The menopause isan event that occurs in the life of every women.

it occurs in the midlife ofwomen, due to deficiency of estrogen hormone or progesterone. it is the ceaseor end of menstruation and fertility. It is a change women experience after theend of menstruation.

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The change occurs when the women reaches at the age of 40or 50 and has not menstruated for twelve months. The periods can becomeunbalanced, some becoming longer and some becoming shorter. A woman is in perimenopause until she has not menstruatedfor 12 months. There are two types of menopause;Peri-menopause:            It is a phase nearby menopause.  Peri-menopause means “around the menopause” Itinclude 12 months to pass before we can say that menopause has occur.It alsoincludes the time period when the symptoms of menopause start to appear.

Duringperimenopause a women may start experiencing symptoms like hot flushes, changein mood and sleep, or other symptoms for a year before her periods start tochange. Hormone fluctuations can become more obvious during peri-menopause. Itsonset is 40-50.Post-menopause:            Post-menopauseis a state when a women have not experience menstruation for a year. It isphase when periods totally ends. Its onset is 40s and late 60s.Different studies conducted on menopause describe Mostof the women face psychological distress and changes because of the menopause.

The basic purpose of this study is to investigate the association betweenpsychological conflicts,low level of self-respect, oxidative stress ,anxiety ,depressionand life quality of women with post-menopause. This study used cross-sectionalmethod. 101 women with premenopause and 101 women with post menopause usingscales of zung self-rating depression and anxiety and coppersmith self-esteeminventory and World Health Association Quality of life brief.After applying thescales results have been shown that life quality of post-menopausal women islower than premenopausal women and psychological conflicts, oxidative stress,depression and anxiety is higher in women with post menopause.

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