Increased sea-water, sewerage waste H2O, air and litter pollution are the negative impacts of touristry on the environment natural and reinforced Altinay Kashif, 2005. Murray Mas study the environmental impact of tourer activities in Balears, Spain, in an effort to build a clip sequence for local ecological footmark for illustration, Kousis ( 2000 ) point out that how there is increasing grounds that most signifiers of touristry are environmentally detrimental. Hills and Rinke ( 1988 ) describe touristry ‘s effects on the environment by foregrounding how the impacts of touristry on the environment are related to alterations in the province and status of touristry resources such as vegetations and zoologies, infinite, land and H2O, physical location, clime.

Therefore demoing that the impacts of touristry on the environment are straight related, for illustration, increasing Numberss of tourers will increased spacial emphasis and can destruct the natural environment which tourists seek to see and bask. Tourism is non merely a powerful economic and societal force but besides a factor in the physical environment every bit good. Ecotourism potentially provides a sustainable attack to development ( Okech, 2009 ) .

As the tourer industry grow, it will convey environmental impact issues like over development of natural resources, traffic congestion and issues created by inappropriate tourer behavior. Apart from the effects on natural, human and civilization heritages, besides create a batch of pollution ( Wu, 2003 ) .

Air pollution

The air is an indispensable ingredient for our well-being and a healthy life. Unfortunately contaminated air is common throughout the universe ( EPHA, 2009 ) particularly in developed states from 1960s. ( Kan, 2009 ) . South of Poland ( KrzeA›lak & A ; Korytkowski, 1994 ) , Ukraine ( Avdeev & A ; Korchagin, 1994 ) , China ( Kan, 2009 ) , and Pakistan ( Government of Pakistan, 2009 ; Khan, 2010 ) even celebrated crowded metropoliss and states are enduring air pollution.

The impact of touristry on the environment is besides related to air pollution that caused by gasolene burning that gives off N oxide, C monoxide and lead as autos increased. Mathieson and Wall ( 1982 ) argue that pollutants from motor autos. Within metropoliss are attributable partly to recreational drive, circuit coachs and taxis. In rural countries, nevertheless, air pollution is minimum as a consequence of the touristry industry, but in engorged, more populated countries, emanation harms the flora, the dirt and the visibleness. This issue is confirmed by the findings of several surveies ( Rothman, 1978 ; Tyrrell & A ; Spaulding, 1984 ; Liu & A ; Var, 1986 ; Keogh, 1990 ; Long et al.

, 1990 ; Prentice, 1993 ) . An array of research and analysis have triggered by air pollution effects such as acidification of lakes and seas, acerb rain and clime alteration, the research has identified conveyance as one of the most important causes ( Hunter and Shaw, 2006 ) . Particulate haze is a major environmental jeopardy. Koe et Al. ( 2001 ) noted that decreased visibleness in Malaysia during the 1997 haze episode was because of the long scope conveyance of fume from Sumatra. Nowadays, reduced visibleness has become a go oning phenomenon across countries of Southeast Asia, consequence of combustion in Kalimantan and Sumatra. Haze events have been recorded in 1983, 1990, 1991, 1994, 1997 and 1998 ( Radojevic and Hassan, 1999 ; Muraleedharan et al.

, 2000 ) . Besides diminishing visibleness, other possible jobs come with haze are impacts on human wellness ( Vedal 1997 ) and impacts on atmospheric radioactive transportation, with the potency to significantly impact clime in the part ( Seinfeld and Pandis 1998 ) .Historically, major fume hazes have been observed in the part, at times hindering transportation, every bit early as the 1800s ( McDonald, 1938 ) . Based on Department of Environment ( 2004 ) , slight to chair haze event occurred in the state that affects the West seashore of Peninsular Malaysia including Penang province in 2004. The haze event recorded in the month of June, August and September is chiefly due to trans boundary pollution from land and forest fires in several states in Sumatra. Therefore, the effects of haze on theoretical account derived from GLM will be analysed.Research besides indicates that air pollution has negative effects on human behaviours and emotions ( Briere, Downes & A ; Spensley 1983 ; Reeve 2005 ; Rotton 1983 ) . Harmonizing to Teoh & A ; Tan ( 2008 ) emotional jobs can be due to negative environmental factors such as air pollution and the haze.

