, Research PaperThe Origin and Cause of AIDSAIDS. Four letters no 1 in this twenty-four hours and age of all time wants to hear. Arguably the deadliest disease since the Bubonic Plague. It has no clemency on anyone, once it is contracted, there is no halting it.

It rumbles through the human organic structure until it overtakes it and kills the organic structure. Since the find of this deathly disease, many new surveies have been done to happen out more about this disease, with the hope of happening a remedy. One ongoing survey in the field of AIDS is to happen the true beginning of the disease. Many different theories are believed to be true about the beginning but merely one can be right. Another issue being thrown around for oppugning is What truly causes AIDS? This is being invariably studied to happen out the true cause.

Hopefully, through all this research we will one twenty-four hours happen a remedy for AIDS.Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, this is what AIDS is. It attacks the human immune system so it can non protect the organic structure from disease, hence go forthing the organic structure vulnerable to infection. So what is AIDS anyhow? Where did it arise from? There are many different theories about the beginning of AIDS, nevertheless I believe that one is more outstanding so all of the others. AIDS originated from the continent of Africa.

There have been instances where scientists have said AIDS originated from monkeys in Africa and the monkeys had there ain strain of the disease. Then the disease spread to worlds and the worlds developed their ain strain of the disease. AIDS originated in Africa and was present at that place for sometime before its spread. ( Osmond 1.

1.4 ) This is one of the many claims towards the theory of AIDS in Africa. However there is existent good grounds to endorse up this claim. One fact is the male-to-female ratio in Africa as compared with other states. The distribution by sex of African instances is about equal ( 1.1 to 1 ) & # 8230 ; These figures contrast strikingly with the 19 to 1 ratio seen in the United States.

( Osmond ) With this equal distribution of males to females sexual transmittal of the disease is the cause of spread. Another good ground as to why Africa caused AIDS is the sum of instances that Africa has at that place. Africa, which represents about 10 per centum of the planetary population, now accounts for more than 60 per centum of the entire HIV infections amonggrownups worldwide.

( Encarta 96 ) Since the per centum of infection is so high at that place, it would do logical sense to pull that point as the beginning of the disease. Through all of these points of fact it is easy to see that the beginning of AIDS has stemmed from the continent of Africa.What causes AIDS? For rather sometime now, many people believed that HIV was the cause of AIDS. However, late scientists has been disputing that idea and have now said that it doesn t needfully have to. I believe they are incorrect. HIV does so do AIDS. There are excessively many instances where it is apparent in.

The concluding behind the freshly found claim is, the big fluctuation among persons in the sum of clip between infection with HIV and a diagnosing of AIDS has led to guess that other cofactors may act upon the cause of the disease. ( Encarta 96 ) This is all good and good but it still does non hit down the fact that HIV causes AIDS. In every AIDS instance at that place has been a hint of HIV. Granted there possibly other co-factors holding to make with how the disease generates, but HIV is present in all of them. AIDS is caused by infection with HIV & # 8230 ; ..

The causative agent of AIDS is HIV. ( Encarta 96 ) In fact I had the opportunity to speak to my friends mother, who is a nurse at a infirmary where many AIDS patients are being evaluated and cared for, and this was her position on this topic. Throughout all of our instances in this infirmary at that place have non been any without the hint of HIV in them. They all had that in common with each other. Some caught AIDS faster than others, but the fact remains that HIV was present in all of them. ( Hoser Telephone Interview ) It is truly a hard undertaking to reason such a subject as AIDS, but there are different positions on it and these are some of those positions.

AIDS is such a hazardous subject to compose approximately. You do non desire to pique anyone but at the same clip you want to acquire your point across. Although the subject of AIDS is itself difficult to reason, there are a few subjects which can be debated. It all comes down to us seeking to get the better of this disease. Whether it originated from Africa or Mars, its here. Whether HIV causes it or make other cofactors, its killing.

Our universe is being stripped of life by this deathly disease. Hopefully, one twenty-four hours in the hereafter we will happen a remedy and stop this atrocious incubus.

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