As the entity charged with supervising the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running of United Arab Emirates ‘ capital metropolis, Abu Dhabi has had to encompass different schemes in order to run into the outlooks placed on it by the occupants of the metropolis, the UAE authorities and the investor community. Harmonizing to Davidson, Abu Dhabi is a lifting economic power in the UAE, which has the potency of going a major participant in the state ( 11 ) . Although some people may reason that Abu Dhabi municipality has no function to play in the huge oil wealth in the Abu Dhabi part, it is reasonably obvious that investors in the oil concern will put in the same part and will therefore rely on the substructure laid down by the municipality. With metropoliss like Dubai developing in a much faster rate than Abu Dhabi, the municipality operates with the full cognition that it needs to better its public presentation in order to pull more concerns and hence encourage development.

The chief rival province against Abu Dhabi is Dubai ( Davidson 30 ) . In recent old ages nevertheless, the two metropoliss have been in stiff competition for both human capital and investings. Some of the noteworthy countries in which competition is besides prevailing include infrastructural development and cultural development. The function of the MADC is apparent throughout history as the metropolis was transformed from a sheikdom to the present twenty-four hours deluxe metropolis. However, with factors such as labour crisis and a low-performing instruction system being an ever-present challenge, Abu Dhabi municipality has had to follow a scheme that non merely resolves the identified challenges, but besides prepares it to confront any awaited challenges. Future developments for Abu Dhabi are best illustrated in the vision and mission statement of the metropolis, which indicates that the municipality seeks to offer outstanding services and modern substructure for intents of constructing a promising capital. The mission statement indicates that the municipality seeks to achieve this through “ advanced planning, bettering municipal services and developing equal substructure ” ( Municipality of Abu Dhabi 1 ) .

Importance of competitory concern schemes

Despite its huge oil wealth, Abu Dhabi has in the past operated in the shadows of Dubai. However, MADC realizes that in order to pull more investors, and therefore become competitory, it would hold to follow a scheme that non merely makes it easier for people to put in the part, but besides live in the metropolis. This would in bend addition the degree of consumer disbursement, therefore doing it a vivacious metropolis, merely like Dubai is.

Current scheme

Harmonizing to Abu Dhabi Municipality, combinations of factors were included in the preparation of the current scheme ( 3 ) . They include: following a signifier of leading that encourages invention and adopts modern direction techniques ; following quality constructs that match international best patterns in the proviso of services ; promoting transparence and unity in all municipality minutess ; continuing environment-friendly patterns ; come ining into partnerships that help the municipal attain some of its ends ; puting in adept and knowing human resources ; and prosecuting the society in order to continue and continue the individuality of the metropolis ‘s civilization.

In add-on to this, MADC in concurrence with the regional decision makers have come up with a scheme that sets objectives to be met by the metropolis and the full Abu Dhabi part by the twelvemonth 2030. They include: the development of a diversified macro-economy ; usage of advanced engineering in different sectors of the economic system ; usage of international best patterns ; export-oriented economic system ; and usage of skilled labour. This means that apart from overhauling installations in the metropolis, the municipality is besides streamlining its procedures every bit good as puting in skilled human resources in order to heighten service bringing.

Scheme of the section

Workers in the Spatial Data Directorate, which is a section in the town planning sector of the Abu Dhabi Municipality are responsible for roll uping spacial informations and utilizing the same to be after, proctor and oversee the execution of metropolis planning ( Municipality of Abu Dhabi City 1 ) . In this section, workers are responsible for the creative activity and care of accurate spacial database and base maps which are used for planning intents ; proviso of spacial informations information to the metropolis contrivers ; development of data-exchange policy ; implementing data-maintenance scheme ; proviso of proficient support to other sections managing GIS related information in the municipality ; and developing new human resources consequently. This section ‘s scheme is aligned with the overall Municipality of Abu Dhabi ‘s scheme since it is frontward looking and intended to better service proviso in the metropolis.