Emotional jobs occur when there are breaks in the system and impacting our day-to-day lives. Symptoms of emotional jobs include holding trouble sleeping, experience more dying, afraid and down and have no energy ( Teoh and Tan 2008 ) .

Water pollution

The H2O we drink is indispensable ingredients for our well-being and a healthy life, but polluted air and H2O are common throughout the universe ( European Public HealthAlliance, 2009 ) .

Water has an of import function in organizing an attractive landscape such as the rivers, lakes and sea that non merely add to the ocular beauty of a part but besides offer possibilities of fishing, seafaring, swimming and canoeing. The impact of touristry on the environment is besides related to H2O pollution ( Hills and Rinke, 1988 ) . The job is that river, lake and sea users are major defilers, littering broken bottles, Sn tins and other dust in the H2O therefore polluted the natural environment. Another bookman besides said that marine pollution is the cause by adult male, indirectly or straight, of substances or energy into the marine environment ( including estuaries ) , ensuing in such hurtful effects as: jeopardies to human wellness ; injury to living resources ; impairing the quality for usage of sea H2O ; hinderance to marine activities including fishing and decrease of comfortss. Almost all human activities in coastal Waterss can do harm or alterations, major or minor, long term or short term to the environment, if non decently monitored and planned ( Varkey, 1999 ) . Water pollution occurs in land lakes, watercourse and in the Marine environment and is chiefly the consequence of effluent generated by touristry installations.

This pollution can take different signifiers such as lawn fertiliser, route oil overflow from disturbed dirt, infected armored combat vehicle ooze and inadequately treated sewerage ( Burak et al. , 2004 ) . Untreated sewerage disposal is fouling the beaches and frequently lead to oculus, ear, skin and GI infections of the swimmers ( Grant and Jickells, 1995 ) .In the instance of Port Dickson beaches, there are 80 two effluent pipe lines discharge effluent including sewerage from hotels and houses straight into the sea ( Kadaruddin 1997 ) . These discharges lead to debasement of the marine H2O quality doing important negative impacts on Marine ecosystem in general and mangrove workss in peculiar.

Oil spill and H2O pollution can do great harm to Rhizophora mangles which are susceptible to pollution ( Saintilan & A ; Williams, 1999 ) . Surveies conducted by the Malaysian Department of Environment found that bulk of the coastal Waterss were polluted by E. coli, suspended solids and oil and lubricating oil ( DOE 2006 ) . The protection and safeguarding of the H2O quality are important aims of the European Union and all governmental governments due to the of import deductions it has on human wellness and the environment ( Cabelli 1983 ) .

2.2 Tourist Satisfaction

A tourer finish is a combination of services, tourer merchandises and public goods consumed under the same trade name name, therefore offering the consumer an integrated experience ( Buhalis, 2000 ; Leiper, 1995 ) .

Tourist satisfaction was besides defined as the quality of visitants ‘ experience and a psychological result derived from interaction with different service aspects in a finish ( Baker & A ; Crompton, 2000 ; Crompton & A ; Love, 1995 ) . A important component of successful finish selling is tourist satisfaction that influences the pick of finish and the determination to return ( Yoon and Uysal, 2005 ) . Harmonizing to Baker and Crompton ( 2000 ) stated that, the proposed conceptual theoretical account of tourist satisfaction includes seven latent concepts, with tourist satisfaction placed as the cardinal concept. It incorporates four ancestor concepts for illustration quality, value, costs, hazards, and image and two results concepts such as ailment behavior and trueness. Tourist satisfaction research has adopted both attribute-based and planetary attacks in gestating and operationalizing the satisfaction concept ( Chi & A ; Qu, 2008 ; Hsu, 2003 ; Oliver, 1980, 1993 ) . It is of import to happen out overall satisfaction from satisfaction with single properties, because peculiar touristry properties have a noteworthy consequence on overall tourer satisfaction ( Seaton & A ; Benett, 1996 ) .


