Imagine that your doing a determination and you are stuck to take between two things that could alter and impact your life greatly. What would you make? What tract would you take?

Robert Frost wrote ‘The Road Not Taken’ in 1916 at the age of 42 in New England. Massachusetts. ‘The Road Not Taken’ is one of his most popular plants due to the political orientation of picks that people would hold to confront in their life. In the early twentieth century. Robert Frost based the bulk of his verse forms from rural life in New England. where he grew up. Robert Frost was extremely regarded for his deep. realistic apprehension of rural life and utilizing luxuriant societal and philosophical subjects in his plants.

This verse form explores a quandary in which the poet’s describes his feeling and wonder in which tract to take and the sorrow he felt when doing his determination. ‘The Road Not Taken’ is a signifier of an drawn-out metaphor for people’s life journey non merely walking in the forests and calculating out which pathway to take. This verse form consists of 5 lines and 4 stanzas with a rhyme strategy of ABAAB with a narrative tone.

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In ‘The Road Not Taken’ he implemented the scene on a rural country in New England in a deep wood that was set in fall. This imagination can be illustrated in the first line of the verse form. “Yellow wood” . This centripetal image celebrates the power of the natural universe through the season fall.

In the first stanza of the poesy. the poet is giving background information on the state of affairs that he is confronting at the minute. This is illustrated in the first two lines of the verse form when. “Two roads diverged in a xanthous wood” . This quote high spots that there are two appealing tracts to travel in the forests. nevertheless the traveler “could non go both” .

The poet foregrounds which pathway to take and he is calculating out which route to take. This demonstrates the interior struggle of the poet’s in doing this determination. Imagery is used in “the two roads diverged” to underscore that this traveler is on a journey nevertheless. he is happening it truly hard to take which manner to travel.

In the 2nd line. antithesis was used. when the traveler said. “sorry I could non go both” . It reinforces when the traveler comes to the fork. which is a metaphor for two roads as he wishes that he could travel on both ways.

When the poet stated that he “looked down one every bit far as I could. to where it bent in the undergrowth” . It establishes that the traveler is believing hard on which tract he should take as he is looking at the tracts profoundly to where it would take him. However. the nature is barricading his position by the workss and the viridity of the forests as it is stated in the metaphor. “bent in the undergrowth” . The first stanza is basically mentioning to the traveler taking which tract to travel by the used of a assortment of poetic techniques that includes. metaphors and imagination.

In the 2nd stanza. Robert Frost uses a assortment of poetic techniques to add more significance to the verse form and to give more information on the picks that the traveler has to do. In the first line. a metaphor was used. “Then took the other. every bit merely as fair” . This metaphor suggests that the traveler made the right determination on what way to take but both roads still looks every bit the same.

However on the 2nd line. he becomes unsure of his determination as he stated “perhaps the better claim” . This quotation mark indicates that the traveler is get downing to repent his determination on taking the way over the other. A personification and initial rhyme was used in the 3rd line. which is “wanted wear” . The used the two poetic techniques were used to show that the one route had more marks and grass than the other route.

Subsequently. the traveler changed his head once more every bit now he thought that both roads were every bit worn. This can be demonstrated in the last two lines when “though as non for the passing at that place. had worn them truly about the same” . This drawn-out metaphor. illustrates that both tracts are less worn as non many people has taken those two tracts for a long period of clip. For the 2nd stanza. the traveler is depicting that both tracts are every bit the same through the used of drawn-out metaphors. personification and metaphors.

On 3rd stanza. the poet is supplying extra information on the season by “And both that forenoon every bit lay. in leaves no measure had trodden black” . This imagination of the season fall symbolises the perfect beds of xanthous foliages on the way as for a long period of clip no 1 has walked on it yet. On 3rd line. onomatopoeia was used which is “oh” that illustrates an emphasized tone for the determination that he made. The traveler is now repenting the determination that he made.

On the last two lines. an drawn-out metaphor was used. “Yet cognizing how manner leads on to way” . “I doubted if I should of all time come back” . These last two lines of the 3rd stanza. heightens the attending of readers that he hopes that he could seek the other way as the traveler knows ‘how one route can take to another’ . Besides. the traveler is holding uncertainties as it is impossible to retrace stairss as other picks or determinations can take to other options in life. The 3rd stanza raises the consciousness to readers as he decided to lodge with the determination that he made but still with a spot of declinations.

The last stanza. Robert Frost uses a figure of poetic techniques. in order to show the fright and declinations as he already made which way to travel and now. there’s no turning back. In the first line onomatopoeia was used and that is “sigh” . This onomatopoeia illustrates that the reaction and emotions that the traveler endured was declinations and unhappiness due to the determination that he made. On the 3rd line. Frost uses repeat from the first line on the first stanza. “Two roads diverged in a wood” . The repeat was used to arouse the importance of the travellers’ decision-making by taking which way to take. The last two lines is an drawn-out metaphor. as the traveler “took the one less travelled by. ” “And that has made all the difference” . This drawn-out metaphor high spots that the traveler took the tract that no 1 else did. This suggests that by the sum of clip he spent doing this determination. he went for the 1 that felt right to him. The travellers’ determination made his life different even though fright is halting him for doing a determination in what tract he would take.

To reason. The Road non Taken by Robert Frost is an drawn-out metaphor with a narrative tone that uses a assortment of poetic techniques including. metaphors. personification. onomatopoeia. antithesis and repeat. The Road Not Taken relates to the anthology subject of “Live life with no regrets” .

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