The Roaring 20’s and The Great Depression has many differences as well as similarities. In fact, many events from the Roaring 20’s caused America to go into The Great Depression. The Roaring 20’s was more of a fun, materialistic, free period. People did not care or think about the things to come in the future, they only thought about “now” this caused America to go into what we know as, The Great Depression. The Great Depression was a time of business failures and stock market crashes, people lost their jobs, which caused people to go homeless and not have enough to eat. This period lasted roughly 11 years.There were many economic differences and similarities between the Roaring 20’s and The Great Depression, some differences were that in The Roaring 20’s people did not think, people bought things on credit which was money they did not have and they got excess amount of loans which caused banks to lose money fast. Following The Roaring 20’s the Great Depression came, the stock market crashed so people went to the banks to take their share of money out which the banks did not have. People lost their jobs and could not feed their family or pay their mortgages so men left to go find work elsewhere. There were also many similarities between these two era’s, Many people still had unpaid debts and excess amounts of loans taken out.Politics had many similarities and differences as well, some differences were Anti-immigration laws, and a big difference was our president Herbert Hoover. In the Roaring 20’s there was a republican leadership as well as in The Great Depression. Hate groups such as the “KKK” arose, and the first radio broadcast allowed Americans to have easy access to news. Franklin D. Roosevelt was responsible in helping the U.S. escape the Great Depression. Roosevelt helped banks get back into business he help people with jobs and food. Roosevelt also told the people the truth, he didn’t want them to believe change was going to happen and things were going to be all good, he told them that it will take time but if we do it right this depression will blow over.Lastly, Society. Society played a major role In the Roaring 20’s as well as The Great Depression. There were traditional beliefs, beliefs about religion and science, intolerance and the “old vs. new” theory. During the Roaring 20’s the society was more of a happy, money borrowing, and musical kind of era. The Great Depression however was the total opposite people were out of jobs, out of money, and out of food. People had to stand in lines at soup kitchens and in bread lines just to feed their families. Conditions got so bad that some men had to leave their families behind to go find work elsewhere.In conclusion, the Roaring 20’s and The Great Depression have a whole lot of differences and similarities. The Roaring 20’s was more of a fun go wild, don’t think about the future type of era, but The Great Depression was a time where people sat and thought about their country and how they had to make better financial decisions in the future in order to keep a stable country.

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