The conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR) has claimed thousands of lives and has displaced hundreds of thousands of people. As of 2006, our country is faced with issues such as regional poverty to religious conflict. This has led to the CAR Civil War.

Currently, Christian anti-Balaka militias are committing crimes against humanity against Muslims. Also, terrorist opposition militia groups such as the Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (UFDR), and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have left our capital in siege from their rebel attacks, and where the situation risks the national militia and the rebels have being engaged in a war that has displaced more than one million people. This rooted and tied to the pertinent global issue of African conflict diamonds, because these terrorist and armed groups are receiving funding from these diamonds and the religious tension is causing the anti-Balaka miners of these conflict diamonds to be discriminated by the Seleka traders. Brilliant Earth has recorded that the size of the global diamond industry was recorded to be $81.4 billion and employs around 10 million people worldwide. African nations control 65% of the world’s diamonds, so it is evident that the diamond export to has generated economic growth in our country. CAR addresses this issue with the ___ that even our country is dependant on diamonds for the economy, they have had detrimental effects on our society due to civil wars.

It is evident that CAR is committed to solve this issue. After our President BozizĂ© seized power in March 2003, he soon suspended all mining exploration permits and set up a panel to check their legality in order to clean up the sector. Following this, in February 2004 the national assembly issued a new Mining Code that was in line with international standards to help combat conflict diamonds. CAR has also signed the Kimberley Process, in which members should install sufficient controls on their diamond production and trade in order to certify them as ‘conflict-free’. However, these actions although significant has had minimal effects in the combat against these rebel groups.

These armed groups are still at large in our country and the regulations in place hasn’t beeneffective and although the Kimberley Process has banned exports from the country, it has not thoroughly addressed the issue of diamond smuggling.

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