The health and safety at work act is in place to:·        To stop anyone getting hurt at work and·        To stop anyone getting ill because their of work. There are 10 things that anemployer must do to keep their employees safe at work:1.      Think aboutwhat could harm anyone at work, and take action to do things that will preventanything that might harm anybody.2.      Explaintasks in a way that the employee understands: 3.      Ask theirstaff what they think about what is being done to keep everyone safe. 4.

      Providefree training so everyone can do their job safely.5.      Provide theright tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) to help keep theiremployees safe. They must also make sure the tools and PPE are in goodcondition.6.      Make surethere are toilets, places to wash and drinking water for employees.7.

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      Make sure staffare provided with good first-aid if they require it.8.      Inform theHealth and Safety Executive if anyone is killed or has a major injury becauseof work (RIDDOR).9.      Haveinsurance that covers staff in case they are injured or ill due to work. Theymust keep a copy of the insurance papers where they can be seen if asked for.

.10.  Work withother employers or people who work in the same place to make sure everyone whoworks there is safe.There are also things that employees must do to keepthemselves and others at work safe. These are: 1.      Remember trainingand how to safely use tools and other equipment at work.

2.      Be carefulabout their own and other people’s health and safety.3.      Follow the employer’sinstructions about health and safety.4.      Informsomeone if they think themselves or others are at risk at work. In a veterinary practice this is very important as there islots of equipment and tasks that if performed incorrectly, could result in aninjury at work.

For example, the simple task of lifting a large bag of feedcould result in a serious back injury if the member of staff tries to pick itup incorrectly. It would be responsible for the employer to train them in thecorrect lifting method for manual handling, but also for the employee toremember this training and put it into practice when lifting the food toprevent themselves injury.

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