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The Scarlet Letter

The novel The Scarlet Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, had many assorted turning points. The most interesting to me were the |scaffold scenes.X Each had its ain exciting minutes. It kept the narrative traveling. Nathaniel Hawthorne uses the |scenesX as major turning points.

In chronological order, the first |scaffold sceneX was what started the novel. The book opened right where Hester and Pearl were on the scaffold. In this scene, Hester and her babe are standing on the scaffold in forepart of the full small town. Everyone one is gazing and whispering. She is bearing a unusual symbol on her bosom. This symbol is a big missive |A.X It is rather fancy. But the missive is non something to be proud of. As Hester is standing at that place keeping her babe, Pearl, she spots a really unusual adult male traveling through the crowd of people. The adult male stares at her. Hester acts like she has some connexion with this unusual adult male. Hester and the adult male expression at each other as if they have known each other earlier. They are more than familiarities.

This scene is a turning point because it introduces you to the vermilion missive. The missive is what the full book revolves about. All of the events are based on the missive and what it symbolizes in the narrative. Hester is bearing it for the first clip. The missive means criminal conversation. The scene is besides a turning point because it shows the connexion with the unusual adult male ( Roger Chillingworth. ) Roger Chillingworth is a new character being introduced. The concealed relationship between Hester and Chillingworth will take to many events and turn the narrative in a different way that is non merely about the vermilion missive, but about Hester+s yesteryear.

The 2nd |scaffold sceneX is besides a really large turning point. This is where Hester, Pearl ( who has matured over the sum of clip ) , and Dimmesdale ( the village+s curate ) are keeping each other+s custodies on the town+s scaffold at dark with no 1 seeing them. Dimmesdale is the adult male who has had the matter with Hester. No 1 in the narrative knows this yet. As the three stand at that place on the scaffold, Pearl asks Dimmesdale to stand with them on the scaffold the following twenty-four hours in forepart of the small town. Dimmesdale refuses to make so. He does non desire anyone to cognize about his matter with Hester. He is seeking to maintain his repute intact. Pearl sees how is responding to what she said and points out his cowardness. She says that he is non courageous. When Pearl says this, Dimmesdale is hurt. By Pearl stating him that he is non courageous, it pushed him to squeal Oklahoman.

This scene is a turning point because Dimmesdale+s fright is revealed. He is really

afraid to hold the town cognize what he has done. He is the curate who is supposed to be a function theoretical account to the people. The villagers look up to him. They have this image of him as being this great and really holy adult male. He wants people to maintain this image of him. This feature of Dimmesdale+s character leaves Hester bearing the burden of guilt and shame by herself even though he was merely every bit much of the matter as she was. Dimmesdale should be taking duty for what he did. An matter has two people involved, non one. This scene is traveling to set Dimmesdale through a batch of emotional convulsion in the pages in front. He is being pulled in different waies. He is seeking to make up one’s mind whether he should squeal and put himself free and besides make Hester and Pearl really happy. Or should he maintain his repute and go on to be loved and admired by the town. Dimmesdale will go on to hold many conflicting emotions through out the remainder of the narrative.

The last |scaffold sceneX is where Hester, Pearl, and Dimmesdale stand on the scaffold together at last in forepart of the full small town. As Dimmesdale starts to talk to everyone, he confesses what he has done. He speaks about how he has committed criminal conversation with Hester. He rips off the apparels concealing the vermilion missive and bears the missive for the town to see. With the missive still on show, Dimmesdale continues to talk and eventually, after his address, he passes off. He had eventually set himself free of the secrets, prevarications, and the physical and mental anguish that damaged his wellness and life badly.

This last scene is a turning point and an stoping. Dimmesdale+s decease makes a dramatic alteration in the narrative, but besides brings it to a stopping point. It is a turning point because Hester and Pearl are left without him. So is Chillingworth ( Dimmesdale+s physician. ) Many things can go on since his decease after his confession. The decease of Dimmesdale is besides a shutting because it was a closing. It finished the chief job in the narrative and left few things to be done in the remainder of the narrative. The decease was a climatic minute. It brought everything together. The prevarications, the hurting, the relationship with Pearl, and the anguish with Chillingworth. In merely one scene, everything that had happened in the narrative ended. Dimmesdale+s relationship with Chillingworth was at an terminal, the confounding relationship with Pearl was no longer a menace, and Dimmesdale+s hurting, physically and emotionally, was over after he confessed and passed on.

These few scenes made dramatic and really interesting turns thought out the full novel. Each scene had its ain of import function. The scaffold scenes were really simple and easy to follow turning points doing it easy to read.

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