The Lowell Girls: The Female Workforce Essay, Research Paper

Lowell misss worked in fabric Millss. They were called Lowell misss because the

fabric Millss were owned my Mr. Lowell. These misss became the first female work force.

There are significant grounds for going a Lowell miss and these adult females went on to

hold a really large impact on the economic system.

One may inquire why these adult females would go forth the comfort of their ain farms

to work in a fabric factory off from their household and under rigorous ordinances. This is

because going a Lowell miss gave these misss independency from their parents.

Womans at this clip were really pent-up, so this kind independency was freedom they had

ne’er experienced. The parents were non kicking either, because the misss were of

no usage to their parents. The male childs could be put to work on the farm, but misss were non

permitted to make manual labour on the farm. The parents and misss had no concerns about

safety of the misss because the misss were protected from being taken advantage of or

being harmed in anyw

ay because the misss were housed in residence halls that were under changeless

surveillance. Bing a Lowell miss would be a premier chance for a immature adult females

during this clip period.

The Lowell misss had a large impact on the economic system of this clip. Due to the

trade stoppage act, America was forced to develop some domestic industry. These fabric Millss

were run by these adult females. These fabric Millss in a manner saved America, because

antecedently America had no agencies for fabricating things. The impact of these adult females

on the economic system was to the full shown when they decided to travel on work stoppage. The fabric

production came to a arrest. These adult females had such an impact on the economic system that when

they protested or went on work stoppage, they ever were given what they were contending for.

In decision, the Lowell misss were in great Numberss because of the many

grounds to go a Lowell miss. The economic system of America was in a manner saved by the

fabric Millss that were run by these misss. The impact of the Lowell misss was recognized

so, and still recognized now 100s of old ages subsequently

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