Indians form a big portion of the population of the U.A.E. Some statistics suggest that Indians form over 40 % of the entire population of the U.A.E. An estimated 1 million Indians are purportedly remaining in the U.A.E. at the present. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are said to house the most Indians in the U.A.E. American indians have been in contact with the U.A.E. since times unmemorable. Trade and commercialism has ever flown between India and the U.A.E.

In recent times at that place has been an addition in the flow of Indians to the U.A.E. due to increase in chances in the crude oil and the building sectors. A ample figure of American indians are besides involved in entrepreneurship and direction occupations in the U.A.E. The Transport industry nevertheless engages the largest figure of Indians in the U.A.E. In general the dealingss between India and U.A.E. have been good, although late there has been some clash between the dealingss of the two states due to improper intervention of Indian labor force by the employers in the U.A.E. The major ball of Indian population in U.A.E. comes from the province of Kerala, Maharashtra and Goa. The bulk of Indians in the U.A.E. are shacking on a work visa and are non lasting citizens at that place. Indians have a connect with the people of U.A.E. because both states faced similar conditions under the regulation of the British, under the British imperium Indian rupee and Indian casts were used in U.A.E. Indian merchandisers have ever dealt gold with Dubai and nearby parts. The find of oil has been the chief ground in the modern epoch for the engagement of Indians in U.A.E. The oil sector provides immense employment to Indians. Furthermore the Oil produced in U.A.E. is besides being purchased by the Indian authorities ; this has truly improved dealingss between the two states. It is to be noted that due to some rigorous Torahs in the U.A.E. it is about following to impossible for Indians to derive a lasting citizenship of the part. Indians survive on work visa. Non Muslim Indians are allowed to pattern their faith but they are non allowed to be public about it.

Significance of Study

Since Indians constitute the largest figure of migrators in the U.A.E. it is necessary to deeply analyze their presence in the U.A.E. We need to analyze what part the Indians are doing to the economic system of U.A.E. and what negative effects Indians may hold on the economic system of U.A.E.

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Scope and Restrictions

Foreigners constitute over 99 % of the labour force in the U.A.E. Indians are a major part of this 99 % . Not merely are Indians working in the U.A.E. as labors but they have successfully established many companies and they are working as successful enterprisers in the U.A.E. Indians are gaining between US $ 200-500 on an norm as labor on a monthly footing in the U.A.E. These figures are well low when compared to mean national income of U.A.E. A major ball of money being earned by Indian labor force in the U.A.E. is sent back to India to the households of the labor. Almost 60 % of all money sent back to India is sent to the province of Kerala.

Definition of Footings

Indian Culture: Indian civilization is signified by its diverseness. It signifies the Statement University in diverseness. India being a secular province contains many faiths populating in a common topographic point. Indians beginning of any faith is rather accustomed with manner of life of different community people and is really adaptable to new societies.

Review of relation literature and surveies

Due to the immense population of Indians in the U.A.E. and due to lenience of Torahs in the U.A.E. most in-between category Indians are being able to follow and bask similar civilization as it prevails back place in India. A immense societal web and nines and other community topographic points have been established by the Indians for their benefit in the U.A.E. Furthermore Indian schools have besides been established in the U.A.E. for the benefit of kids of the Indian work force in the U.A.E. Dubai besides has a temple and a Sikh gurudwara. ( Gopinath )

Many Indian nines have besides been created for the amusement of the Indians residing in the U.A.E. Indians is allowed to bask their festivals in proper mode in Dubai. There is no limitation on Indians when it comes to their following their Indian civilization in the U.A.E. Indian eating houses are a hit in the U.A.E. there are many Indian eating houses present in the U.A.E. and Indian nutrient is stingily and readily available both for the Indians and for the people of U.A.E. Indian film and all other activities of Bollywood are besides really popular in the United Arab Emirates. There are many film halls which air the latest Indian movies at all times. Furthermore on a general footing the Indians do non confront any spiritual favoritism in the U.A.E. Peoples of U.A.E. esteem all faiths and in bend they expect everyone to esteem their faith. Despite the fact that many Indian labour category people complain of hapless wage, still they have a much better life style in U.A.E. than in India. ( Kuriakose )

There are much better services and installations available to them in the U.A.E. than what they could of all time anticipate to acquire in India. But due to U.A.E. being a Muslim province most Indians can ne’er experience wholly at place due to the difficult inland Torahs that prevail at that place. Recent studies nevertheless narrate that the governments are acquiring much lenient in the U.A.E. particularly towards the Indian Hindu community that is working in their state. ( kelkar )

Research Methodology


Do you believe that the figure of Indians in the last 5 old ages has increased in the U.A.E. ?

Has the authorities become more indulgent towards the Indians working in the U.A.E. ?

If no, Why non?

Do you believe that the Indians are lending towards the development of U.A.E. ?

Should more Indians be allowed to come to the U.A.E. in hunt of occupations in the hereafter?

Instruments used:

This questionnaire was our chief papers for researching on this subject.

Gathering of Datas:

We interviewed 50 Indians in the U.A.E. and 50 people who were citizens of U.A.E. with the aid of this interview and that is how we gathered our informations.

Presentation, analysis and reading of informations.

For the 1st inquiry about 100 % people gave a positive answer.

For the 2nd inquiry 75 % people disagreed.

