The term on-line news media implies the usage of the Internet for conveying intelligence whereby Internet beginnings replace the maps of traditional print news media and other media.Given the quickly turning dependance of the mass population around the universe on the Internet for their intelligence, it can non be doubted that online-journalism is so the following measure in the development of print and of the primary maps of media. A survey conducted by the Newspaper Association of America in 2002 ( NAA, 2002 ) stated on-line newspapers as the primary beginning of day-to-day intelligence and information on the web. The phenomenal growing of on-line newspapers and its readership has ‘sparked an extraordinary revolution in communicating across clip and distance genuinely impossible in the yesteryear ‘ ( Li, 2006 ) , to the extent that today an of all time increasing figure of the universe ‘s estimated 359 million users of the Internet acquire their intelligence from this beginning ( Pavlik, 2001 ) .

This addition in readership has resulted from the several advantages that are non feasible with print news media. Audiences rely on newspapers on the web because they are immediately available, invariably updated and more synergistic in footings of content. For case, about all on-line newspapers have slideshows of images, attractive texts and sounds doing them far more interesting to read than their print opposite numbers. Readers have options to post their feedback and articulation groups that portion similar involvements. They besides offer services like electronic mail qui vives for any breaking intelligence or terrible conditions notices. Basically these newspapersreap the benefits ofhypermedia and hypertext. All these advantages put together are pulling readers who would antecedently non even be interested in printed intelligence because now it is available to them at no extra cost of purchasing the printed version. It all comes at a really low cost of cyberspace access.But we must besides see the fact that a portion of the population, viz. the elite, political and concern oriented or even athleticss fans are ready to pay subscription fees for these on-line publications. ‘The Wall Street Journal ‘ , ‘The Financial Times ‘ and ‘New York Times ‘ are some publications that have antecedently charged a subscription fee or set a bound on the figure of articles that can be viewed for free. Nevertheless demand for them online has ever been increasing.

Given all the above qualities, on-line news media is doubtless the new evolutionary stage of media. Online newspapers became a portion of the mainstream medium even earlier many of us had the chance to larn about the medium ( Li,2006 ) . This fact is besides supported by assorted statistics. More than 3,400 U.S. newspapers were online by June 2001 ( Poynter, 2004 ) . However, in recent old ages the figure is much higher.According to “ The State of News Media 2009 ” an one-year study by the Pew Research Center ‘s Undertaking for Excellence in Journalism, ‘The figure of Americans who on a regular basis go online for intelligence, by one study, jumped 19 % in the last two old ages, to about four in 10s Americans ( 37 % ) ; in 2008 entirely traffic to the top 50 intelligence sites rose 27 % . ‘ . On the other manus ‘comScore Plan Metrix ‘ provinces, ‘the overall readership of print newspapers is down 11 per centum in the past twelvemonth, from 86.4 million in April 2008 to 76.7 million in April 2009 but the entire figure of visitants to the online newspapers class is up 5 per centum during that same period. ‘ It is clear from this statistic that the diminution in frequenters reading print newspapers if higher than the addition in those reading on-line versions. But at the same clip another statistic from the same study says that ‘the figure of readers of intelligence content online has increased by 8.6 million people ‘ . This indicates that people are non merely turning to new sites for information but besides to web logs and journal databases available online which are adding to the growing of personal news media.

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Taking this into consideration and the of all time turning readership, the content of on-line newspapers are going more specific and serious. There has been a big growing in the sum of original intelligence used by these publications. Typically they were merely a duplicate of their printed versions but now they tend to be faster in the airing of intelligence. They are every bit good as the print version in footings of in deepness analysis and besides allow readers to confer with all old records refering to the topic of treatment by hive awaying them in archives that are available on the new website itself.

However, with the addition in readership comes the pressing demand to run into outlook and in making so many if non all on-line newspapers compromise when it comes to choice intelligence publication. A few newspapers like the New York Times uphold really high journalistic criterion but the lesser known 1s tend to divert in coverage. This is the ground frequenters tend to confer with a few beginnings before authenticating the intelligence. It is good to online newspapers because it adds to the gross of each of the one consulted but over clip people shift to the more accurate beginning.

With all this development in the on-line news media field we are left to inquire if print news media is going disused. Researchs look at it non as a diminution instead as the inclination of the media to encompass alteration and take new signifiers. Communication developed from papyrus, to cable, to newspapers, to online newspapers and web logs. The fact that so many newspapers have taken the enterprise and adapted to the new moving ridge in on-line news media justifies this evolutionary procedure. Therefore, it is ‘..common for new media to complement and profit bing mercantile establishments ‘ ( Samoriski,2002 ) ( Bidgoli,2004 ) .

In decision, we can state that on-line news media has non merely eliminated the failings of print news media instead has given a new mobility and dimension to intelligence. With its addition in readership each twelvemonth we can hold that the alterations it has brought are lasting and non impermanent in nature. ‘The magnitude of media proliferation on the cyberspace has been unprecedented ‘ ( Li, 2006 ) and today the mode in which intelligence is being transmitted has wholly replaced the traditional maps of intelligence and media. Hence, on-line news media is doubtless the following evolutionary measure in media and is portion of an evolutionary procedure that started manner back and will go on to polish itself with the transition of clip.

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