The product proposed is gluten free oatmeal raisin cookies, the cookies have the same taste as regular oatmeal raisin cookies except they are gluten free. This product is good for anyone who has a gluten intolerance or anyone who is choosing not to eat gluten due to their diet or for a lifestyle choice. The packaging of this product is quite simple, it features a plastic container with grooves in the bottom to keep the cookies in place. The packaging features a sticker on the front to help seal the packaging the sticker has the name of the product as well as ingredients and contact information. The packaging of the cookies holds 10 cookies.  President’s choice products, can be found at Loblaws, Zehrs, no frills, Real Canadian Superstore, The Real Canadian Wholesale Club, as well as many other grocery stores across Canada. (Jones, W.). President’s Choice also goes by PC, is a brand that is owned by Loblaw Companies. They offer a wide variety of grocery and household products. They also have financial services and mobile phones. President’s Choice products are sold across the company’s multiple stores. Loblaw Companies are a Canadian food retailer that has approximately, 1,000 grocery stores, that are under 22 market segment banners. Loblaw’s has a private label program that has grocery and household items. They also sell clothing, baby products, cell phones, and they also offer  financial services. The brands that are part of the Loblaws company are, Presidents choice, no name, joe fresh, T are the main brands for this company. (Thompson, B.).The current target market for this product is people who cannot have gluten in their diet due to the fact of them being gluten intolerance as well as people who are choosing to eat a gluten free diet because they feel that it is a better choice for their lifestyle. President’s choices competition would be other brands that sell gluten free products, for example glutino, this brand focuses on offering consumers gluten free products for the people that cannot consume gluten, this would be their biggest competition, the reason that this would be the main competition because they both offer gluten free cookies except one is geared strictly towards gluten free products as well as this brand offers reasonably priced products as well, and president’s choice offerers gluten free products but also regular products.  The reason that this product is so successful is due to many reasons, first of all presidents choice is a very affordable brand that many people like, which makes more people want to buy their products due to the lower prices, as well as they are making products for people who need to eat gluten free due to their dietary issues, or their lifestyle choices this makes the brand super successful because many people have gluten intolerance. Culture:The country that the product will be launching in is sweden. The reason that I believe this country is the best place to launch this product is due to many reasons. To begin with the population of sweden, the population so sweden is quite high, the population is 9,644,864. The population of sweden is constantly growing, with the annual population growth rate at 0.93%, (Hill, M.). The population is constantly staying large as well as constantly growing. The amount of people with gluten intolerance in sweden has be on the rise. Multiple studies have been done show that the people that were swedish and participated are at a higher  risk of developing gluten intolerance opposed to the participants that are American. The cause of the high gluten intolerance it unknown, it is possible that it can be caused because of both genetic and environmental factors,  that interact and cause the risk to go up in particular areas. Found in the the New England Journal of Medicine article, in Sweden the amount of people that had celiac disease went up between 1984 and 1996. This causing the disease.(Radio, S.)It seems that multiple dietary factors, like patterns of breastfeeding as well as the amount that amount of gluten exposure could be causing the rise of celiac disease in Sweden than in other populations. Due to that fact that this is on the rise many people will need to  have gluten free options so they can still enjoy the type of food that they had before, and not have to change up their diet too much. Launching this products would be very successful because of the rise of gluten intolerance in sweden it will give people that need to live by this diet something affordable to eat, as well as with the product will be very affordable for people to purchase which will make them want to buy the product. Shown here are the other factors that will help make the product successful. The net migration rate in sweden is 6.75 migrants /1,000 of the population. The life expectancy of sweden at birth is 81.18 years. (Hill, M.)

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