The Kadazans are the largest individual autochthonal group in Sabah. Most of them are found in western portion of the state. The Kadazan Weddings are a simple matter. they don’t need a expansive dance hall to demo how rich they are or how happy they are. Marriage imposts amongst the Kadazans vary a small from one territory to another but in general are the same. For illustration. before the nuptials. the household members and the twosomes will fix for the nuptials material and cost. Besides that. there besides will be a treatment about the nuptials topographic point and day of the month. Furthermore. the immature man’s parents have to see the girl’s household to set up the battles. Both parties will so hold to the bride monetary value. which consists of 15 American bisons. 10 ancient brass canons. 3 big Chinese jars and one brass tam-tam. Before the ceremonial started. relations and friends will garner and bask a late breakfast at the groom’s house. After the breakfast. whether the parents of the groom will remain in their ain house or non fall ining the nuptials ceremonial and held at the immature man’s house tam-tams are played when the fold drives at grooms house.

Before the twosomes enter the house. the groom has to set one pes on a unit of ammunition rock at the underside of the stairway. This is a symbol for their strong and durable matrimony. During the ceremonial. the wedding twosome is seated in the centre of the house and will be served with rice. The rice has to be served in a kuali or a wok so that there will be adequate rice for the twosome to eat. A rice ball will be given for both bride and groom and they to feed each other which symbolized that they had one time different blood but now they are united. After the nuptials. the hubby will take his bride to his parents place. and they have to remain at the groom’s until the hubby has built their ain house. If he succeeds the mission. he will so convey a hog along and so eaten by the household. meaning that they are blood relations. In a nutshell. as the immature coevals. we must maintain and go on this rite. Even though it is simple. the Kadazan’s nuptialss are really superstitious about their imposts and really rigorous in following it.

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