For an organisation of your pick, sketch a new merchandise or procedure or other signifier of invention.

Definition of creativeness and invention:

“ Creativity is the ability to believe new thought. ( This includes the ability to rethink an old thought, for illustration to believe of a new application for an bing engineering. ”

“ Invention is the procedure by which the new thought is put into pattern. ”

[ ( centre of fight, 2001 ) ]

Introduction about OBEROI GROUPS:

Oberoi groups are one of the India ‘s celebrated private organisations which step into the different markets in the twelvemonth of 1934. It has a powerful market place for its merchandises and services. Oberoi hotels are good known for its high quality service and luxury. A typical hereafter of the Oberoi hotels is that they got their ain extremely motivated and good trained staff which provides a good criterion quality of services which is truly difficult to happen today.

Apart from the hotel industry, Oberoi groups is engaged in the undermentioned concern every bit good,

  • Flight catering
  • Airport eating house
  • Travel and circuit services
  • Car leases
  • Undertaking directions & A ; corporate air charters.

Oberoi groups has won many awards which as follows,

  • It has been ranked as the best hotel concatenation ( outside the U.S ) in Conde ‘ Nast Travelers 2007 concern Travel Awards reader ‘s study.
  • It has been ranked as the best hotel concatenation ( outside the U.K ) in the Guardian, Observer and Travel Awards 2008 reader ‘s study.
  • Rated as the 2nd best resorts in India. And tonss of other awards.

[ ( Oberoi hotels and resorts, 2009 ) ]


“ Our Guests: we are committed to meeting and transcending the outlooks of our invitees through our ceaseless dedication to every facet of service.
Our Peoples: We are committed to the growing, development and public assistance of our people upon whom we rely to do this happen.
Our Peculiarity: Together, we shall go on the Oberoi tradition of open uping in the cordial reception industry, endeavoring for unexcelled excellence in high-voltage locations all the manner from the Middle East to Asia-Pacific.
Our Stockholders: As a consequence, we will make extraordinary value for our stakeholders. ”


We see an organisation which aims at leading in the cordial reception industry by understanding its invitees, and planing and presenting merchandises and services which enable it to transcend their outlooks. We will ever show attention for our clients through expectancy of their demands, attending to detail, typical excellence, heat and concern.

[ ( The Oberoi hotels and resorts, 2009 ) ]

A Tragic twelvemonth:

The Oberoi hotel in Mumbai is situated in the bosom of the metropolis and a few proceedingss off from tonss of tourer attractive forces and the hotel has a beautiful position of bluish sea and sky which attracts most of the tourer. And the installations and services are ever in a good slandered. Oberoi hotel is a good rival for Taj hotel in India.

But the Tragedy on 27 November 2008 was a major interruption down for Oberoi hotel in Mumbai. The onslaughts by terrorist in Oberoi trident in India daze the universe by killing more than 100 peoples inside the hotel which include foreign tourers. The onslaught did n’t merely save the life of the guiltless people ; it destroyed the beauty of the hotel every bit good. The gun shootings, bombs and fire destroyed everything they touched. Terrorist turned the beautiful hotel as the cemetery for the guiltless people who died in the onslaught. After the ground forces killed those gunslingers, the hotel response was about demolished. Oberoi hotel ( Mumbai ) was shut down for a piece. Oberoi hotel even lost some of its portion holders in the market.

Innovation procedure by the organisation:

But all those bad things did n’t halt Oberoi hotel to close down wholly. It was blinking in the intelligence and everyplace that the Oberoi hotel was re opened a twelvemonth and a half after the panic work stoppage with the complete new expression. It was published in the imperativeness that, “ After extended Restoration and redevelopment costing over 40 million dollars, the Oberoi opened its doors to invitees Saturday, denoting its return with front-page newspaper advertizements that merely said: WELCOME BACK. ”

( AGENCY, 2010 )

The Oberoi hotel in Mumbai is back into concern now. The transmutation of the hotel is wholly different and is has trade name new expression. But what about their clients? Did they able to acquire back their clients? Actually they have a surprising invention procedure in the organisation which was foregrounding in the intelligence and imperativeness which is as follows,

