes at John Casablanca, a modeling and career center that offered
educational classes for people looking to improve self- image and learn about
the entertainment business. In addition to attending classes, we were required
to work on weekly assignments to bring in for review during our next class
session. For one of our assignments, we were asked to go home and create a
portfolio out of clippings from a magazine of women that epitomized different
styles of fashion. The array of magazines aesthetically lined on the shelf in
the magazine aisle. Women glossed on every cover of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle
wearing the latest trends in fashion. After skimming meticulously through
countless issues of Vogue, I realized fashion is more than just a piece of
garment. It is influenced by society and has the ability to capture the voice
of a movement or a generation. My love for clothes and self-expression through
fashion has inspired me to create my own personal blog– The Fashion Conscious. With
the recent social media phenomena and rise of the fashion influencer in the
fashion industry, fashion blogging has given me the experience in keeping up
with trends while learning how to promote brands through my writing, proficiencies
one should master when working as a fashion publicist.

My focus as an undergraduate has
always been to attend graduate school and work as publicist for a major fashion
label. Aware of the rigors of graduate study, I completed my degree
requirements while maintaining active membership in several on campus
organizations such as Delta Phi Epsilon, including serving as Vice President of
Recruitment, and founding member of Nova Southeastern University’s Public
Relations Student Society of America chapter. As Vice President of Recruitment,
I oversaw public relations campaigns on and off campus for all chapter events. In
an effort to promote chapter recruitment, I directed and edited a 3-minute
recruitment video, which has since reached over three thousand views on
Youtube. Under my leadership, I also oversaw the creation all flyers and
promotion materials for chapter events. In addition, I held an internship as
communications coordinator for the Department of Writing and Communication at
Nova Southeastern University. As intern for the department, I planned and
produced public relations and social media content to help promote, the Writing
Center at NSU, its Writing Fellows program and the overarching Department of
Writing and Communication. With the help of internship supervisor Dr. Whitney
Lehmann, I maintained a social media content calendar, created content that was
featured across DWC’s five social media platforms, wrote news releases for the
DWC website, assisted with marketing events held by the department and
implemented a social media campaign to promote the Composition, Rhetoric, and
Digital Media master’s program at NSU. My work as intern has given me training
in public relations writing as well as researching and generating creative
content for specific audiences. Although I don’t have much professional
experience in public relations outside my undergraduate activities, I feel as
though these experiences have taught me how to balance and prioritize
responsibilities while gaining valuable leadership skills, all I believe are
necessary to succeed in graduate study.

In selecting the public relations
program at the University of Southern California, I was most interested in the specializations
the program offers. With a strong interest in learning how to promote fashion
and brand image, the ability to tailor the program and take courses in this
area is what initially attracted me to the PR program at USC. The curriculum in
the fashion specialization will allow me to develop an expertise in this
specialty area and will provide the strong background I desire in order to
shape my future career as a fashion publicist. While I have much to learn, with
my love for fashion and desire to work as public relations professional, I
believe I will be a dedicated student if given the opportunity to study at USC. 

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