Whether or non Presidential Decree No. 1602. Ordering Stiffer Penalties on Illegal Gambling. had been superseded by Republic Act No. 9287. An Act Increasing the Penalties of Illegal Numbers Games. which excluded Bingo among illegal Numberss games.

R. A. 9287 chiefly amends P. D. 1602 which imposes punishment to any individual taking portion in all signifiers of illegal gaming by entirely increasing the punishments on jueteng. masiao. and last two while go forthing other enumerated illegal chancing activities with the same grade of punishments. The former is clear ; it does non except Bingo among illegal Numberss games. it merely amends P. D. 1602 by increasing the punishments of the same.

GMA News Online. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. gmanetwork. com/news/story/295465/news/nation/lim-erap-camp-politicizing-isko-moreno-s-arrest. last visited February 21. 2013: Re-electionist Manila city manager Alfredo Lim on Monday accused the cantonment of his rival. former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada. of politicising the apprehension of Vice Mayor Isko Moreno over lotto. purportedly an illegal Numberss game. Moreno and five metropolis councilors viz. Ernesto Isip Jr. . Joel Chua. Ma. Asuncion Fugoso. Yul Servo Nieto. and former councilor Manuel Zarcal were arrested for allegedly running a lotto operation. They were released early Sunday for deficiency of grounds. Both Estrada and Moreno claimed that Lim ordered the apprehension as portion of his “dirty tricks” against them. Lim said under Republic Act 9287. or “An Act increasing the punishments for illegal Numberss game. ” lotto is considered an illegal Numberss game. Harmonizing to the jurisprudence. illegal Numberss game constitute “any signifier illegal gaming activity which uses Numberss or combinations thereof as factors in giving out kitties. ”

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Estrada. interim. said under RA 9287. lotto has been de-listed as an illegal Numberss game. For his portion. Manila Police District overseer Ricardo Layug Jr. said Moreno was non the first individual to be arrested due to bingo. Layug denied that they have a political docket in collaring Moreno. The jurisprudence besides said that authorities employees or public functionaries caught as “collector. agent. coordinator. accountant. supervisor. upholder. director. operator. moneyman or capitalist of any illegal Numberss game” will be penalized with 12 to 20 old ages of imprisonment or a mulct of P3 million to P5 million. These authorities functionaries may besides confront ageless absolute disqualification from public office. Harmonizing to Layug. the constabulary had already stopped the lotto before any figure were drawn. But upon geting. Moreno allegedly defied the constabulary orders. inquiring for a “bolilyo” that contained the lotto Numberss despite constabularies presence.

Layug went on to state that Moreno even dared the constabulary to confine him. Moreno did non deny the incident. but clarified that he simply told the constabulary to simply make their occupation. He added that no 1 from those playing the game bet any money. He cited Presidential Decree 1602. which stated that illegal gaming should be a game of “chance or skill” with “wagers dwelling of money. articles of value or representative of value” at interest. But the same presidential edict specifically cited “bingo and other signifiers of lotteries” as portion of illegal chancing. “The punishment of prision city manager in its medium period with impermanent absolute disqualification or a all right of six 1000 pesos shall be imposed if the upholder. music director or banker of said chancing strategies is a authorities functionary. or where such authorities functionary is the participant. booster. referee. umpire. justice or manager in instance of game repair. point shave and intrigue. ” the decree provinces. — Marc Jayson Cayabyab/KBK. GMA News

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