“ April 22 ( Bloomberg ) — India ‘s luxury Oberoi hotel groups will open their flagship Mumbai belongingss in the following one-fourth with $ 6,750-a-night suites and pantryman services to win back tourists a twelvemonth and a half after deathly terrorist onslaughts. The Mumbai Oberoi will reopen on April 24, bear downing every bit much as 300,000 rupees ( $ 6,750 ) a dark for 2,050 square pes suites, which will include quarters for invitees ‘ security officers. ”

( SF Gate, 2010 )

Their invention is that by cut downing the rates and monetary value degrees, there might be a opportunity of acquiring their clients back into the concern. This will besides take to pull the new clients into the hotel. This is a simple fast one which is used by any sort of concern in the market which is besides an effectual 1. Normally in the market in order to sell a new merchandise or increase the gross revenues of the bing merchandise, organisations usually cut down the monetary value degree. Most of the consumers fell for the inexpensive monetary value. But subsequently on the organisations will easy increase the monetary value degree where the clients blindly buy the same merchandise even though when the monetary value additions.

This is the same technique which the Mumbai Oberoi hotel is utilizing now as their invention. But this sort of invention is usually used everyplace in this universe. Although it seems to be a sensible 1. Peoples who could n’t afford the monetary value degree before panic work stoppages might be interested as the monetary value degree is decreased.

Their invention in the market:

As there is a recession in the today ‘s market which is forcing the weakest industries and the organisations out of the market, tonss of organisations have been kicked out of the market. This is traveling to be the difficult clip for Oberoi hotel to win back their clients. Due to the recession, tonss of cordial reception industries reduced their monetary value degree to pull the tourers.

It is surprising that another celebrated hotel in Mumbai called Taj Mahal Palace was besides being attacked by the terrorist on the same twenty-four hours as Oberoi was attacked and reopened late. They besides have reduced the monetary value degree which is more or less same degree as Oberoi ‘s. This is traveling to be a large job for Oberoi groups.

The first idea comes in the head of people about the new Oberoi is that as they have invested tonss of money in reconstructing the hotel ; they are traveling to bear down more monetary values for their services. But in this instance, they have reduced the monetary value degree and given an extra characteristic like a free pantryman service. So this might be an advantage for the organisation.

The 2nd idea is that the security degree. People ever knock the hapless security of the hotel. But the president of Oberoi hotel groups [ P.R.S OBEROI ] , announced the imperativeness about their tight and improved security degree of the new Oberoi. He stated to the imperativeness that, “ A large portion of the focal point has been to better security. The hotel now has 150 security cameras, up from merely 15 at the clip of the onslaughts. It has 50 security forces, five times the figure it had in 2008. Visitors who drive up are greeted by a large steel gate where their autos are searched. The big Windowss in the anteroom that overlook south Mumbai ‘s picturesque, semilunar bay are now made from reinforced, splinterless glass. ”

( NDTV, 2010 )

Finally more or less they have answered about every inquiry about the hotel. This may take the people to believe positive about the hotel which is equal to win back their clients.

Disadvantages and advantage of their Invention:

Even though their invention seems to be a good one, there are some other few disadvantages exists which are as follows,

  • It does n’t suit with the current market state of affairs. Because of the recession, all other hotels have already reduced their monetary value degree which makes no difference. Maximal Numberss of people will still travel for the inexpensive monetary value.
  • Their invention is really simple one which might non suite the current market state of affairs. A immense sum of money has been invested in re-building the hotel, to win back the sum invested and their clients, there should be a powerful invention must be implemented.
  • This is besides the clip where Oberoi ‘s rivals will seek to catch and seek to suppress the market.

But on the bright side, the one major advantage is that the Oberoi ‘s major rival called Taj is besides confronting the same job. This might be a good opportunity for Oberoi as it will take clip for their rival to capture the market. In the average clip Oberoi can decide the jobs and acquire back their market place.

And the other little advantage is that of the new expression of the hotel. The old clients may come back to see the trade name new hotel. This will non merely pull the old clients, it might convey the new clients as good which is the first measure for the success after the calamity.

