The cardinal thought of the Goal is to clear up the importance of strategic capacity planning and restraint direction. The background of the end is Alex Rogo manages a production works which faces the belly-up fiscal crisis. –After Alex’s conversation with Jonah. we know the end of any concern is to do money.

The book points out constrictions is one procedure in a concatenation of procedures which is measured and controlled by fluctuations on three steps: throughput. stock list and operational disbursal. And the bottleneck’s velocity of production is what determines the velocity of the other dependants. We should prove quality control before traveling into the constriction because an hr lost at a constriction is an hr lost at the whole system. Focused on capacity. the company should increase throughput. lessening stock list and operational disbursal to do more money. During a hiking trip with Alex’s boy. he produces a game for a few of the childs to show an ideal balance line of production. And we learned supply should be less than demand to do certain demand is traveling to diminish in market economic system. –dependant events

a event is traveling to go on if and merely if a series of events have happened –statistical fluctuation
the velocity of the childs is non ever same. production procedure is non ever at the same velocity. –break constrictions:
1. Identify the system’s constrictions
2. how to acquire the most out of the constriction
3. Subordinate everything else to the above determination
4. Promote the system’s constriction
5. If the constriction has broken in the measure 4 go back to step 1 –the proper manner to pull off any operation:
1. Identify what needs to be changed
2. Identify what are traveling to be changed to
3. How to put to death the alteration

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