Strategic planning is something that needs to be used everyday in the wellness attention industry. I will be comparing Assisted Living Facility ( ALF ) and Our Children Deserve the Best ( OCDTB ) for the two installations. The intent of this paper is to reexamine two strategic programs. including differences.

cardinal elements. ends and schemes. mission/vision. and barriers to each of their success. Having a program by strategically be aftering is a must in the wellness attention field.With any wellness attention installation you will likely see things that are similar every bit good as differences.

The mission for ALF negotiations about the end of the company being able to supply a catering environment for anyone needing assisted life and around the clock medical and living support. They are besides committed T supplying a safe and unafraid place environment for their patients. And the direction will guarantee the installation complies with the local. province. and federal ordinances that are set in topographic point for assisted life services.

( ALF. 2011 ) The other installation that I chose has a much shorter mission. and they are working with kids poetries disabled or aged patients. The mission for OCDTB negotiations about how they believe that have alone demands and that they should turn up without unwellness or hurt. They go on to state that with the aid of the community and through their spirit. they will forestall.

dainty and extinguish disease. ( OCDTB. 2006 ) These two installations differ because they rely on different topographic points for acquiring aid to guarantee that they are able to win with their mission.ALF is committed to helping patients that need aid with mundane life. They are at that place to assist developmentally handicapped people to populate a happy and productive life.

They besides take their patients out of the installation so that they are non ever confined. I feel that it is of import for them to be able to acquire out and make things. When you are confined to one topographic point it gets dejecting. If you are stuck inside a edifice you get stiff and will hold more hurting. But when you can acquire out and with the aid of the staff you are able to travel out for tiffin or travel to the promenade it will do your twenty-four hours better. and assist you to be more active which will assist with the figure of down patients. Some of the cardinal elements for OCDTB are: wanting to be the best pediatric in the state. They target investing in the clinical plans to do certain that their quality of attention and the results of their patients are the best in the state.

They besides track their consequences so that they can compare them with other taking children’s infirmaries. They want to diminish delay times for patient’s assignments. spread out on their geographic range and they will better their communicating with the households and doctors. Keeping everyone aware of what is traveling on aids everyone involved in the state of affairs to be less stressed during these difficult times.

The end or intent for ALF “is to raise $ 1. 000. 000 for the development of an aided life installation while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the following three old ages.

Home Again Assisted Living is a New York based corporation that will supply assisted life services through its home-like installation to clients in its mark market” ( ALF. 2011 ) . Because OCDTB works with a different group of people their ends are different. Their end is to be the best children’s infirmary. “We will supply patients and their households excellent attention with compassion and regard. We will supply superior. accessible.

cost-effective service. We will pull and retain the best endowment at all degrees of the organisation. We will be one of the top five paediatric research establishments. We will be the nation’s Prime Minister paediatric pedagogues. We will accomplish worldwide prominence by incorporating patient attention. research.

instruction and advocacy” ( OCDTB. 2006 ) . In order to make these ends at that place needs to be strategic planning at all times because things do alter as clip base on ballss. so you will hold to alter some things as you go and you need to ever be prepared for anything to go on.The barriers for success for both of these installations are to hold strategic be aftering their first precedence. There needs to be changeless alterations and all staff for both of these installations need to be to the full trained and they need to hold continuation preparation for anything new that comes up.

Both of these installations are here to assist the populace and do the lives of their patients better. I like the end of both. but if I had to take one I would travel with AFL. The developmentally disabled have so many battles on a day-to-day footing and I like that there are topographic points that help them with mundane battles.

I like the thought that they help them acquire out of the installation so that they are non confined. Strategic planning is something that is used everyday because there are traveling to be different state of affairss that come up and you ever need to hold a back-up-plan. and you can non hold this if you are non prepared. You have to be ready no affair what comes up.Mentions:Assisted Living Facility.

( 2011 ) . Home once more populating installation. Retrieved from: Walden library assisted populating installation Children’s Hospital & A ; Region Medical Center Seattle. Washington. ( 2006 ) . Our kids merit the best: puting the foundation for the following 100 old ages. Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

seattlechildrens. org/pdf/strategic_Plan. pdf

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