The 2  movie click is about a man call Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) has a very lovely family and his very pretty wife Donna (Kate Beckinsale). They have two children. Theirs son name Ben and daughter name Samantha. However, Michael is smart but have a bit short temper person. He always try  to making up on his boss with overwork for get a partnership in his company .He is always give the priority to his work and ignore the family issues. At one night, Michael found out the remote control of television is not working, he goes to a shop to buy a remote control, he feel tired and lying on a bed .Suddenly he meets the weird salesman Morty (Christopher Walken) that introduces him a remote control that can controlling his own life. It allow Michael to be able to fast forward ,rewind and pause and easily control all the events in his life.

As he found out that remarkable device can skip every argument with his wife. He also travel back and thought time in his life. Just because he is being too impatient and rush, he has skip straight to the good moments of his life. He feeling like missing the experience with his family. Finally Michael has uses too much and loses control of having his life by the remote control. Michael realizes that working is not the important thing on his personal life . He feel so sorry and regret that he treat to his family badly .At the end of his life ,he nearly dead of his cancer . But he also didn’t want to give up. When his family come to to visit him, he confesses himself and last word was family comes first.

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i would like to recommend this movie because “Click” is a very interesting , comedy and at the end also a touching movie. There is about the importance of having a balanced life between family and work businesses. Adam Sandler has play seriou and funny roles. It shown that he is good actor and capable to many characters .His performance is really professional. In this movie, he is trying to become very successful in his own career, but he also don’t have the chance to see how his action would affect his family. There are some jokes, like his dog have fun with the dog doll. This is really also hilarious. Kate Beckinsale is very beautiful woman. Eventhough she is not young and she and Adam Sandler shows a great chemistry. Christopher Walken is very funny of his role also. In the end, it also leaving the important message that family comes first and many funny moments. This movie will change your life forever and the way you look at your life. Life is short to miss out on the thing that very important and matter most. Lastly this movie opened my heart and remind me to tell your family you love them everyday and also make time with them.

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