“The Lost Boy” is an emotional non-fiction narrative. an autobiography. of Dave Pelzer’s hard tests of kid maltreatment and experience in surrogate attention. It is a narrative of a immature male child who lives in isolation and fright seeking for a topographic point to name place. for a household. “The Lost Boy” encompasses subjects of love. hatred.

and ultimate victory.Dave’s life at place was one of changeless panic and “lifeless being. ” He was his mother’s whipping boy and the castaway of the household.

His male parent loved him and tried to protect and stand up for him. but his efforts were ever and finally overruled by his mother’s wrath. Dave was forced to kip on an old ground forces fingerstall in the garage. dressed in shred.

performed jobs. was barley Federal. and physically abused by his alcoholic female parent. Dave understood that he had a “private relationship” with his female parent and that their relationship involved many “games.

” Though Dave endured much maltreatment from his female parent. he still loves her and desires her love and credence in return.When Dave was eventually taken from his place and placed in surrogate attention. he was appointed a societal worker. “an angel named Ms. Gold. ” Ms. Gold became Dave’s best friend.

person he was able to swear and confide in. He loved Ms. Gold and she loved him in return. Ms. Gold spent a batch of clip with Dave at first. but one time the test was complete and Dave was placed in a surrogate place. Ms Gold visited with Dave less and less. Ms.

Gold informed him that there were other kids who needed her aid. Dave was sad about the infrequent visits but finally understood the grounds as to why.Dave spent clip in several different Foster places. With each new Foster place came a new set of regulations and a new manner of making things. Each clip he was placed a new Foster place he tested his bounds. He got in problem and made friends with persons who negatively influenced him. Through each state of affairs he grew and learned a little more about himself.

Each set of surrogate parents taught him something about himself and he even states at the terminal of the book that they made him the individual he is today.The Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 encouraged household saving. If Dave was in surrogate attention during this clip. I believe he would hold experienced a really tragic terminal to his life. Dave’s female parent was an alcoholic and engaged in highly violent behaviour. If he hadn’t been rescued from his place. there is no uncertainty in my head that he would hold been killed.

The lone proviso I don’t rather agree with harmonizing to the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 is household saving. While I understand that the purpose behind this proviso is a positive 1. it would hold caused enormous mayhem in state of affairss such as Dave’s. I believe the commissariats to shorten the clip frame for a child’s foremost permanence hearing and substance maltreatment intervention plans for parents and kids are positive 1s. I believe the authorities truly does seek to make what they believe is best for the kid.

Dave does non fault “the system. ” he is thankful for it. He understands that it is non perfect due to the demands society topographic points on it. but it does work. There are so few societal workers because of burnout and surrogate parents who don’t receive appropriate acknowledgment due to negative stigma. Reading “The Lost Boy” helped to corroborate my perceptual experiences of “the system. ” I have legion friends who have worked.

or are still working. for the system of kid protection and have heard assorted histories of maltreatment and disregard and what has been done to help the kids in these state of affairss. I do believe that we do non hold adequate societal workers.

surrogate parents. and advocates in proportion to the sum of kid maltreatment and neglect instances in our society. Our society topographic points such negative stigma on “the system” and complains that there isn’t plenty done to assist the kids who are enduring these fortunes.These persons need to read this book and take into consideration the heavy instance loads per societal worker and the deficiency of sufficient Foster places and advocators. I wasn’t surprised approximately much of Dave’s state of affairs.

I was surprised nevertheless. to larn that 65 per centum of surrogate parents in Iowa adopted their surrogate kids. I believe Dave was a really strong and resilient kid to hold endured all that he did and still came out “on top.

” I can non penetrate how any kid could digest so much maltreatment from his/her ain female parent. It saddens me deeply to cognize that such maltreatment and neglect occur so often in today’s society.The message of the book was a strong one and is rather traveling.

There are so many lessons to take away from this book. but I believe two of the more important 1s is forgiveness and that even though life may be hard. you are finally in control of your result.

Despite the maltreatment and disregard Dave faced as a kid with his female parent. he still loves her and forgives her. It is genuinely heartbreaking to see how much he desires merely an ounce of love and credence from his female parent. Regardless of his yesteryear. Dave provinces.

“I was able to utilize my dark past to impel me to a brighter hereafter. ”He besides states that he “simply had to adapt” and that “in order to do it. I knew I had to desire it more.

” Dave could hold merely allowed his state of affairs to draw him under and fall victim to the negativeness environing him. Alternatively. he used everything he knew to impel him frontward.

He made the determination to non give up and to do his life better. I believe there are great lessons to be learned from “The Lost Boy” and I would urge this book to anyone.

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