The 3rd inquiry received about similar comments from people who had replied negatively for the 2nd inquiry.

The 4th inquiry received 80 % positive response.

The fifth inquiry got 60 % positive response.

Positive and Negative facet for Indians life in Dubai

American indians get to populate in a much safer environment than what they get back in India. There is a sense of security in the Indians who are shacking in the United Arab Emirates. The best substructure is available to Indians in the U.A.E. much better than what they can acquire in India, although such installations come at a monetary value but they quality of substructure makes them deserving every penny one has to pay for them. Jobs are easy available and compared to India the wage is besides better in footings of money. The on the job conditions in most instances are besides good. U.A.E. in general is developing in all industries so everyone has a opportunity to heighten their accomplishments and venture out in new undertakings. It is easy for Indian enterprisers to set up themselves in U.A.E. than in India.

Many Indians ailment of favoritism and racism in U.A.E. particularly the labour category and queerly the work force has accepted this status as a portion of life in the U.A.E.

In malice of the immense population of Indians in the U.A.E. they do non hold a say in the running of the show by the authorities, there is barely any manner an Indian can show his/her political positions in the U.A.E. Indians face immense jobs when their visas are non renewed by the authorities of U.A.E. They are forced to discontinue their occupations and return back to India.

The local people are non ever friendly towards the Indian population. Merely white collar Indian employees have the easiness to populate with their households in U.A.E. , labour category Indians are non allowed to convey in their households with them. Furthermore Unskilled and semiskilled laborers largely are populating in really bad conditions and they are being paid inappropriate wages in comparing to the attempt that they put in. Life is much easier for the educated Indians though. They are the 1s who are being truly benefited by working in the U.A.E. , but fact remains that such Indians are merely a little fraction of the population of Indians shacking in the U.A.E.

Recent Issues of Concern in the Indo-U.A.E. dealingss:

Recently there have been many issues of concern which have negatively affected the relation of India with U.A.E. The economic lag of Dubai has raised many eyes of concern for all the Indians working in the U.A.E. Even the Indian authorities has shown its concern over this subject. The Dubai meltdown will impact the relation of India and U.A.E. in more than one ways. India & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s exports to U.A.E. will be affected straight and foreign exchange that India earns from U.A.E. will be affected in an impossible mode. Indian provinces like Kerala will be the most affected by this. Indian Bankss in U.A.E. like bank of Baroda will besides be affected by the meltdown. The building companies have been the most affected by the meltdown, and it is the building industry which employs the most Indians in the U.A.E. Recently besides 17 Indian citizens in the U.A.E. have been given the decease punishment which has soured the dealingss between the two states. The Indians have been given the decease sentence for slaying of a Pakistani adult male on the issue of illicit intoxicant concern. ( Kuriakose )

Finding, Conclusions and Recommendations

Summary of findings

India and U.A.E. have been in affable dealingss since 100s of old ages now. Both states are profiting from each other in one manner or the other. India is providing the labour force that U.A.E. requires for its development while U.A.E. in return is providing to India & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s foreign exchange demands. Due to difference in civilizations although there have been some issues for the Indians who are shacking in the U.A.E. Particularly the Hindu community of Indians ailment of non being able to experience wholly at place in the U.A.E. This is besides true to some extent because U.A.E. is an Muslim state. But except for few rare instances of unfastened racial maltreatment there ne’er have been large jobs for the Hindus in the U.A.E. Most figure of Indians are shacking in Dubai as of now, the conveyance and the building companies are at present using the most figure of Indians in the U.A.E. Still at least 25 % of the Indian population in U.A.E. are employed in white neckband occupations, many Indians have successfully set-up their concerns in U.A.E. besides.


Indian labors have been late kicking of having low rewards for the work they do in U.A.E. but as we all know there are ever two sides to a coin, the working conditions that they get in U.A.E. are much better than they could of all time acquire in India, other installations like medical attention, lodging, quality of nutrient are besides much better in U.A.E. Indians are truly acquiring to avail the benefit of modern substructure in U.A.E. Indians should besides larn to esteem the civilization and the faith of the people of U.A.E. Indians need to be more thankful towards U.A.E. because it has given the much better employment chances than what they could of all time acquire in India. The authorities of U.A.E. should be more indulgent towards the Indian population particularly because Indians are 40 % of the state & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s population. Indians should be given more freedom when it comes to allowing them follow their faith and civilization. More temples should be built for the Indians. If possible the employers should be more indulgent towards the Indian laborers and they should do a echt attempt to increase their rewards.


Peoples of United Arab Emirates should gain that Indians have a large part when it comes to development of their state, if they have the money to develop, Indians have the manpower to happen the procedure of development. American indians have besides given the United Arab Emirates some great applied scientists and directors. Indian enterprisers are besides successfully lending to the development of United Arab Emirates. Indians who have been working in the United Arab Emirates for long periods should be given citizenship in stead of their part made to the society. ( Kuriakose )

The bureaus should be more indulgent towards publishing work visas to the Indians, jobs of Indians who are at present confronting jobs due to visa issues necessitate to be looked into by the disposal of United Arab Emirates.

To sum up the state of affairs it will be good for both states if peace and harmoniousness can be maintained between them and merchandise continues between the two. All jobs being faced between the two states are minor jobs and they should be sorted out for the benefit of all.

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