Harmonizing to Crompton ( 1979 ) image defined as the thoughts and feelings that a individual has of a finish. In the touristry industry, the image of a finish has become a really of import issue. Since, many states use publicity and planetary selling to back up their image, and to compare with other finishs ( Lin and Huang, 2009 ) . MacKay and Fesenmaier ( 1997 ) specified that finish image is the visitant ‘s entire feeling which is formed as a consequence of the rating of assorted finish elements and properties. The importance of finish image as a important factor in the selling of a topographic point, act uponing pick, perceived quality, satisfaction, trueness and word of oral cavity, has been stressed by touristry research workers ( Baloglu, 2000 ; Bigne et al. , 2001 ; Chon, 1990 ; Um and Crompton, 1990 ; Woodside and Lysonski, 1989 ) .

Images of topographic points are cardinal to the success of touristry, as touristry demand normally emanates from single or corporate perceptual experiences of tourer finishs ( Williams, 1998 ; Kelly and Nankervis, 2001 ) . Fredericks and Salter ( 1995 ) position image as an ingredient of the client value bundle that, together with monetary value, merchandise quality, service quality and invention, determines the extent of trueness. Similarly, the evaluation model of the pan-European Satisfaction Index ( EPSI ) contains image as a determiner act uponing the sensed value, client satisfaction and client trueness ( Eskildsen et al. , 2004 ) . The importance of the touristry finish ‘s image is universally acknowledged, since it affects the tourer behaviour in many ways ( Baloglu, McCleary, 1999 ; Echtner, Ritchie, 1991 ; Fakeye, Crompton, 1991 ; Woodside, Lysonski, 1989 ) .Destination image defined as the person ‘s overall perceptual experience or entire set of feelings sing a topographic point ( Bigne et al. , 2001 ; Fakeye and Crompton, 1991 ) .

Bigne et Al. ( 2001 ) , Awaritefe ( 2004 ) besides suggest that images can be modified by visits to a finish


Oliver ( 1997 ) defines trueness as warrant to reiterate purchases of a preferable merchandise or service every clip. The selling attempts such as pricing policies have the possible to convey out alteration.The more consumers fulfill their outlooks during the purchase or service, the higher chance that consumers will reiterate purchase ( Wong and Sohal, 2003 ) .

By and large, client trueness refers to reiterate purchases or recommendation to other people ( Yoon & A ; Uysal, 2005 ) . Repeat purchase behaviour reflects the behavioural dimension of client trueness ( Dick and Basu1994 ) , which show that who are interested in any sort of repetition purchase behaviour, irrespective of whether repetition purchases occur because of attitudinal trueness. This trueness refers to perpetrate behaviour that is manifested by leaning to take part in a peculiar diversion service ( Backman and Crompton, 1991a ) .Kaplanidou and Vogt ( 2007 ) stated that revealed that the loyal behaviour is determined purely by the attitudinal trueness or by the purposes to revisit.

The visual aspect of the repetition trial by the client should show that there is emotional or functional trueness aroused. For illustration Alegre and Cladera ( 2009 ) founded that a really of import influence of the repetition trial purpose is satisfaction with old trials. There are other possibilities excessively. For illustration Oppermann ( 1998 ) , Mitchell and Greatorex ( 1993 ) , Milman and Pizam ( 1995 ) , Gitelson and Crompton ( 1984 ) and Baloglu ( 2001 ) have founded that one ground for repetition trial is acquaintance of the finish.

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