How to implement this invention in the right manner:

The followers are the major stairss to implement the invention in order to win any sort of concern,

  • First of all, determination devising on implementing an invention should be done by the top degree direction and should be really careful while implementing it.
  • An invention will last in the market, merely when the organisation understands the market and equilibrate it with the place of the organisation in the market. And the invention should be a powerful one where it should be a new one in the market and an attractive 1 every bit good, so that it will acquire the attending of others i.e. new clients. But the invention by the Oberoi hotels is like a market tactics where it is used by others in the market. It is non a new one as the invention is conveying something new where no 1 has seen it in this universe. So cut downing the monetary value is non merely an invention but they have given an extra installation like a free pantryman service for this sensible monetary value which is a new procedure for their group. It will pull the new clients as they already know that this is traveling to be the impermanent offer by the Oberoi group.
  • The invention should be a flexible one, so that any alterations will non impact the any procedure in the organisation. Because the market ne’er remains changeless. It will maintain on altering harmonizing to the clip and the factors which influence the alteration. It should besides be flexible with the clients as each and every client is different from each other. In this point of position, their invention is rather an advantageous degree. They have changed harmonizing to the clip. Because of their calamity and the recession in the market, they have done the right thing of cut downing the monetary value degree and an extra free service. This will ever works in the market as we have discussed above. Even though they have implemented an invention, their procedure remains changeless. May be the expression of the hotel changed but the procedure remains changeless. Their service to the client did n’t alter or they did n’t lose the full market. Nothing changed except the expression as it may convey the new clients into the concern.
  • If the invention is more or less familiar in the market, so at least there should be an betterment in that which will do it as a different one when compared to others. The most of import measure is that the invention should ne’er impact the vision, mission and the aims of the organisation. Because the invention is merely to better the concern where the vision, mission and the aims are the rudimentss to last in the competitory market. This is a good point where the Oberoi groups did achieve. They made a little difference in their invention of offering a free pantryman service which makes a difference from others. It is clear that their invention is non impacting the vision, mission and the aim of the organisation. Their mission is to transcend the degree of client satisfaction. The invention or the recession did n’t impact their client satisfaction.

And the other of import fact is that their invention did n’t impact the procedure in the Mumbai hotel or any other procedure of their different hotels or groups. In some instances it does go on. An impact on a individual procedure of concern will impact the full concern and even ensue in disappearing the organisation from the market. A all right illustration for this scenario is that the Switzerland was ruling the ticker devising concern in the old ages of 1968. They had a immense net income and powerful market executions. They were good known as good discoverers. But subsequently in 1980, the market collapsed and tonss of ticker doing employees lost their occupation. The Switzerland lost their market because of their new rival called Seiko which grabbed the chance of doing electronic vitreous silica which was rejected by Switzerland. It is clear that the Switzerland was continuously doing ticker without altering the cardinal regulations and did n’t trouble oneself about their external environment. ( STUDY UP, 2009 ) . And the market ne’er remain stable, it changes all the clip as per the clip and the demand of the clients. Particularly in the hotel industry, the market ne’er remains changeless. So if an organisation fails to take a expression over the external tantrum or fails to look after the defects which affects the organisation ‘s procedure, so there is a plentifulness of alteration for their rivals to take over their concern and leads the market which will stop up in weaving up the concern.

When comparing to that illustration, it is clear that the alterations in the Mumbai Oberoi hotel did n’t opportunity any procedure in the hotel every bit good as the other hotels of its ain group. Even though they have invested a batch of financess in rhenium constructing the hotel, they did n’t endure that much. It is in the imperativeness that they are be aftering to open new hotels in India and abroad in a really few old ages. “ The Oberoi Group is be aftering to establish a luxury hotel in Goa. Goa is traveling to witness development of 12 new hotels over a period of 3-5 old ages, harmonizing to a study by Federation Of Hotel and Restaurant Associations Of India and HVS International. The Oberoi could be one of these 12 new hotels. ” ( ITOPC ) . It shows that how powerful their fiscal background is even in their tragic clip period and their first-class endurance in the market.

