The Kingdom Of God Essay, Research PaperPear Gatess, marble stepss and a throne of gold, or an interior country in the concealed deepnesss of our ain psyche? Which can depict the true land of God, a existent physical universe or a topographic point that is merely seen in 1s Black Marias.

Some would state it to be a topographic point above adult male, built by God to be a place for peoples & # 8217 ; psyches after decease. Others might state that it is no more than a topographic point inside us that can merely be reached through the right determinations and Acts of the Apostless of kindness. A topographic point that is non seen or discussed but merely felt in a manner that is uncomparable to any feeling of all time felt by the life. Yet while people retain their ain images of the Kingdom of God the Bible itself gives a elusive definition through a series of fables or short narratives, told by Jesus in order to go through along the message of who is God and what is the land of Eden. Jesus, through his expressions and fables showed that the land was being revealed in his ain life and work.

He preached his message of the coming of the land through memorable narratives, which in his twenty-four hours could and did associate to things of mundane life. Though most of Jesus & # 8217 ; followings didn & # 8217 ; t acknowledge the land boulder clay after his decease it was still brought to them by the Holy Spirit with a full apprehension of his word and actions. Yet it was obviously hard for them to understand before his decease due to the old thoughts of the land as a whole. Like many people of today those in Jesus & # 8217 ; clip viewed Gods & # 8217 ; kingdom as a topographic point above them yet unlike people today thought more actual footings really believing that God was above them and was looking down on them. Even now, when in supplication, one may hold a inclination to look up at the Eden in fear since following to God it is the most eternal, unaccountable thing in the universe. Yet people are still able to cognize that as they look up they see God merely the same as if they shut their eyes in supplication were to the people of Jesus & # 8217 ; clip God was seen as genuinely sitting above them in his land in which merely those who follow the Torahs precisely would of all time see.To genuinely understand the land of God people have to hold ways to depict it.

One type of description used is the Kingdom as the redemptive or salvaging nowadayss of God. By this 1 would state that the land is seen through the natural love, kindness, and common curtsey people show each other of all time twenty-four hours. Through these Acts of the Apostless Gods redemptional prussic and the growing of his land are apparent. The Kingdom being understood as Gods one action, this existence, to make an environment in which all individuals can come in into Gods community is another idealism that stands to stand for the K of G. With this position, the land is non thought to be a topographic point in which our good workss will bit by bit construct but as a topographic point were our good workss will assist us be in melody with Gods one action enabling us to detect the land that God has already placed for us. Then for many people there is the land of God in the actual sense. Some think that the land is heaven or a religious sanctuary was those who lived their life for the Lord would finally travel after decease.

This mentality, every bit common as it possibly, depletes the existent message behind the instructions of Jesus who tough that there is so much more to the land than merely a topographic point for the faithful after decease. Throughout the Bible Jesus & # 8217 ; adds a list of stating as a type of usher line for one to enter the Kingdom of God known as the Beatitudes. Phrases such as “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy” God revealed in his own life and work. He preached his message of the coming of the kingdom, yet before his death, due to the previous ideas of the kingdom most of his own people did not understand his teachings. It was hard for them to change their already set views of God being so far above them. Yet after his death the holy spirit helped to guide them to the truth. This shows Jesus was part of Gods’ plan to show the apostles and all who wanted to listen the true path to the Kingdom.

And for some the kingdom was found and was a part of their life if they chose to except it. But what was there for some was not there for others.At times when reading the bible one hears a numerous amount of contradictions in the bible. Jesus said that the kingdom is coming or that it was soon be here while at other times he says that it was among them and is present.

In a way Jesus says to the people that the kingdom is here, but not yet. In reality this is not as contradictory as it may sound. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection God mad himself present and in doing so relieved man and provided all that was needed to fight against sin making the kingdom very close at hand. This justifies “it is here”. Yet in freeing us from sin, we were still aloud the free will that separates us from the animal. The will to live, love and if we so chose sin. And it is those times when we chose to sin that pushes the splendor of Gods’ kingdom out of our reach, justifying the “Not yet.”In today’s times people live the values of the Kingdom in there own ways.

Some spend there hours in a church worshipping and paying. Other just try to live a life free of sins that can be avoided. I do a little of both. I’m not the most religious person, nor do I spend too much time at church but I do know good from bad and right from wrong. In my life I rely on what I now and feel. To hurt others feels wrong so I try not to.

To steal feels wrong so I don’t. Though this sounds easy enough, maintaining such a simple set of guidelines is a most difficult thing to do. Everyday so many temptations arise, so many chance to fall into greed and hatred yet to resist everyday, to say no to the things we want so bad but will only mean trouble for us is and always has been the real challenge. So maybe I don’t do great deeds or save the world from evil but I can save myself from it, I can chose not to do wrong and I can certainly take those small steps closer to the kingdom god has waiting for me to find. I feel that right now in my life I am a “Kingdom person.” God and I have our disagreements at times but all-in-all I do all I know how to do to be the best person I can be. I don’t always go out of my way to help those who may like it but I will give my life to help any one who needs it.

So as a person of God I feel that right now I am a “Kingdom person.”The Kingdom of God is a place yet not a place. It is here but not yet.

It is to be found and looks to find us. And no matter who you are or what you believe the kingdom is, if one lives right, follows their heart and does as all men were given the right to do, which is chose God, what ever they feel is the utmost beauty of Gods creations. For it is one’s faith that will lead him and what he has faith in he’ll find.

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