Saint Jude Catholic School High School Department The Lost and Lonely People of John Ernst Steinbeck In partial fulfillment of the requirements for English Ill Submitted by #32 Lorraine Elizabeth Tan HAS Ill-E Submitted to Mr.. Richard Rill Faculty October 2011 English Ill -ran/2011 No man is an island, and in the face of loneliness George and Leonie formed a family. It is portrayed that through their companionship they chose to rise above. As George and Leonie depended on each other they were able to dream.

Like brothers George and Leonie had their fair share of disagreements but it is clearly seen that George is voted to Leonie and Leonie is unswervingly loyal to George. Steinbeck Of Mice and Men reveals that oftentimes, dire circumstances are not the only things to crush the human spirit; when loneliness is a person’s constant companion, it is difficult to rise above his lot in life and feel connected to the world around him. As the story unfolds, the mark of The Great Depression is clearly illustrated and Of Mice And Men depicts that the crushing of the laborers spirits aren’t limited to the presence of dire circumstances.

While in present day context the occurrence of these ominous notations are clearly evident in the lives of people. The nation is constantly struggling to fight overpopulation, food shortage, corruption and even global warming. These difficulties have taken hold of their lives and have hindered them to live. As a person fights his daily battles, his hopes and dreams slowly drains out as well. Meanwhile these problems may temporarily hold a person down, but loneliness can permanently incapacitate him.

Lucky for a person who manages to find a way to keep going and to push through. October 2011 Loneliness is far worse than the presence of dire circumstances in a person’s life. This complex emotion can damage his state of mind dramatically and very easily lead to depression. According to an article published by The University of Illinois “Loneliness is not necessarily being alone. We may be alone for long periods without feeling at all lonely. On the other hand we may feel lonely in a familiar setting without really understanding why. This incapacitating feeling leads a person to helplessness and vulnerability. One will question his very purpose of existence when there is no one for him to turn to for guidance and direction. John Lennox and Paul McCarty in the poem Eleanor Rugby write, “Waits at the window wearing a face the she keeps in a Jar by the door, who is it for? ” Through this they show that every day she puts on makeup, a face which no one will see because she is lonely. John Capitol the co-author of Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connections in an interview with U.

S. News and World Reports explains that, “High levels of loneliness are associated with physical health symptoms, living alone, small social networks and low quality social relationships. ” (Capitol) In accordance with Capitol, the novel Of Mice And Men illustrates that loneliness affects everyone at one time or another. Loneliness changes the way a person thinks and behaves. Seclusion can have various effects on a person. The person may become bitter and suffer from denial of the friendships that he needs. This situation is similar to Crooks’.

Loneliness has made Crooks a very bitter and isolated individual. He is truly not able to leave this situation because of his race. The other men at the ranch do not relate with Crooks unless he is working because he is lack. Crooks’ emotions are displayed to the reader when he talks to Leonie in his room about having no one to relate to and communicate with. He states: “Maybe you can see now. You got George. You know he’s going’ to come back. Expose you didn’t have nobody. Expose you couldn’t go into the bunk house and play rummy ‘cease you was black…

A guy needs somebody–to be near him” (Steinbeck) Curler’s wife’s loneliness has altered her demeanor towards others tremendously, making her overtly insecure and excessively flirtatious. Curler’s wife has become virtually another arson because of loneliness. Her insecurity is evident by the way she dresses and utilizes her make-up. She uses her appearance to receive attention like when “Curler’s Wife was standing there looking in. She had full, rouged lips and wide- spaced eyes, heavily made up.

Her fingernails were red. Her hair hung in little rolled clusters, like sausages. She wore a cotton households and red mules, on the steps tot which were little bouquets of red ostrich feathers” (Steinbeck) Acting in flirtatious ways is the only way Curler’s Wife thinks she can deal with her loneliness. October 2011 Loneliness accounts for much of Lien’s inner conflicts, his dream for the farm, and the desire for friendship and affection. His desire for friendship makes him have an obsession for soft objects.

The relationships in Lien’s life do not provide him with a sufficient amount of care and affection that Leonie needs. His mental condition along his uncontrollable strength makes him unable to achieve this sociability. Lien’s feelings and emotions are portrayed to the reader when he sees the rabbit and Aunt Clara. He says: “l tried Aunt Clara, ma’am. I tried. I couldn’t help it… I’ll go right off in he hills an’ I’ll fin’ a cave an’ I’ll live there so I wont be no more trouble to George” (Steinbeck). Leonie was basically in denial of his own loneliness.

Loneliness has made Leonie want a better life for himself. The novel therefore has a controlling idea about loneliness in people’s lives established. The idea is that no matter what the situation is, there is always a need for a companion. In conclusion dire circumstances offer one a consolation that people around you suffer the same fate while loneliness doesn’t. When people feel lonely, their actions, as well as their way of life are altered. And as seen in the novel Of Mice and Men, it is proven that humans have a common need for companionship.

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