Strategy school of idea used by MADC

Based on the planning and advanced nature of the scheme used by MADC, I have identified it as a deliberate scheme. However, since the metropolis is expecting competition from other metropoliss and besides reacting to development tendencies in the same metropoliss, the scheme besides has some hints of adaptability since it is reacting to the current competitory environment among metropoliss in the Middle East. As suggested by Haugstad ( 4 ) , the deliberate scheme helps MADC achieve its aims of going a competitory metropolis since the careful planning reflects what investors and occupants of the metropolis may desire in the hereafter. By implementing this scheme, MADC is puting Abu Dhabi in a alone and advantageous place in the UAE.

SWOT analysis


Based on MADC ‘s determination to follow a deliberate scheme that involved careful planning, it is rather apparent that a batch of analysis and deliberations takes topographic point before any determinations are made and implemented. This attack enables MADC to be after carefully, anticipate hereafter occurrences in the market and make an advantageous place for the metropolis.


As highlighted by Oxford Business Group, Abu Dhabi needs to better its wellness and instruction sectors to reflect the demands presented in the society ( 8 ) . This is particularly the instance if the metropolis wishes to pull more investors who would wish to switch abode to the metropolis. Although ADM may miss the capacity to set up high degree schools that would appeal to a bulk of investors particularly from western states, it can promote investors in the two identified sectors


As observed by Oxford Business Group, the Abu Dhabi Emirate has abundant energy resources, an advantageous geographical place and is politically stable ( 8 ) . In add-on, the authorities is acute to assist the part set up itself as a preferable economic platform in the Middle East. The support that the metropolis receives from the authorities presents an ideal chance for MADC, which it can utilize to progress its investor attractive force plan. The handiness of advanced accomplishments in developed and developing states besides presents MADC with an chance to counter its human resources deficit.


The outstanding menace phasing MADC is other metropoliss in the UAE, which may be more appealing to investors. Over the old ages, Dubai has positioned itself as a force to think with and has emerged as one of the most-preferred and visited metropoliss in UAE. The scheme adopted by MADC hence has to be flexible adequate to react to the menaces posed by other competitory metropoliss in the part. Apart from be aftering, MADC may hold to see other enterprises such as branding the metropolis, among others.

Changes in the Industry

The overarching end in most municipalities charged with supervising operations in most UAE metropoliss is the development of a cosmopolite environment, in which concerns will thrive and investors and local occupants enjoy a secure and high quality life style. Unlike earlier times when metropoliss had to trust on proved natural resources in order to bring forth grosss, which would in bend spur growing, metropoliss in the UAE have realized the demand to pull investors, skilled labour and tourers since they can non trust on oil wealth entirely. This so means that metropoliss are going more competitory by the twenty-four hours. In my sentiment, MADC ‘s scheme will interpret into alterations and behaviour that will let Abu Dhabi metropolis to vie favourably with other metropoliss. However, the municipality may hold to follow an adaptative scheme in future, since such a scheme will enable it to react fast to any unpredictable environment that the viing metropoliss may follow in future.

Significance and complexness of Culture in international trade

As has been noted by Ginsburgh and Throsby, international trade means that organisations runing in a specific part may hold to re-orient their policies in order to suit the different demands presented by international trade ( 1138 ) . In this instance, MADC will hold to see the divergent spiritual, lifestyle, culinary art and adjustment demands presented by other people whose beginning is non in UAE or the Middle East.

Future Prospects for the Organization

While MADC is yet to achieve some of its aims in the constitution of modern substructure in the metropolis, which includes geting modern agencies of conveyance, bettering the route webs, drainage systems and Bridgess, it is instead obvious from the aims set by the municipality that achieving the development programs is one of MADC ‘s aims for the hereafter. More to this, it is besides possible that MADC will consolidate other relevant development undertakings in future in order to heighten the metropolis ‘s fight.

Competitive scheme

Harmonizing to Haugstad, a competitory scheme is a program taken by an organisation, and which integrates its ends, actions and policies into an organized whole for intents of achieving competitory advantage over other organisations in the same market ( 4 ) . In add-on to the scheme that MADC has already taken, I would include a comparative scheme, which would hold people who learn how other metropoliss have succeeded in pulling investors and foreign capital. Dubai for illustration, would be one of my chief learning countries due to its propinquity and similarities to Abu Dhabi.

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