The NHS is a huge service funded by the Scottish government and has the responsibility of giving a health care service to the UK and has throughout the years successful done this,However recently the public have been raising concerns about the NHS as over 2 million people have had to wait over 4 hours in the waiting room waiting to see a doctor and some have been delayed for up to two months to get a appointment with a GP or a doctor, this is creating significant concerns as other countries that have a privatised health care do not go through these severe issues and those other healthcare’s systems  are sometimes considered to have better facilities than our healthcare  such as the United States. Therefore this question needs to be addressed: Should the NHS be privatised?Many people that do not support the NHS believe that due to recent issues such as the budget deficit and the shortage of staff and make them believe that stable, free health care will be unachievable in future years, despite this there is a surprising number that support the NHS as a free health care, Firstly it is the only free national healthcare service that has been running successfully for 65 years and only recently the NHS was deemed to be the safest and most affordable healthcare system out of 11 countries before facing the recent issues this year.Secondly the NHS is the only health care that lets anyone have access to free health care at point of entry and also has been rated the highest rated health care system in recent years.As many see free health care as a benefit one of the biggest problems with this is the cost and the ageing population and the result of this is more mistakes and delays and a unhappy public and this could result in the government introducing a cost to alleviate these problems. This could be the start of a private National Health Service.Despite This one of the most obvious benefit of a free national health service is that it is no cost to any members of the public, it is means tested and this benefits the public finically but if the national health service was privatised and was at a cost it would make the public suffer and would make them disgruntled with the government and this would lower the morale of the majority of public.One of the key disadvantages of the national health service being privatised is that if private health care companies started the public would have no voice and this is because the private company is not accountable for you as contracts that deliver public services are often agreed between private companies and government behind closed doors. This means there is very little transparency between public accountability or scrutiny and these private companies are not subject to freedom of information requests because of their commercial confidentiality this means if the company fails to deliver this public health care the public have no powers to intervene. This  would cause the public to become angry with the private health care consequently of the national health service going private they have said that the public would have freedom to choose which hospital they attend andFreedom with the public being allowed some form of freedom to decide where they go this could potentially up the morale of the public and could lead to a more successful health care service.However with this promise is that the public would not get complete freedom as there could potentially be people wanting certain treatment that is very costly and this is clearly a  problem due to the hight cost in treatments and effort needed to supply the medicine and facilities for these treatments. This could put the private health care in a financial crisis and this therefore gives a notion of the idea the public getting freedom has disappeared as supplying these treatments could take a immense budget for resources.In addition to the cost and lack of resources and facilities that would be present there is also a problem of a private national health service would mean that the health service could become worse and it is unlikely private companies  will care about the standards of the health care system as they  make a profit from public services by cutting corners and underinvesting and but cutting corners these means that they potentially may not put in the effort to have a high end health care service and privatisation also leads to job cuts and more casual workers and this means people might be paid less and and Have to work in worse conditions and as they hire more temporary workers this may lead to all of the staff skills and experience being lost which could add effect on  quality service. Overall the National healthcare service privatised or free would benefit in certain areas as would it impact different situations.However if the National health care service was privatised  it would cost the public more as you would be paying taxation and a cost when using the private services. Privatisation would cause a divided society as it would encourage richer people to pay more and opt out of the services we use and finally Privatisation would cause fragmentation as more and more private companies are involved with delivering a public service this can create a system of fragmentation where it is not clear  who’s doing what. However with the power and resources the private companies would be able to over come these problems such as a paying taxation and a fee. This could be solved by cuts done by the private company. I believe that the National health service should remain non-privatised as the majority of the public would be very unhappy with the government if privatised and the public would suffer also and finally the public would not be given a democratic voice against privatisation.

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