And one of their major rivals in India is Taj hotel groups which were besides attacked by the terrorist at the same clip when the Oberoi was. This is a large advantage for Oberoi groups as their rival is besides confronting the same job. It is interesting that the invention by the Oberoi hotel is more or less familiar with the Taj hotel groups where they have besides reduced the monetary value degree after they have reopened their hotel in Mumbai. Taj hotel has reduced their monetary value degree to 3, 50,000 rupees per dark where Oberoi ‘s monetary value degree is 3, 00,000 rupees per dark. The monetary value degree of Oberoi is little less when compared to the Taj hotel groups which is an advantage for Oberoi groups. In add-on the Oberoi hotel now offers a free pantryman service for that sensible monetary value which s besides an advantage and will be an effectual 1 in the market. There is a range that it will hold on the attending of the clients in the market and brings them into the concern. In this manner they have made a difference which is an advantage for Oberoi groups as we have discussed above that the bulk for people ever falls for the inexpensive market monetary value.

But merely cut downing the monetary value degree is non adequate to last in the competitory market. In order to confront the market in a recession clip, there should be a alteration in the general procedure in the organisation, more significantly non the chief procedure of the organisation. For illustration as the Oberoi groups comes under the cordial reception industry, it has a major chance to last even in the recession clip. There is ever a range for touristry and cordial reception industry no affair what is go oning in the market. Even though there is a recession in the market, Oberoi hotel groups are in the bright side where the cordial reception industries are less affected when comparing to other industries.

Understanding the job of Mumbai Oberoi groups, what they could make now is to do a difference in their client satisfaction degree. The hotel is already known for its client satisfactory degree. Even though a little good alteration in a good procedure will be more effectual than a normal one. By bettering their client satisfaction, they might be able to win back their clients which are equal to accomplish their ends and aims. ( Vision, mission ) .

It is really of import that Oberoi hotel groups should non maintain this low monetary value tactics for a really long clip. They should acquire back to their normal monetary value every bit shortly as they win back their clients or the market come back to the normal province. As they have invested tonss of money on the Mumbai hotel, they should besides look over the hereafter and do some long term programs every bit good. They should non merely concentrate on winning back their clients, they should besides look for winning back their money which is invested in re-building the hotel and capture the market.

Merely conveying something new to this universe is non easy as it seems. It should besides make the clients knowledge without which even a powerful invention is nil but a waste thought. In today ‘s universe there are plentifulness of ways where anything could be base on ballss to the public cognition. There are tonss of media for everything. In this instance, the Oberoi hotel groups used tonss of media to go through their invention in the cognition of the people. This could besides be a baleful factor as this may take to the duplicate of thoughts by the other organisations in the market. But in this instance, most of the per centum falls on the positive side which is a good favour for the Oberoi hotel groups.


The Oberoi hotel group seems to be a fighting fish in the maulers of the terrorist act and the bad market. But it is non yet pulled out of the H2O ( market ) . It is drawing itself to last. The hotel was being attacked by the terrorist and wholly destroyed, at the clip they were ready to acquire back into the concern, the market was far worse than they expected. But they did n’t steal out of the market. With their powerful fiscal background, they are back into concern and stepping into their normal degree which shows that they could make better in the close hereafter.

Their invention was a simple one it seems to be an effectual 1 in the market. It did n’t impact any of its procedure and the invention did n’t do any large alterations in the organisation. These are the really basic points for conveying the invention in the market which are all achieved by the Oberoi hotel groups. And their major rival is besides confronting the same job which is besides a positive clime for the Oberoi hotel groups in the market. May be their hotel was wholly destroyed by those terrorist but they are back into concern with a promising high tight security which helps the populace to hold a confident to walk into the hotel once more without any of those decease fright. Though there are some menaces in the market, it is merely a stepping rock for the Oberoi hotel groups for their bright hereafter.

On an overall footing, we have covered everything about the basic thought of the Oberoi hotel groups and their selling place. We have besides discussed about their invention procedure and how they have implemented their invention in the market and how successful it worked and besides given a suggestion of how it could be more effectual. It is of import to observe that there is ever a bright luck for the cordial reception industry in this universe as the human outlooks are ever a caput so their imaginativeness. So there is a bright range for the Oberoi hotel groups which is really close and crystal clear.


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