First of all we start with the mist important concept of
a computer science is known as ALGORITHM.

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Commonly algorithm defines the  concept of to follow the steps, it give us
the concept how the task to be executed, or hw the program has to be run .For e.g.
: a team has given task to complete the target so the will follow the
respective steps to complete the task. The task run by the machine such as
computer then the algorithm will perform its role and represent the data in the
form which will be easy to understand by the machine or computer. The
representation of a program is known as PROGRAM. For the reliability of human
the program is displayed on a paper or on a desktop and for the computer the
task is given in the encoded language which is able to understand by the
computer is called PROGRAMING. The study of algorithm is started from
mathematics as we follow the respective steps to solve any kind of problems.


Abacus was the first ever computing machine in the word,
but now days the progress in the field of technology is incredible. Abacus for
used by the Chinese or other civilization for the calculating purpose. Its
shape was a rectangular with the number of beads. it is used for  long period

Of time by different civilizations.

In the middle ages or before the modern era the
technology was on its peak everyone was trying to give their dedication or
participation in betterment of the computer world. Among them there were many
scientist or computer lovers such as Blaze Pascal or French scientist named
Gottrited Wilhelm Leibniz and many other gave their contribution for the
computer world. Because of the concept of algorithm many progression take place
and the idea give many concept for the computer .Pascal and Babbage tried their
best but didn’t step into the expectations of the people, because they were not
that financially established. In the 1900s the progress takes place like Mark1
or electromechanical machine of George Stibtz.


In the early ages usage for data using, programming ,
execution was limited all the things were bounded , but now a days all the
boundaries have been disappeared due to the 
concept or idea of algorithm .It has given us the open opportunity to do
whatever we want to do. There are no restriction for the usage of data or for
the programming all the limitations were disappeared. Today the computer
science have established its self as a algorithm’s science


.The concept of the algorithm has proved to be beneficial
for computer world it had many computer scientist for the discover of many new
electronical devices which are being used in today’s date. The concept of
algorithm has disappeared all the boundaries  
and all the limitations .In our society the people are enjoying the free
hand of computer ‘s success.

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