The article was mainly focused on the points
that robots are being used to substitute human in various areas of work places.

One of the example was the system of hiring robots to carry medical documents
to patients in the hospital. This was designed in a positive purpose to save
hiring costs as well as to provide faster service. Although, the robot’s
systems were currently wide-spreading, the Pew Research Center has reported
that people are still more concerned and worried about the automation process
than expecting it would work positively. According to the report, the author
has mentioned six key findings regard as the human attitude and social behavior
toward this topic. First of all, the
majority of Americans demonstrated worry instead of enthusiastic for replacing
robots with human due to the concerns of economic inequality, decrease of
income, and unemployment. The second facts of American customers’ attitude were
that they do not wish to incorporate these high technologies into their daily
life. Take driverless vehicles as an example, although, people agree that it
could reduce the accidents’ rate for elderly or disabled, it would result them
to isolate from their families. 

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